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Are you seeking to outsource mobile app development for your organization? If yes, let's get down to business.

Many businesses have adopted this approach and observed exceptional results. According to research, 72% of businesses outsourced their IT design and development processes in 2016. It has multifold advantages, including cost optimization and lesser risk. We at Narola Infotech provide Mobile app development that is cost-friendly and efficient. 

This blog will look at practical tips for outsourcing Mobile app development services and making the process more streamlined.


Make Your Requirements Clear

Knowing the requirements forms the core building block of an app. It is vital to know the functional and non-functional requirements of the app you want to build. This basic understanding makes communication with the developer easier.  

Here are some crucial questions you must ask your outsourcing App development company:

  1. Who is your end-user?
  2. What purpose does the app serve?
  3. What are the vital features of your app?
  4. What is your app's revenue model?
  5. Is the app available for free or paid?
  6. What is the type of app - native or hybrid? 

We at Narola Infotech devote time and effort to understanding your app requirements and encourages questions to avoid confusion.

Choose The Development Model

The development option you choose may vary depending upon your requirement and budget. It is advised to consider the pros and cons of each development model before you derive a conclusion. 

You might go for specialized Mobile app development outsourcing firms. They follow a strategic approach and yield expected outcomes but might be costly. In contrast, freelancers and independent contributors are budget-friendly options for small businesses. 

For technically aligned resources, you might not get much help related to the marketing and research aspect of the app. Freelancers are a decent option for a small app with little customization. 

Offshore developers focus on drag-and-drop app building models. They might be suitable for simple, cost-friendly apps with little customization. 

Developers at Narola Infotech provide different development models best to fit your company's needs and the available budget. We follow the best developer practices and develop a highly scalable and viable mobile app.

Go For Relevant Experience

Companies generally fall for years of experience while hiring a developer. But, what's important is the relevant experience in a particular domain. Check whether the developer has some experience developing similar apps. You can ask the developer for their expertise, portfolio, and relevant testimonial of their past services. Proper communication while outsourcing developers can avoid any further confusion or conflicts. 

Generally, the developers who have worked in the same industry offer an edge over other developers. As an App development company, Narola Infotech provides highly skilled and experienced Android developers for your assistance.

Communicate Often

Communication is the key when it comes to outsourcing developers for your app. Focus not only on the technical expertise but also on the candidate's communication skills. 

During the development phase, make sure that you and the developer are on the same page. Any conflicts can lead to increased costs and delay in the final delivery of the app. Encourage questions, and ensure that any confusion is resolved on priority. 

Also, it's crucial to establish an official mode of communication. You could use email for file transfer and apps like Slack for collaborative discussions. Encourage healthy two-way communication to make the entire process more streamlined. 

Mobile app development services usually adopt an agile methodology for accelerated app development. It involves sprint planning to decide upon work items and deliverables for that sprint. The approach also consists of the scrum, a daily meeting among stakeholders to keep track of the current progress. Here, the client and developers can discuss the in-progress items, queries, and roadblocks.

We at Narola Infotech work together with the client to smoothen the development process and deliver a high-quality product.

Encourage Questions

Ensuring that you and the developer are on the same page is vital. Ask questions. You can ask the developer for their experience, portfolio, and relevant testimonial of their past services. 

Proper communication while outsourcing developers can avoid any further confusion or conflicts. Narola Infotech encourages its clients to ask questions and ensure that all the queries are answered to the best abilities.

Set Precise Expectations

Before app development, it is vital to establish clear expectations. Decide upon the scope of your mobile app, the expected deadlines, and payment terms. 

Any discrepancies amidst the project can lead to conflicts, confusion over requirements and payment, and delay. Make a proper project plan, a set of deliverables, and estimated timelines for the app development.

Decide A Project Plan

A project plan must be designed, along with app developers. It makes it easier to break down the project into smaller pieces. 

A typical Project plan might consist of the following phases:   

  1. Consultation and assessment involve the planning phase and sharing the project plan with stakeholders. 
  2. POC development - The developer assesses the requirements and develops an initial prototype or POC. 
  3. Agile development - The phase typically lasts for 30 days. It follows agile development, testing, and deployment of the app. 
  4. Signoff - The project concludes with app delivery and final signoff. 


It is advised to break down the project plan into phases, each with its milestone. Each milestone might lead to work delivery and payment in chunks. 

It's always a wise choice to make app development more collaborative. Encourage your developer to voice their opinions and technical insights on the app requirements and strategy. It also offers a sense of ownership to the developer and encourages them to deliver better performance. Hire mobile app developers at Narola Infotech; we offer flexible and affordable solutions.

mobile app development

If used wisely, a Custom mobile app development company can be a valuable asset. While outsourcing, you must consider the practical tips mentioned above. Clarify your requirements, set the right expectations, consider the pros and cons of available development models, and communicate well. These simple pointers will help you make better decisions and figure out the best solutions for your mobile app.

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