February 1, 2021

Leena Sanap


The blog is about the Most Dangerous Online Games. The games below are a self-harm simulator or ones that can harm the society. Below are Top 6 Most Controversial Mobile and PC Games.


BlueWhale is one of the Most Dangerous Online Games till date. Who, on earth, do not know about this game? Its extreme rules had taken the lives of many innocent teenagers from all around the globe. The game was a web page and later was developed for Android and IOS alike. Yet if you think that it is the only game, which is so spooky, then you must have a look at the list of the other games They are of the same stature.

Manhunt 2

The game is terrible based on the display of sadism. It is full o0f blood and gore. Therefore, there was a game ban upon initial release. The director of the game came with the upgrade but that remained banned too. Its first part was also controversial. There was a murder of a boy in England. His family believed that the murderer has taken the idea from Manhunt. There is a game ban in 7 countries including – England.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas

There is no doubt that GTA is among the most popular PC game series but it is equally controversial. The content of the game inspires the player to do a robbery, killing, and drugs because the protagonist of the game does the same in a very cool manner. It attracts the gamers who are mostly the teenagers. Although, the US has banned the game no one can deny its pirated use and that too on large scale.

Left 4 Dead 2

The game is horrible to an extent that it can move blood down the spine even of the hardcore adults. The cuts, blood, and the zombies in the games. They are in a very spooky manner. In addition, the game does not have any warning. It is open to gamers of all age groups. The government of Germany banned it for the same reason.

Mortal Kombat

There would be hardly any kid of 90’s who do not know about this game. The mortal combat series is very popular among the teenagers and youths. However, the game is always seen as the exaggeration of blood and fight. There is a game ban in Germany for the same reason.


It was one of the most popular games back in 1997. The game display extreme level of violence, blood and the fantasies of killings. The kid and teenagers were getting highly inspired by the game which was not good for their mental health. Thus, Germany, Brazil, and the UK says adios to the game.

We hope that you liked the blog about Most Dangerous Online Games. The people related to game development should create games with responsibility. Parents should also check what their children are playing on mobiles and PC.

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