February 2, 2021

Leena Sanap


One of the most well-known content management systems available, the WordPress eCommerce platform (WooCommerce), has impressed many businesses with its exceptional features and performance. More than half of today’s online businesses utilize WooCommerce store plugins to conduct their activities. WooCommerce development remains a lucrative option for those who wish to offer eCommerce development services.

Here, we give you the best ways to develop your WooCommerce platform, design it efficiently, and optimize it for success. The foundation of a great eCommerce platform is laid with a good development process. Some useful practices by which you can empower yourself to create a robust platform are:

  1. Review WordPress development
    A good place to start can be analyzing resources on design, accessibility, etc. used to develop WordPress sites. Most of the guidelines on which WordPress runs apply to WooCommerce as well. Moreover, WordPress microsites allow you to discover how codes are being generated for custom WordPress development and WooCommerce development. Another useful source to create a robust WooCommerce platform is Codex, i.e., the WooCommerce manual of coding.
  2. Keep track of WooCommerce developments and understand WooCommerce APIs
    Keeping yourself updated with the latest in WooCommerce development from the right sources will help you prepare your code for the new update in advance. Getting a better understanding of WooCommerce APIs is also crucial to customize various components of your platform. You will also get to know about and benefit from the works of the WooCommerce development team.
  3. Use WooCommerce hooks and filters
    Hooks and filters are used by every WordPress Development company to make the customer’s website feature-rich. Actively engage yourself with WooCommerce hooks and filters and make your website more interactive and responsive

A visually appealing design fosters a good impression on the minds of visitors. WooCommerce development offers tremendous scope in terms of design for you to take advantage. Some tips that will help you create attractive designs are:

  1. Organized and systematic navigation
    Customers abandon the site, which is difficult to navigate within seconds. The product and its categories should be categorized lucidly. A clear and hierarchical structure of categorization is essential and enables customers to take quick action. The major categories of navigation should always be visible to the customers. Additionally, you can have different types of navigation according to the different areas of the site.
  2. Design the homepage to your advantage
    The homepage is the first place where current and prospective customers land. You can design the homepage to your advantage by keeping it minimal and drawing the attention towards the best and most relevant products. These are those which are frequently purchased. Giving customers knowledge about featured, popular, and relevant products right on the homepage will help them quickly react instead of searching for popular products in other areas.
  3. Learn from other designs
    Get inspired by other designers whose work you like is a great way to create some of the most incredible themes and designs. Examining various sites’ designs will also help you ascertain what will work and what is likely to fall short in the future.

Other ways in which WooCommerce development can be made more effective are:

  1. Minimizing the website loading time
    A website that takes more than a minute to load annoys customers. Ensure that the website gets quickly by compressing store images and your theme’s Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, using plugins like W3 Total Cache, and choosing a good host
  2. Enhance sales during festivals and use catchy promotional words
    Make discounts, cashback, gift cards, and free shipping a prominent feature of your eCommerce portal during festivals. Additionally, make catchy promotional words a part of your product advertisements to attract more customers. Examples of such words include ‘Exciting Offers’, ‘Biggest Discount’, ‘Mind-boggling deals’, etc.
  3. Include sections that will tempt the visitors
    Another way to target shoppers is by including sections of ‘Sale’, ‘Free Shipping’, and ‘Money-Saving’ options like coupon codes, discounts, and reward points. All this will not only captivate customers but will also contribute significantly to their retention.

An increasing number of businesses are leveraging WooCommerce development. You can create a great platform by implementing the above tips and techniques. But if you find it challenging to overcome an area of development, it is best to use the services of a professional WordPress Development company.

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