February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


The success of a business is dependent on the amount of risk and innovation the stakeholders are willing to introduce and incorporate in it. Almost any business today is incomplete if the essence of software development is not present in it in some form or the other.

A software development company is often approached for web or mobile development. With more companies marking their presence on the digital platform, software development in the form of mobile apps, progressive web apps, and on-demand apps solutions are highly prevalent.

Thus, a software development company either offers a technological solution or a product that is customized to meet the clients’ requirements in all aspects. Now the question that arises is whether a company can be self-reliant and create its products independently by employing a team in-house or is there a better option?

The only answer to this is to avail of the hassle-free option to carry out Outsourced product development (OPD). In this article, we walk you through the various factors which highlight why quality software development can be achieved only through a certain development process, and why you must consider hiring a software development company.

We begin with a little background of the subject:

What is Outsourced Product Development?

Outsourcing or handing over the “non-core” task of product development and maintenance to a third party is what constitutes outsourced product development.

It follows a simple logic that you continue to focus on and perform the operations that you are best at and coherently get a product developed by experts in the area that will function in accordance with your specifications for the betterment of your business.

The success of your OPD depends on the following points:

  • The team you collaborate with for software development
  • An integrated strategic plan
  • Seamless communication of what you want
  • Decision-making
  • Being on the same page with project managers & developers
  • Management and inclusion of specialized resources

Approach For Outsourced Software Development:

Here is a step-wise approach that your Outsourced product development services provider should take to deliver a high-quality outcome for you.

  1. Step 1: Idea Generation & Screening
  2. Step 2: Software Development
  3. Step 3: Product Testing

The product is expected to stand the test of time and prove beneficial in the cutting-edge competition of technological advancements. A final report that your innovative product complies with every demand of the business and adds significant value to it is very important.

Benefits of Outsourced Product Development:

Enlisted are the advantages that make hiring a third-party is beneficial as compared to having an in-house team:

  • You get access to an expert talent pool that has teams with experience working on similar projects for years together. They have the required domain knowledge, execution expertise, and know what standards are to be met.
  • You save massively on cost and time. Your resources can be put to better use instead of wasting time in hiring, training, and creating a working space for them.
  • You will always get the best output as they know the market trends and introducing a small change/modification will not be a big task for them. There will be no downtime.
  • They will come up with the best ideas for your business’ software product engineering with quality assurance.


What can you expect from your OPD Provider?

It is often difficult for business owners who are on their first venture in software development to figure out what is essential or what to seek when you collaborate. Here are a few pointers which can prove to be helpful.

  • There should be active communication between you and your service providers. It is preferable if they follow the Agile approach as the iterative process keeps you on track of the stage your product is currently in. Also, if in case there are any delays in the development then you are expecting it and they are not uncalled for.
  • They should preserve the privacy and authenticity of your product. Always make it a point that the clause for intellectual property (IP) is clearly mentioned in your contract. IP is very important in software product engineering.
  • The working hours of your developers should be similar to yours as it might seem a trivial problem but can pose a big issue during development.
  • There must be transparency when it comes to development costs and time. This is a crucial point as many projects and synergies fall-out or end on bad terms due to miscommunication of money-related matters.


So, join hands with the best software development company and get ready to skyrocket your business to greater heights.

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