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An Event Check-in App comes as a boon for event planners and attendees alike. Being an indispensable part of any event, check-ins need to be efficient and quick. In the absence of such an app, this process is bound to become time-consuming and laborious.

If you want to optimize your registration process and boost your credibility in the minds of the attendees you must invest in a sound Guest List App.

Given below are 10 of the best check-in apps that will help your attendees to check in instantly and set your event on the right track. If you are looking to invest in the services of an Event App Development Company, then these apps will provide you the right inspiration to develop your own innovative solution.

On Arrival

This Check-in App is designed for those event planners who need an app that can be integrated with their event management platform. Through it, you can manage your attendees in a highly professional manner.


  • Automatic synchronization of guest data across the event management platform of the event.
  • Attendees can also register, pay, create, and print their individual name badges.
  • The premium version is fully customized to meet the requirements of larger events like conferences and trade shows.

Social Tables

A simple yet robust Event Check-in App, Social Tables is designed for event planners and venue managers. Operating from the cloud, this Guest List App enables planners to coordinate and manage events from any device and location.


  • Its user-friendly interface facilitates the proper guidance of the event staff for running the event smoothly.
  • Comes integrated with a mobile check-in feature
  • Provides real-time access to attendee information


This Event Check-in App is meant to take the stress away from planning and managing big events. This web-based software simplifies even the most complex event planning process.


  • Real-time access to event information that can be shared from either a PC or a smartphone.
  • Keeps all payment information safe and secure while supporting multiple payment types
  • Provides tools for printing name badges as well as self-service check-ins.


Planners who want to manage multiple events seamlessly while being away from the place of gathering can do so with the help of this Event Check-in App. It functions for off-site events for which the event staff require guidance from the headquarters.


  • Feature-packed with seamless check-ins, reporting in real-time, and easy networking.
  • Grants attendees full freedom to register, check-in, and modify the current schedules of their events.
  • The kiosk mode enables participants to click a selfie upon checking in which can be printed on their badges.

Event Farm

Based on experiential technology, this Event Check-in App promotes greater interaction and ways to measure attendee engagement. It helps brands to boost their credibility and visibility by imparting a fully personalized event invitation and registration experience.


  • Availability of a mobile app in all its management suites.
  • Availability of an offline mode that enables attendee list access at all times.
  • Facilitates the set up of alerts for the arrival of chief guests and VIPs.

Certain Arrive

This Guest List App is especially useful for designing and managing free events where a high traffic rate is expected. It lets you serve non-pre-registered attendees and makes the process of capturing leads easier than before.


  • A user-friendly interface streamlines check-ins and management.
  • VIP alerts can be set up so as to get notified instantly when a special guest arrives.
  • Real-time customer support facilitates smooth event execution.


An all-rounder Event Check-in App, EventX comes packed with features like registration, onsite check-in, instant customizable badge printing, among others. The Check-in process becomes efficient and smooth with this app.


  • Four kinds of check-ins are provided namely, face ID, walk-in, name search, and QR code scanning.
  • Provides a self-check-in feature to the attendees.
  • VIP notifications to get instantly notified at the arrival of prominent guests


This Event Check-in App functions as a network for small team coordination and collaboration. It is very useful when pre-event planning is required. The app syncs perfectly with Eventbrite, another great check-in app, allowing attendees’ tickets on Eventbrite to be seamlessly synced with this one.


  • Packed with features like activity scheduling, sponsor, and speaker management, this app facilitates the organization of everything related to the event in one place.
  • Best suited for planning work conferences and meetings.
  • Provides platform maker and mobile devices for the clients.


This Event Check-in App, with its capacity to safely hold the local data, is best suited for those places of events where wi-fi signals are usually weak. As the connection strengthens, the data gets perfectly synced with all the devices.


  • Can be used to create lists of guests, develop a seating arrangement chart, and instantly register guests upon their arrival.
  • Provides exceptional data security.
  • Maintenance of a smooth guest experience along with management of check-ins and data.


Complex and high-volume events can be easily managed with this Guest List App. It makes the task of uploading, downloading, and sharing a variety of guest lists easier.


  • Synchronization with the Facebook app allows attendees to discover your events through Facebook and commence the process of registration.
  • All participants can be categorized and grouped.
  • Ideal for press events where attendee data can be sent afterward. Synchronization with the Facebook app allows attendees to discover your events through Facebook and commence the process of registration.
  • All participants can be categorized and grouped.
  • Ideal for press events where attendee data can be sent afterward.

Ready for a Flawless Check-In Process?

This comprehensive list of event check-in apps must have given you enough inspiration for optimizing your check-in procedure. If you are looking to invest in Event Management App Development, then incorporating similar features will ensure that you come up with an innovative and popular solution.

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