January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


So you have a website running up and marking your presence online. But have you ever wondered whether your website is productive for your business or not? If you want to check the same, you should go through the below mention five things which are the most essential website features.


This is an essential website feature. Your website must not be up on the web just for fulfilling the formality but it must have a purpose. A kind of reason which is deeply linked with your business and affects your sales + profit margins effectively. If the aim of your website is not delivering the same thing, then it is not up to the mark and you must bring the changes accordingly.


Well, we all know that what design does for a website – it attracts the user and leaves the first impression, but most of the people don’t know is – it should be related to your business type and must highlight the essential website features. Just having a fancy and technical site is not the solution, but it must compliment your business and must help in pushing your clients towards the services and products you are offering.

This is the most crucial thing about the website and most of the people do agree with the same but they actually do not make it come possible in their web portal. Ease of access means your website should be that user-friendly that even a person with the least knowledge can use it without trouble. To bring the same experience, you have to a lot experiment with developers during website design and development.

Rich Content

Business people misunderstand the rich content. They think rich content is, text with high vocab and deep meaning sentences, extremely creative images and intelligently conceptualized videos. Here, they need to understand rich content in the business terms means – text that can easily explain your service and products along with their exact use, images that can portray your business in simpler yet effective way and videos that can engage them completely to love and understand your product.

SEO Oriented

Your site must be built as per the norms of search engine optimization. Most people overlook this term and end up having a sore web experience. SEO based website help you in gaining a good rank over search engine listing that directly affects your profit margins, sales, and ROI.

These are the essential website features that you must consider while developing a website for your business.

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