February 2, 2021

Leena Sanap


The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on people’s lives in countries across the world. It has made us realize the importance of many things and we are finally embracing the “new normal” which hopefully would not last long.

That being said, we must focus on the glass-half-full which is the exploration of newer possibilities to keep the world running and getting things done albeit remotely. The industry that has sustained skillfully in this scenario majorly is the IT domain. While there are many prevalent technologies, in this blog we talk about the various ways that UX designers can implement for the goodwill and better functioning of their teams.

Things to do for incredible UX Design & Development

UX designing has forever been a job in which the designer works in close collaboration with developers and stakeholders. But, to everyone’s dismay, we are now forced to execute the same environment remotely and with better output. Well, because you are at home, right?

For many, it is expected that your productivity will sky-rocket as working remotely you are in the comfort of your homes. But, it’s not necessarily the case as creativity needs to be fuelled and it can get a bit uninspiring at times. So, the way to go is to be more connected, make the most of the technologies in hand, and ace your UX design game.

Organize your Team:

The first thing to do is set up a protocol for all the tasks and distribute the work evenly. Set a fixed time for video calls depending on the time zones of the members of your team. Make it a point that even though it is a remote team, each of the team members is always reachable during working hours.

If you are a solo UX designer, ensure that you keep your colleague n the project in the loop and are in sync with all the ideas and functioning of the project.

Conducting meetings for your project team through video conferencing can also be helpful. You can use the following tools for the same

  • Skype
  • Microsoft teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • Cisco Webex
  • GoToMeeting
  • Zoho

A video chat gives the illusion of a face-to-face meeting and facilitates screen-sharing for better understanding as in a physical environment. Always share the meeting agenda in advance so that everyone comes prepared.

Build a Healthy Working Cycle:

Whether you are a UX designer who enjoys endless working days with his remote designs or any other work from home professional. This rule goes unsaid for each of you. As much it is necessary to be sincere and dedicated to your work, it has to be ensured that you do not take your health on a scary ride.

You should know when to start and stop. Give your 100% during working hours as you would in the office. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Overworking will fizzle out the enthusiasm in the work. You should take short breaks intermittently and get away from the screen.

No matter what you do, consistency is very important in delivering your work. You must escape lethargy and deliver what you promise at all times.

Do not forget to exercise.

Stay Connected:

Whether it is being available for a quick call, a meeting, or just sharing information, you must be prompt. You can make use of various collaboration tools like Google Drive that has the option of sharing Google docs with a secured option to provide rights. Thus, your information is shared and protected. Anyone with the rights can make changes and it will be reflected in real-time.

You can even ensure the use of a common information space or the amazing task tracker options. For eg. You can make use of Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, Basecamp, etc. It gives a clear picture of the status of the tasks and creates a sense of responsibility in each member.

Besides work, speak to your co-workers casually as it is good to share. As a leader, you can also suggest some team-building activities which keep up the spirit of your team members and keep them connected while working remotely.

Assess Yourself:

Working remotely primarily means that you shoulder the responsibility of what you do completely. This means analyzing your productivity. As a UX designer, you must at least spend 4-5 hours doing focused UX designing work and the rest 2-3 hours should be spent on doing incidental tasks.

Plan your tasks in advance. You must know at the end of the day what you shall complete tomorrow. Maintain calendars for yourself and ensure transparency. Accomplish and demand later. If you are working with a team, lead by example. Propaganda is not motivational. If you are dedicatedly working, it will show, and only then can you expect others to follow and work with the same sincerity.

Polish Your Skills:

Make most of the time in hand. By all your time wasted every day in commute and other frivolous activities being saved, you can put it to the right use. You can devote this time to polishing your UX design skills. With abundant technological innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can learn to work with them and add a feather to your heart of this novel skill.

Attend online workshops from credited organizers. You should know what should you learn and do not go overboard by signing up in multiple courses. Stay Focused.

Read more books that offer you motivation and inspire you in your work. There are abundant online libraries or book downloading options to excel technologically in your career.

Invest in the Right Places:

This is an often-overlooked point and a tricky one too. A few basic things that you must have as a UX designer is a well-functioning laptop/ personal computer, an internet connection that would not let you down in a time of crisis, and headphones or other hardware for communication. Besides, always have a backup or a “Plan B”. Whether it is your work or using gadgets you must always have an option to fall back on and accomplish your task within deadlines.

This is tricky only because you do not need to spend a big deal that would burn a hole in your pocket or buy the best-in-class pricey stuff. But, it should be the right balance between maintaining the budget and meeting your requirements.


If done the right way, there is no bliss like working remotely and working from home. You can work, have the freedom, and also earn. After all, successfully working remotely is a sign of maturity and professionalism in you and your team. It requires a great deal of self-discipline which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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