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It’s obvious that you would need to seek ways to extend your existing team and skill set. But are you planning to conduct the recruitment process once again? Is it affordable? Does it guarantee to bridge the skill gap within your organization? 

With IT staff augmentation, there are now better ways to include necessary skills within your team. This is especially preferred for IT and software development companies these days. So, what is it about augmented teams that makes them more reliable than other recruitment models? We’ll tell you all about it.  


Staff Augmentation And Reasons For Its Growing Demand

Staff augmentation is a flexible recruitment model that lets you hire talented professionals from all over the globe. These professionals become a part of your extended virtual team that you can manage directly. It is one of the best ways to include qualified professionals in your team while saving costs and time. It’s a great solution when you need specific IT skills for several projects or needs to extend your existing teams to meet goals and deadlines. 

Moreover, there are many benefits of having an augmented staff to meet project requirements and goals. 

Benefits of Using Staff Augmentation to Extend Your Team

Advantages of Staff Augmentation Services

While the above image gives you a glimpse of the many benefits of IT staff augmentation, let’s understand them better. 

Saves Cost

Onboarding skilled and hard-working employees has never been easy. Generally, the traditional recruitment process involves a lot of effort and cost for conducting interviews, shortlisting, and deciding who should be added to the team. 

However, staff augmentation services let you manage and reduce the overall costs involved. They let you access the most skillful and experienced workforce without indulging in hiring procedures that continue for months. 

Besides, the augmented staff, as the name suggests, would work virtually. Thus, you can save a lot of managerial and infrastructural costs. If needed, you can also ask them to work onsite according to your preferences. 

When you consult specific companies for getting these services they even let you know the estimated cost. Unlike other outsourcing models, you can make sure things work for you.  

Saves Time

When you have projects to complete and deadlines to meet, you would want to onboard a professional as soon as possible. Other recruitment models may take time. But with staff augmentation, you can ensure that you have the required talent in the team sooner than ever. 

Managing these professionals is also a lot easier. They hold experience in working on versatile projects. Thus, you don’t have to spend all of your time training or keeping a watch on them and can focus on other important tasks. 

More Flexible and Scalable

Staff augmentation companies offer flexibility in terms of work timings, on-site or hybrid working, etc. It’s a simpler way to make sure that your company gets more scalable with the services you offer or the ongoing projects you have. 

Earlier in one of our blogs, we discussed how staff augmentation is a cost-effective and scalable solution for a company. For more information on the same, 

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Lets You Hire From the Global Talent Pool

Sometimes you may find yourself confused and unsatisfied with the limited talent within certain geographical boundaries. At other times, you might be getting the perfect skill set you require but at a price that’s far from your budget. 

However, staff augmentation lets you break the limitations of geographical boundaries. You can hire professionals from anywhere in the world. Thus you can access specific professionals for your projects at a price that suits you best.  

Hire For Specific Time-Period

Suppose that you need to hire Node.JS developer for a project. But your company doesn’t generally work on this framework. With staff augmentation, you can hire the required expert for a specific duration or project. This saves up the unnecessary recruitment costs and future salary you would need to pay otherwise. 

Better Control On Projects

When you have a lot on your plate, it becomes difficult to decide where to start. Managing a business isn’t a cakewalk. Having an augmented staff that is being managed by someone else for your project certainly reduces enough burden. Meanwhile, you can make sure that whatever you do, you do it with perfection. 

Hiring in-house employees involves a lot of paperwork which may over-burden and distract you from other important matters. However, when you choose to collaborate with one of the staff augmentation companies, they offer to manage all of it for you. 

Types of Recruitment Models Other Than Staff Augmentation

When comparing two sides of a coin, it’s better to take an observant look at both. Here is a detailed comparison of Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services vs Outsourcing vs In-House Hiring.  

Staff Augmentation vs. In-House Hiring

Generally, many IT companies prefer hiring in-house employees to extend their existing teams. As it might be known, this recruitment model brings in long-term, salaried employees for your company. However, in many cases you need to train these candidates according to the work approach followed in the organization. 

Although it gives a better sense of control over the projects, managing and paying these employees in the long run can get difficult. Getting them hired itself is a time consuming process.

Staff Augmentation vs. In-house Hiring

Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

Simply put, MS are also known as consultancy assistance. Managed service providers do not take complete control over the projects but work side-by-side with the clients. They help you meet long term results by managing your tasks strategically. You will have to draw a contract, stating desired results and deliverables.  

Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

Staff Augmentation vs. Software Outsourcing

As the name suggests, under software outsourcing companies handover the entire project to the outsourcing team. While it seems similar to managed services, those are different concepts. You don’t have to worry about new recruitment, team management, or project complexities. The outsourcing team does it all. Unlike staff augmentation, the outsourcing teams work separately and not in collaboration with the in-house team. 

Furthermore, the benefits of outsourcing include cost-efficiency, access to specialized skills, and enhanced focus on core business functions. Amazon, Apple, IBM, American Express, WhatsApp are successful examples of outsourcing.

Staff Augmentation vs. Software Outsourcing

Get Staff Augmentation Services To Meet Business Goals Proficiently

As an organization, there will be times when you need to come up with ways to bridge the skill gap or meet specific project requirements. While it may not be possible to hire in-house employees every time, IT staff augmentation can come to your rescue.  

At Narola Infotech, our experts tend to keep up with the latest technologies and development practices. We would be pleased to serve you with our experience and valuable skills. Feel free to contact us.

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Staff augmentation is ideal when you need specialized skills for a short-term project or to meet sudden spikes in workload without committing to long-term hires.

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