February 1, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


For a business, Ruby on Rails development looks like an ideal solution. The presence of the Ruby language and its ‘gems’ can reinforce your decision to select Ruby on Rails. But for a company not looking to spend much money on maintaining software, you might want more answers about RoR. 

You can save money by carrying out quite a few activities, most of which are straightforward. Your web app development company will guide you to reduce maintenance costs when using Ruby on Rails. 

Reducing Maintenance Costs Of Ruby On Rails Web Development

Have you spent a lot on developing your application with a mobile app development company? If so, you’ll want to know about the maintenance costs and how to reduce them. 


Reducing The Number of Pages In Your App

The size of Ruby on Rails web and mobile app development bears a proportional effect on costs.

It is no secret that larger applications need more pages and more pages mean more money and maintenance costs! So if you want to have lower maintenance costs, reducing the number of pages will help you reach your goal. 

Not to mention the time it takes to develop larger apps will increase. That will be a big let-down for people that work within strict deadlines. 

Simplifying The App

Ruby development utilizes gems which are libraries containing pre-written codes that make software development much easier and faster. That makes the development of basic Ruby applications rapid and efficient when using gems.  

Sometimes having an overly-functional web application is not the best choice. In many cases, a simple application can do just as much as a complex application. 

Adopting Testing Early On In Development

The biggest mistake your development team can make is writing the whole program to find that it is flawed after completion. That will increase your costs by having to correct the application all over again. Plus, if you launch the application with these flaws, your entire investment could be misspent. 

Thus, early Ruby on Rails web development testing is mandatory to identify and solve coding issues before they become problematic. It also saves development costs because you won’t have to hire a developer for too many hours.

Adopting Choosing A Basic Design 

Complex Ruby on Rails applications will attract a higher price as well. That probably has something to do with the requirement for expert Ruby on Rails development services. 

Choosing to reduce the complexity of your application will put a cap on the prices for both development and maintenance. But it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want your app to be too simple. That is because aesthetically-pleasing designs attract more users. 

Your app must look appealing to gain users, but simple can be sophisticated as well. All you need is an application that’s easy to navigate and effective at accomplishing its purpose. 

Opting To Outsource

Hiring an on-shore team or an offshore team has its differences. One is very cost-efficient in every aspect, while the other works out to be quite expensive. You will find an offshore Ruby on Rails solution to be lower in cost. That is because the hourly rate of that country would be much lower than in your country.  

Deciding to outsource may be the best option to lower the development and maintenance costs of your project. Outsourcing is not a new thing. It has been going on for several decades, and some people actually prefer it! 

Developing Team Choice Matters

Your project will be in the hands of the team you choose from start to finish. Selecting the right RoR development company is crucial for saving money and getting the right software developed immediately.

Getting the wrong team will lead you to hire another team to maintain the previous team’s work. So, before you hire a team, assess your options properly and then choose.

Constant Maintenance Efforts

A little bit of maintenance every month is better than yearly maintenance efforts. Keeping such a large gap between maintenance schedules will result in users struggling with issues for almost a year! 

Besides, applying Ruby on Rails maintenance services monthly instead of yearly is better for your software and users. Any issues existing in the software will iron out before the next maintenance schedule with a waiting period of only a month.


The Ruby language comes with many development aids like the powerful Ruby on Rails framework and over 100,000 gems. But this is just one of the ways you can reduce Ruby on Rails development and maintenance costs

There are other ways to reduce Ruby on Rails maintenance costs. They are to simplify your application and adopt early testing and maintenance. If you need a company that can develop apps efficiently while reducing costs, contact Narola Infotech a Ruby on Rails development company.

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