April 20, 2022

Mrunali Gaikwad


Developing a social media app seems lucrative in the prevailing digital era. And yes, it is. But entering the arena of pre-existing apps like Facebook with one more similar app may not be the best move. This needs to be viewed from various perspectives and planned well enough to stay in the league. 

Whenever you develop a digital product, it’s important to also prepare a calendar for its updates. It’s equally crucial to pay attention to your resources and reserve them for pre and post-app launch activities. However, this time we are here to discuss how you can attract more users to your social media app and keep the existing ones.  

An app is all about user experience and unique features. The only reasons users would want to switch from the industry giants to your social platform. We cannot deny that competing with Facebook and Instagram is a big deal, but it isn’t impossible. 

Here’s a brief summary of the core problem. 

Apps like facebook

No. We don’t want to scare you. But yes, we want you to be prepared for the competition. When you invest in Facebook clone app development, it's going to take a lot of your resources and time. Certainly, an unsuccessful app is not on the list of options. 

Small Changes to Increase User Base for Your Facebook Clone

You do not always need something gigantic to grab attention. Sometimes little things make a big difference. Coming up with unique features to get users’ interest isn't easy. However, we have a list of small but significant features that make an app like Facebook a better place.  

Organizing List

This feature is not only useful for brands and businesses but also for normal users. They can manage their list of friends and pages they follow. The ability to categorize them into different lists will give them the flexibility to view specific posts.

For example, users must have the option to create a list of close friends on your Facebook clone app. Ultimately, they get the flexibility to share and view the content of that particular list.

Another list could be of events happening around them they might be interested in. If there is a dedicated list for that, users won’t have to search their entire feed to find them.

This might seem like a small thing, but its impact will be huge.  

Extra Efforts for Security 

Anybody who’s using a social media app is probably concerned about their security. You cannot afford this to be a reason people avoid using your app. Your effort to build trust should reflect in the app features. Here are a few ways to add more layers of security: 

  • Two-Factor Authentication

This feature can reduce the chances of users’ accounts getting hacked. Every time someone wants to log into their account through a new device, they will need a code. This code is sent via text message authenticator phone number.  

  • Give Alerts About Unrecognized Logins

 Users should get an alert whenever a login takes place from an unrecognized device. This way, they will be able to take necessary actions to protect their account and data.  

  • Add Trusted Contacts to Regain Account

You should allow the users to designate a few trusted contacts who can help them regain their account. This will be especially useful when they forget their password, lose their device, or someone else has locked them out. 

Manage Groups

This feature will specifically benefit businesses in their marketing efforts. Having a group is a great way to build a community. Users of a brand that are in a group created by the brand will feel a sense of belonging. This way, their loyalty to that particular brand will increase.

As the reach of that brand increases, they can form more exclusive groups on your app. Providing never-seen-before or behind-the-scenes footage would be a great way to build on that sense of community. Imagine being on the exclusive list of your favorite band or author! Won’t you feel more connected to them?

Groups can also help brands increase their revenue. If someone is an educator, they can provide paid lessons to their dedicated following. These lessons can include something they will not teach or provide in their free tutorials. Users of the Facebook clone app for android can benefit greatly from this.

Having a group of dedicated audiences might be a great opportunity to pitch new products to them. It could be an ebook, an eLearning course, or a special live online concert of unreleased songs of an artist.

Groups can also be a great way to notify a specific group of people about new offers and discounts. Brands can test a new feature or product with their group. Based on their feedback, they can find out if that product will work or not. You can easily develop a clone app like Facebook with this feature with the right tech partner.

Restrict Specific People

This is probably one of the features that most social media app users want. Offering them the flexibility to choose who all from their friend list can see their posts would be great. This may be something similar to Whatsapp’s story privacy settings. 

If you can bring something even better to the table, it will surely be appreciated. Young users are more concerned about who watches their posts and story updates. Most of the time, they tend to share updates only with the closest ones on their friend list. Adding this privacy customization feature could strengthen your app’s appeal to them. 

Customize Ad Preferences

While monetizing your Facebook clone app, ads are going to play an important role. However, when offering a reliable marketing platform through your app, make sure other users do not feel spammed. Unnecessary ads are annoying and will lower the users’ interest in your app. 

Allow the users to choose what they want to see. Let them customize their ad settings. You can try conducting mini-surveys on their interests and show them exactly what they like. This is something that most social media apps do. 

Here’s something you should know. 

Facebook clone app development

Paying attention to these stats and finding suitable solutions can help your social network clone app like Facebook succeed. 

Messenger Bots

Replying to every message is key to improving the connection with an audience. However, brands with thousands of followers might find it hard to manually reply to each message they receive. Bots are a great way to chat with users in real-time. It builds an instant connection with the user. Almost every Facebook clone app development company uses this feature in their digital product.

But some brands may not be comfortable using bots or automated messages. In that case, you can provide the option of adding the messenger button on posts. Users can click on it if they want to connect with the creator. Creators, on the other hand, will be able to engage directly with the users. Our On-demand Facebook clone app development services can take care of it for you.  

Royalty-Free Music

This will again benefit both users and brands alike. Earlier, no one was allowed to use the music of other artists. The platforms had no option but to remove those posts or reviews under copyright infringement. However, you can now provide users with an alternative with the Facebook clone app for iPhone.

You can make available for them a list of songs and music that they can download and use for free. Users will highly appreciate this feature since they tend to use a lot of songs in their posts. Not only that, this will improve your brand image and overall user experience. 

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Summing Up

There are many more interesting features that could be added to the list. However, initially, you can begin with these small but significant features mentioned above. Further, the success of your app also depends on the Facebook clone app development company you choose for the project. 

At Narola Infotech, we have a team of the best clone app developers. We have the right skills and expertise to deliver the product you desire. Feel free to contact us for your social media clone app development project or any related queries.

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