Use the e-mail address of the person, you want to address your concern/request/information and want the revert back from him.


Mention the e-mail addresses of the people, you want to have check on your concern/request/information but do not require a response back from them. Example : If I want to go for 3 days leave, I would write the mail To and will keep the Team Leads in CC.


When you receive a mail from a person and you are responding back to the same mail then do not create a new mail but revert him back with ‘Reply’ option. This will keep the whole conversation on the single page and both sides will be able to understand the things in better ways. For Example : If I receive a mail from a team lead asking for the progress on assigned work, I would reply him on the same mail rather than creating a new one.

Write a New Mail

Use the option ‘Write a New Mail’ when you want to approach somebody for the first time for any particular reason. For Example – If I want to put a request for any particular document to the team lead, I will write a new mail rather than reverting back on any of the previous mails received from his side.

Mark Read/Unread

If you receive a lot of mails on daily basis, then this could be helpful for you. Mark those mails as ‘Read’ which you have checked and reverted back & mark those ‘Unread’, which you have not checked yet.


If you are receiving some unwanted mails that are of no use to you. Mark them as spam, so next-time if the person with same email address will send you mail, It would directly reach to Spam without troubling your Inbox.

Format of the Mail

Greetings>>Primary Content>>Secondary Content>>Conclusion>>Call for Action>>Signature.

Responding to All

If you have received a mail from a client and he has marked few members in ‘CC’, then while responding back to the mail you should choose ‘reply All’ option instead of ‘reply’ because the client require the people marked in CC to be in the loop during the complete conversation over mail.

How to Respond to a Mail

Look at the mail closely, try to offer solution points by point. Better approach will be keeping the client’s points as header and the solution right below it. If in case, you are not able to address any point, then reply as ‘Will get back to you on this, shortly’. If possible, do mention the time.


Be pleasing, calm and professional in language while replying to the mail. Avoid using slang, aggressive words, short-forms and unethical words.

Information in Mail

Mails are considered as authentic-professional forums. Thus, avoid using incorrect information, making fake promises, providing inappropriate solutions and performing other relevant activities on mail.

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