January 27, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


Nowadays, everyone uses dating apps. It will be quite hard to find someone who hasn’t used these apps at least once. Investors will find this very pleasing as it creates an opportunity to invest in making dating software. But what happens after developing the app and getting users?  Tips-for-Building-a-Loyal-Customer-Base-info (1)   That is the biggest challenge, converting occasional users into loyal regular users. Making this happen doesn’t just mean making a good dating app and expecting the rest to fall into place. It takes more. 

Tips for Building a Loyal Customer Base

Developing a dating app and hoping people will start using it and keep using it is wishful thinking. People won’t stay because you want them to. You have to make them want to stay! You know your app is one of the best and is good at what it does. So here are a few tips for building a loyal customer base. 

Provide Sound Customer Care Services

Good customer care services may not be why people use your app. But it is the reason why they will keep using your app.  Imagine using an app and having an issue. Your first action is to voice the problem through the customer care service section. If you do not receive a reply and the app does not fix the issue, you will probably stop using the app. Using the app will probably result in the same problem as before.  Whether or not you fix all problems communicated through customer care can directly impact on user loyalty. When talking about customer care, there are several ways users can connect with you. Here are a few methods: 

1. Chatbots

Chatbots are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for many businesses. Chatbots are AI-based programs that answer questions. They answer questions based on predefined question and answer algorithms. This option eliminates the need for a human to be present to answer questions. 

2. Live Chats 

Live chats are much more different than chatbots since they require a person to answer them. That does make replying much slower, but it increases the chances of users getting accurate answers, improving customer support effectiveness. 

3. Voice or Video calls 

Sometimes customers will want to voice their concerns by actually using their voice! Chats can be time-consuming and frustrating with the long hierarchical process. Many users like to get it over with a call or occasionally a video call. 

Encourage Customer Feedback 

For a business, getting negative feedback can be a nightmare. But you should see it as a way to gain users’ trust. Acting on a negative comment can lead you to fix a problem that many users are facing.  All online dating app services aren’t perfect, and there are improvements to make. Taking heed of negative feedback and fixing the problem will earn your users’ trust. Another point is not to get too ignorant when receiving positive feedback.

Promote Community Growth 

The community is your target audience and can likely become your user base. So, why not get them involved in the process of growing your loyal user base. You must be wondering how to do this.  For starters, you can introduce special activities or competitions to get maximum engagement from the community. Getting people involved is a great way of building a loyal customer base while allowing people to have fun.  Another way to build loyalty is to show users’ stories, share their pictures over social media. This way, your users can tell that you care about them and that your dating app is the real deal. 

Don’t Ignore Existing Users

If there’s one way to lose users, it’s by entirely ignoring them. Don’t become too fixated on garnering new users. You have to focus on existing ones as well! You have to build customer loyalty among pre-existing users.  You can do this by still listening to their concerns. Keep your app efficient and updated with new features for them. Put your efforts of user retention and loyalty-building towards your existing users to stop them from leaving. 

Paint Your Brand Identity 

Be clear about what you want your brand to stand for. When hiring a dating app development company in the USA, the essential point to understand is users’ core beliefs. Somehow, your brand’s identity should align with the principles of your users.  The dating software should enable anyone to find a compatible partner with little effort. The matching algorithm should be unbiased and non-discriminatory, or else it may not suit the ideology of all users. In turn, this does not paint a good brand image.  

Stick To Your Values

If your actions and brand values don't align, it will prompt users to leave your app. They are more likely to start using one of your competitors who “practice what they preach”! If you honor your values, it will not go unnoticed by users.  Because these values are what they search for in a dating app. Straying from your values is not advisable as it will eventually affect your whole business venture. To make your values more visible, you may want to enlist dating app development solutions


Gaining new users for a dating app may be difficult, But it is not as difficult as retaining users. You should find a way to convert your regular users to loyal users to make them your base users. As you can see, there are many ways to build customer loyalty and make users feel your services are worthwhile. If not, they will not hesitate to leave your app for one of your competitors.

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