February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


Today, JavaScript has become the ultimate language for the web. And why not? It has a cross-platform utility and can work on various IoT devices as well. Supporting event-driven and imperative programming styles, the language is capable of doing almost anything.

Javascript libraries and frameworks are a place where programmers can modify the application functions at their convenience. A large number of these JS Libraries contribute to the rising popularity of the language.

Developers prefer working with libraries and frameworks as they facilitate smooth working with the script. A Java Development Company expert now has endless options for selecting a suitable library for their project. In this competitive environment, they need to keep themselves updated with the latest libraries and tools that this language has to offer.

Given Below Are 10 of the Best Javascript Libraries for You to Try Out.


If you want to liven your project with impressive animation, anime.js is the best Javascript Lib for you. A flexible and lightweight library, anime.js allows you to animate various CSS properties, DOM, or SVG attributes on a webpage. Control every aspect of the animation, and never run out of ways to specify the properties you wish to animate with this Javascript Lib.


Meet all your carousal needs with Slick. A great slider, it is one of the Best Javascript libraries for building carousels. With easy to set up code and various functionalities, you'll not regret installing Slick and working with it.


A great Javascript Lib for manipulating data efficiently, it is the preferred visualization library of data-obsessed developers. The application of data-driven transformations to DOM objects becomes easy with D3.js. Not only does it fully leverage CSS and HTML efficiencies, but it is also easy to code and debug. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most widely used Javascript libraries out there.


A fast and scalable Javascript Lib, ReactJS is the most preferred choice for developers to build complex user interfaces. Its principal function is data rendering. It is regarded as one of the most efficient JS Libraries because instead of updating the entire web page, it only updates the modified part of the DOM. Hence, it significantly enhances the performance of the web page.


The leaflet is one of the best JS Libraries for adding the map functionality to the application. Its small size, cross-platform utility, and well-documented API sets it apart from other well-known map libraries. A simple source code combined with various plugins for an extension, leaflet fulfills all the performance and usability expectations.


Many JavaScript projects deal with forms. In such cases, Parsely is one of the most useful JS Libraries that a developer can use. As a form validation library, it enables users to receive feedback before sending the form to the server. With parsley, general form validation can be defined and implemented on the backend side. The form validation can also be ported to the frontend side. Use this library to save the user's time and facilitate better experiences.


Used by big companies like Twitter, Microsoft, and Atlassian, Popper.js is a leading positioning engine. Use this Javascript Lib to position all your popper elements in the right place. It comes without any dependencies and supports Shadow DOM elements. Its modifiers-based structure makes it fully customizable. With this Javascript Lib, there is truly no end to the possibilities for a developer.


Developers who would like to implement a full-screen functionality in their next project can use this library. It sits on top of JavaScript Fullscreen API and can bring any HTML to fullscreen. One of the most efficient JS Libraries, it works well with all the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, among many.


Create interactive gradient transitions and animations with Granim.js. It is one of the Best Javascript libraries that you can use to enhance the website's look and feel. Developers can utilize various methods to make their gradient respond to events like button click. Properties like 'transition speed' will help you to control the speed of the animation. Loop property enables you to choose whether to keep the loop animating or not. Use this library to enliven your website with interactive gradients


Bring 3D dimensions into your web application with one of the Best Javascript libraries for 3D programming. It is a library that makes working with WebGL API easier. It is only through WebGL that you can access the specialized graphics of a computer by using JavaScript and enable its output rendering to a web page. Use this library to build astonishing graphics on your web page.


JS Libraries are used to create feature web applications. They can be seen as an indispensable tool for developers. Over recent years, JavaScript has evolved at a tremendous pace.

New Javascript libraries and frameworks are fast replacing the older technologies and tools. To reap this programming language's full potential, it is essential to stay current on the latest developments. Java Development Services can be availed for building feature-rich and robust web and mobile applications

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