January 21, 2021

Leena Sanap


Graphic designing is undoubtedly the most creative area in website development. However, only a few understand its significance in the same. Those who think that graphic designing is nothing more than just show stuff must go through the list below in which have listed its impact and its value:

First Impression

Graphics are the first thing that visitors notice on your website or web page. They decide the further activity of the audience on it. If they are good, visitors are more likely to stay and if not, then they will probably run away to some other website.

Provide Decency

Imagine, you have just text on your website. Won’t it look geeky and tacky? Yes, it will. Graphics complete the look of the website and make it appear decent. It makes the fine balance between the text and visuals, thereby making your website worth looking at.

Graphics Tells a Story

They are not just the show material kept to please the audience. They have a story locked in them and they speak it aloud, and we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, let the graphics do the talking.

Graphics Explain

Sometimes, it becomes a strain for the individual to understand the thing written in the text. In such context, graphics act as a pied-piper to lead them towards the actual meaning.

Graphics Increase Sales

You may find it a bit funny but it is true that graphics increase sales. It has been found in a survey, which carried out between the 100 samples website having the same function, same business category and similar text. The only difference was the graphic. The sites which had impressive graphics recorder far higher sales than those with average stuff.

Graphics Retain Customers

They make a larger impact on the mind of the audience. People cannot remember thousands of text written on the website but they can remember the alluring graphics on the web. If they are good on the web portal, people are more likely to visit your website again.

So, you might be thinking – what is the need of explaining the pros of Graphics. The reason is – people often overlook graphics during website development or do not take it seriously. After reading this, they might stop taking it for granted and can add value to the business through the magnificent ones.

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