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For growing companies, the shortage of fresh tech talent is one of the most common issues. But is there any way you can skip the hassle of recruiting more employees? 

Well, staff augmentation can be it. 

We understand you might be struggling to find the perfect fit for the vacant developer position at your organization. However, the truth is, there’s a pool of talent out there waiting to be found. Team augmentation can be one of the best ways to scale your tech team faster and at a managed cost.   

There may be many questions. The most important right now is how does IT staff augmentation save money for your company? 

We are eager to let you know all the answers, but what about revisiting the basics first? It will help you come to better conclusions.   


How Staff Augmentation Saves Cost for Your Company

Saving costs is a significant concern for an organization. We have listed down some ways in which team augmentation can help you manage total costs and scale your team. 

It Reduces Recruitment Time

A company has to incur both internal and external costs at every step during the recruitment process. Jotting down and planning these costs is equally time-consuming and painstaking. From the salaries of the recruitment and selection teams to the costs involved in advertising, job listing, and recruitment software development, you need to manage a lot.   

Obviously, the costs vary across companies. But you cannot deny that you have to spend a lot of time and resources in hiring a skilled developers and preparing them for onboarding. 

Staff augmentation can help you bridge the skill gap in your company within less time. At the same time, it eradicates any costs that exist within a traditional recruiting process.  

Human Resource Management

No Need for Special Training

As a custom software development company, we understand the importance of excellent skills and well-trained developers. While you have to spend several weeks training freshly recruited individuals, that’s not the case with augmented teams. Remote teams do not require any training. 

In many cases, these teams are recruited by a third-party based on their skills and expertise. They only need to be virtually onboarded, which requires zero cost of traveling and equipment. 

Cuts Costs for Continuous Operations

There can be various emergency contingencies that a company should be prepared for. The COVID-19 pandemic two years back is one of the most relatable examples of the same. Thousands of employees switched to the work from home model. 

Companies must be prepared with a plan that lets them operate even after a break or slow-down. Augmented teams work remotely. This saves a lot of costs involved in getting insurance, maintaining a building, or creating a safe space against uncertain events. 

Helps You Hire the Best Candidate

Recruiting the wrong candidate can cause losses worth thousands of dollars. Businessmen know that every dollar matters for a company. 

Augmented teams offer you the best opportunities to expand your workforce and collaborate with the most suitable candidate. It breaks the barrier of distance. When the skilled workforce grows, it promotes innovative thinking and productivity. 

Save on Miscellaneous Expenses

Having a fully-fledged office building comes with various expenses. Rent, electricity charges, maintenance, everything can sum up into a considerable amount. Also, there are refreshments and travel allowances that you have to provide the employees with.  

This calculation would be a lot different even if 50% of your employees work from home. Technology has made it possible to conduct meetings virtually. With staff augmentation and remote working employees, you can notably reduce total expenditure. 

Reduced Tax Payments

Based on the location of your company, you will have to incur specific taxes to maintain legit operations within the organization. There are various factors that affect the tax burden for your enterprise. They include salaries, properties, and sales. 

However, team augmentation can save you to a great extent. Additionally, you can outsource accounting and tax management to handle it better.  


Manage Payroll Costs for Remote Working Employees

Salaries are a matter of concern for many employers. Whether you consider team augmentation or remote working employees, trimming their pay can be difficult. Staff augmentation services can help.  

According to research, employees are ready to accept less salary if they are allowed to work from home. For instance, Facebook warned its employees regarding a pay cut if they relocate to places with low costs of living. 

Looking for augmented teams from places with a low cost of living can prove to be beneficial. It will get you the best skills and help in cost-cutting.  

Save Technical and Internet Costs

Setting up an office is difficult and expensive. Most organizations mitigate these costs by enforcing BYOD (bring your own device) policy. However, there may be a reimbursement to settle expenses for all parties involved.  

Team augmentation can help you sway all technical costs and hefty Internet charges as the employees will work remotely. You may have to provide them with some standard allowances, but the overall expenses will still be less. 

Keep-up With Low Turnover Rates

People who work from home are more engaged and productive as compared to office goers. They take fewer leaves which helps in finishing projects on time. Staff augmentation services can help you get reliable remote-working employees in the long run. 

Since employees can work from their convenient locations, they become more productive. You can take on new projects with the same rather than hiring a new one. This will save you a lot of expenses.  

Choose and Hire Talent From Around the Globe

IT staff augmentation eliminates your limitations that may be based on location. Mindful team augmentation can help you access the excellent skills of professionals from different parts of the world. You can choose according to the experience, location, and specifications of the candidates. 

How Staff Augmentation Saves Money for Your Company

Summing Up

Sometimes your company needs a fresh wave of talent to restore its pace of growth. While bringing new members to your team can be costly, staff augmentation becomes a reliable solution.  

Narola Infotech is a group of skilled and experienced developers and IT professionals. Feel free to enquire from us regarding staff augmentation services for your company. With our expertise and accuracy, we can help your businesses reach greater heights. 

We hope the information shared above helps you realize how augmented teams can be scalable, cost-saving alternatives to fresh recruitment.

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