February 2, 2021

Leena Sanap


Today, businesses need to thrive in a competitive world. Flexible and scalable websites are the need of the hour. Web development is a process that is characterized by its complex nature. A developer without an efficient framework may be confronted with a tedious web development process.

That's where the significance of an AngularJS Development Company comes to light. By employing a robust JavaScript framework, they develop dynamic web-designs that impart amazing user experiences.

AngularJS is an open-source system, with extensive HTML5 support that enables the creation of versatile single-page applications. Developed by Google, this framework is characterized by a collection of Angularjs Tools to help you create high-quality web applications. If you want to impart greater efficiency to your development workflow, here is a list of the best tools for you.

10 of the Best AngularJS Web Development Tools

Businesses are increasingly inclined towards leveraging AngularJS Development Services to get a feature-rich and high-performing product. Using these great Angularjs Tools is the key to a successful web development process.

1. Karma

A great AngularJS testing automation tool, Karma comes with powerful features. It allows you to perform any type of testing like unit testing, midway testing, and E2E testing, i.e. testing from the user’s perspective. You can test your code on different browsers and devices. Apart from Angular, Karma can be used with any JavaScript framework.

2. Jasmine

Another one from the dynamic Angularjs Tools used for the testing purpose, Jasmine is independent of any other JavaScript framework. Its behavior-driven development framework complements Karma, and it has everything you can possibly need for your testing built into it. Every developer knows the importance of keeping well-structured and documented tests. Jasmine is a tool that immensely helps with this process.

3. WebStorm

Are you tired of constantly refreshing to view the changes when working with your platform’s text editor? If yes, then WebStorm may come as one of the best Angularjs Tools to your rescue. The live text editor in this AngularJS IDE facilitates easy viewing of the coding results on your browser. What’s more, its smart code-completion will make your work a lot easier. Besides JavaScript, the tool works perfectly on HTML and CSS too.

4. Protractor

Protractor is one of the most dynamic Angularjs Web Development Tools for automated end to end testing. Sitting on top of a web driver, it imitates a user’s interaction with your app. Native events and browser-specific drivers are used for this purpose. With it you can stop worrying about the synchronization process between your test and webpage to end. It automatically carries out further steps on your test as soon as the prior tasks on the webpage come to an end.

5. AngularUI

Speed, without sacrificing the quality of the application can sometimes be hard to achieve. It doesn't have to be this way with AngularUI, one of the most useful Angularjs Tools for speedy application development. AngularUI substitutes widgets with raw directives like UI-Bootstrap, UI-map, UI-router, among others. Thus, it streamlines the development task and makes it quicker.

6. SublimeText

There are many text editing Angularjs Web Development Tools. But how many of them really help you to take the strain out of the coding process? SublimeText figures as the choicest tool for developers. It is customized to suit a diverse programming environment. This cross-platform tool lets you customize everything from key bindings, snippets, menus, you name it. Its Command Palette allows you to search anything with just a few keystrokes. Leverage this tool for a speedy and productive web development experience.

7. Djangular

How often have you wished for some Angularjs Tools to ease the app content development? If you didn't know, Djangular is created to serve this exact purpose. You can create content per app using this tool. Thus, you can choose the app that you want to use for every site and create a uniform structure that cuts across all Django apps. The best part, you can re-use it to create content for your project.

8. Angular Material

This tool is the implementation of material design in Angularjs. It consists of a set of UI components that are reusable. It has several captivating features. Some of them are a CSS library for typography, a JavaScript theming approach, a responsive layout, and an appealing set of directives. It is the best Angular UI framework package for developers.

9. Ment.io

This tool comprises both macros and mentions in widgets. It helps to remove any kind of dependencies on JQuery. Consequently, you can input this tool into the desired component. This is something that will definitely come as a pleasant surprise to any developer working on an AngularJs project.

10. Restangular

Restangular is an Angularjs tool that is used for managing Restful Resources (Rest API) in an easy manner. With minimal client code, you can simplify GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests. Its distinguishing features include HTTP method support, promises usage, self-linking element, among many. By using Restangular, you can eliminate the need for writing or remembering any URL. just input the name of the resource and you are good to go.


The Angularjs Tools mentioned above have the capacity to help you unleash your full potential when it comes to Angularjs web development. A suitable tool must be chosen after understanding the exact needs of your development process. Rest assured, these tools will provide you a smooth, efficient, and fulfilling development experience. Many of these tools are bound to become your personal favorite in the process.

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