August 31, 2021

Dhruti Randeria


The dating app industry has come a long way and people no longer have to meet people face to face to start dating. Dating apps have broadened people’s circles, easily allowing them to meet new people that are not present in their day-to-day lives.  The market for dating apps is stiff and if you want to invest in a successful dating app, you must bring something different to the market or just do it better than existing competitors! One way to go about this is to listen to users and incorporate the most user-demanded features into your dating app. 

Develop A Dating App With These User-Demanded Features

Just the basic features may not be enough to persuade dating app users that your app is better, you must add something unique and capable of drawing in users to your app. Below are the best dating app features demanded by the users themselves. 


Going on a date with someone who lives on the other side of a country is not likely to end up with a happily ever after!  This will not earn your dating app much success if users are continuously matched up with people from far away from their own region. For this reason, a geo-location tool should be used to ensure matched users are reasonably near to each other. Improving successful matches does have the chance of making your app more popular among users. 

Video Calling

The users of your app might not want to jump in and start physically seeing a person unless they are sure it could work out. A few video calls will let people know if they are compatible or not. Plus, there will be no need for users to get dressed and go out for a failed date!  Plus, by adding a video call feature, you help people to get past the professional ‘catfishers’ who manage to find a way to put up photos that aren’t really theirs. 

Enhanced Search Options

The worst way your dating app can fail is by not providing users with an opportunity to search for people that match their criteria. Users will ditch your app in an instant if not easily provided with what they want!  When you create a dating app that allows enhanced searching capabilities, you save users a lot of time while improving their chances of finding their soulmate through your dating app. 

Real-Time Notifications

They say a window of opportunity only stays open for a given amount of time. For dating apps, this window is represented in the form of notifications. The time at which notifications reach a user can make a big impact on their actions, the outcome of these actions then makes an impact on the usability and reputation of your dating app. 

Offline Accessibility

One feature to consider adding when you develop a dating app is the ability to access the majority of the app’s features while offline. Tinder for example lets users chat, swipe, or edit profiles while offline.  Incorporating this into your app will make all the difference and it will basically make your app more usable. This means users can use your app any time regardless of internet connectivity! 

SOS Messages For User Safety

Keeping users safe should be your main concern, as this is the highlighting feature in every modern-day dating app. Safety precaution features that you can add include check-in notifications to assure dates are going according to plan, if not, an SOS message can be sent to friends and family detailing the user’s location.  Another safety measure can be taken from the dating app Bumble that makes sure users are who they say they are by making them take real-time photos of themselves. 

Profile Privacy and User Reporting

Along the lines of safety, privacy is another important factor that has made waves in the dating app industry. Give users the right to make their profiles either public or personal. In addition to this, users will feel safer using your app if they can ‘block and report’ users with fake pictures and inappropriate messages. 


Who said dating apps have to be just for dating? Nobody! Considering this, you can offer different app modes and let users switch through different modes based on their requirements. One mode can be to find friends, while another can be to find people who share the same business objectives.

Better Matching Algorithms

Now for the most important feature of dating apps, the profile matching algorithm must be the best possible one. Without an efficient matching algorithm, your app will suffer a drawback and fail to gain users, especially if your competitors are getting matching right!  It is pointless if you develop a dating app that matches users with people they would never go on a date with! This pointless matching algorithm would just act as a wasted investment with no revenue returned. 

Social Login

In this day and age, keeping track of hundreds of IDs and passwords is no easy feat. How can your app avoid making users suffer from lost passwords and several failed login attempts? Simply add the option to log in via social media.  Social media apps are just as popular as dating apps, meaning everyone has at least one active social media account that they can use for login. A dating app like Tinder can utilize the following login options:
  • Log in with Google
  • Log in with Phone number
  • Log in Facebook 

Custom Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, a few extra features can be added to make the user experience seamless and the app functionality better. Why not give your users the chance to ‘rematch’? This would give users a chance to take a closer look at profiles they previously rejected. 


Once you have the ideas for a dating app planned out, the hard part is done. The easier part is creating a dating app since you can consult a dating app development company that has experience in what it takes to create a dating app that caters directly to user needs. 

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