January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


IT industry is flooded with the requirement of the software application development company. In return, there are numerous company which claim to be the best in the sector. The people mostly get fooled by these companies. How? Many among these firms do not even have the required staff and team for software development but the client does not have any idea about the same and unfortunately, they fell as prey for them. Before hiring any IT development company, you must ensure that they have at least the following staff:

Researcher & Analyzer

It is quite important for an IT development company to have researcher & analyzer. They are commonly known as business analyst. He will be responsible to do the required market research and do reports the necessary things that he found in the market that will be suitable for the project.


They are the most crucial part of software app development process. Without them, it is impossible to think about the application. But, here the client needs to check whether the developer is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled or not. There are certain parametres to check the eligibility. You can find the same on internet.


Most of the mobile & web development companies do not prefer to hire them because they think tester can do the same. This is completely wrong approach. Without a tester, the developed project will be more of a scrap. The tester has different vision and ability to examine the project which developers cannot do.

Project Manager

Well, a lot many companies do not believe in having the same. But it is like having the senior person in the family. Without project manager, all the above mentioned employees will not have the direction to work. Also, in the time of issues & difficulties, it is the project manager who get the issues fixed and things done.

So, be sure that whatsoever offshore software development company that you are hiring, they are having the above-mentioned staff in the team.

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