February 1, 2021


Leena Sanap


Your friends, mentors, and relatives can tell you about numerous things that you should do for an interview. And probably can even remind about the things you should not do in it. But, we are here to explain the things which managers do not like to receive during an interview. So, check these things out and try not doing them in your upcoming fixtures to get the job:

Coming too Early

– Being on time for the interview is obviously a good thing but being too early is not. It creates a negative impression on the managers as they think you do not manage your time well and waste it by showing up too early.

Being Someone Else

– It happens most of the time that candidates, in order to please the interviewer, try to portray themselves in a fashion that is not their characteristics. Managers have a good idea of how to pull off ‘the real you. So, to avoid embarrassment later, don’t try to be anybody else in the first place.


– The aspirants looking for an easier way to get off the interview. Thus, they elaborate more on the things that they know to avoid the harder question coming down the line. They must understand that A) it irritates the managers when you unnecessarily stretch things and B) they won’t select you had you not given them enough time to ask all their questions.


– It is for the applicants who take interviews very lightly, and they fail to get through it even after having all the talent and experience. It really pisses off the managers when you appear for the interview without reading the crucial things about the company and without learning your job duties and responsibilities. Prepare yourself well on these two important things to crack the interview.

Talking Over

– Patience and good listening are two things that set the impression of the interviewee on interviewing panel. You should listen to the first and then start speaking. It happens quite a lot of time that the applicant starts speaking in between the question which set the mood off of the managers.

NOT Asking the Managers

– The candidates usually be in hurry to rush out as soon as the interview gets over. But, you must ask questions related to your role, company, reporting managers, and about essential things to the interviewers. This shows how well prepared you are for the job. Thus, do not miss the opportunity to ask questions in an interview.

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