January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


Businesses and large organizations have always relied on e-mails as the official mode of communication within and outside their company. Today emails are much more than simply a means of information sharing. It has turned into a powerful marketing tool.

In the era of digital marketing, where every move is crisp and calculated, email marketing campaigns hold the responsibility of providing a personalized touch. Moving over the ordinary marketing that broadcasts your product or services and its utilities, a powerful email marketing strategy will fetch you more ROI than any other parallel means.

There are multiple benefits to this form of marketing. But, there are also certain Dos and Don’ts that will provide you with an extra edge in the pool of email campaigns. If there is a form of marketing automation that is good, it is only obvious that everybody is trying their hand on it to reap its benefits. The trick here is to do it anyway and to do it much better.

Here is the checklist of things to be taken care of for your next email marketing campaign:

Email Marketing Checklist:

This checklist, in particular, comprises everything you need to do along with what not to do when carrying out an email campaign.

The “Subject” of the Email:

The first thing that your customer is going to come across in your email is the subject line. It has to be enticing and informative enough that draws the user to click and read through it. No matter how great your email design is, it has to have a definitive brief subject tagged along. It is a known rule of content marketing that your title/subject in this case has to be powerful just like the content following it. If you are announcing a sale, disclose the percentage there, it will grab more attention than you can think.

Make the goal clear:

What is your agenda behind sharing an email with a set of the target audience? Is it acquiring new customers, direct sales, customer retention, a referral program or simply branding? This is not something that you have to share in your email. But, it plays a pivotal role in deciding the body of your email. Each of these agendas needs a different approach to what you share with the audience. What most companies fail in their email marketing is they forward the same email to the entire audience. The customers today are smart. If they are not valued, they will not bring business to you.

Build a Genuine Email list:

When you decide to send your emails, work on the organically built email contact list. It might be through sign-up forms or newsletter subscriptions on your website. If you are in eCommerce or retail, you can reach out to your older customers by enlisting the transaction emails. Buying an email list is an absolute No-No. Not only is it unethical, but it also might not be fruitful.

Call To Action (CTA):

As it goes unsaid, your email shouldn’t be very long, your CTA needs to be very clearly visible. Keep it clean and unfuzzy. No reader wants pop-ups or random advertisements when the email opens. Another mistake observed in many email campaigns especially if you are new is that people often forget to provide a redirecting link to the button or link in the email. This brings the whole thing down to zero. Then what most people would do is send another email to the list. This is highly unprofessional and leaves an impression on the audience that you committed a silly blunder.

Test your emails:

The best solution to avert any mistakes and errors is to send a test mail to yourself. Many successful email strategies, even after years of experience, follow this practice of verifying with a test mail. Another good habit is to maintain the records in the form of printed documents along with a cloud backup.

Make the most of your email:

While you share the mail with your agenda stated clearly, it is a great way to generate customer engagement by linking your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn for corporates, or even your website. This imparts credibility to your brand for a new user and they can check out for themselves in-depth about the other products and services you have to offer. It is a golden rule that you must absolutely never send many emails to a recipient. It will either end up being spammed or the user will just click the unsubscribe link. Make that a point in your email marketing strategy.

Device compatibility:

You do not know what gadget your potential customer is using. Therefore, your mails need to be compatible with all media including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, etc. You can refer to various email templates available online for the same.


Lastly, you must monitor the time which helps you get the most attention. This will generally be an outcome of fruitful email marketing campaigns when you make use of authentic Analytics tools. Always give your audience an alternative way to reach out to you. Nothing is worse than reading that this is an automation email where they can’t respond

Email Marketing is a very successful way to reach a targeted audience and if you follow all the points on the checklist, you will surely observe great returns of your email marketing campaigns.

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