January 27, 2021

Leena Sanap


Social media trends continue to change with time. If you have watched the surge in social media marketing, you will feel the tug. Techno-savvy brands have been using social media marketing in recent years to engage their audience.

Honestly, companies do not want people to bounce around their sites to get what they want. The social media giants like – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are making some changes to make it easier for businesses to engage users with their social media profiles.

Social media trends unlock opportunities for future endeavors. As a market leader, you have the choice of following the best social media trend that fulfills your business goals. Here are the top social media trends that are going to change your business forever.

Live Streaming

Live streaming video is the latest trend in social media that has attracted many companies. The demand for traditional streaming methods has declined in recent years, while live streaming on social media continues to soar.

The key benefits of live streaming in social media are many such as – more authentication with the audience, bringing the human element to digital marketing, facilitating real-time feedback from the audience, authentic interaction, and more.

In this regard, many companies are adding the live streaming feature in their marketing campaign to encourage a relational perspective. If you want to do it in a simple way without investing much, you can stream short videos on social sites.

Customer support

Social media is a strong platform to engage with prospective buyers and clients. However, companies often ignore the opportunity to connect with their customers in real-time on social platforms. Most companies consider social media as a platform for a personal network. However, you can prepare your team to provide social customer care that includes an escalation strategy.

Customers prefer connecting with your instantly on social platforms, as they no longer need to wait to play catch up. Instead of spending all your energy on bringing new clients, you must hook the ones you already have. Remember that customers 76% of customers leave the company due to poor customer support. You should make effective use of your social account to connect with users and engage them.

Focus on Gen Z

Generation Z is widely recognized as today’s powerhouse. With more than 40% of consumers by 2020, the perspective of Gen Z is going to be the key to marketing success. If we take a look at their social media profiles, we will see they are more interested in participating in social activism.

They showcase their real-life moments, aspirational news, quick touches, and more. In short, they open their social accounts too often, and hence, they are likely to communicate more with the companies. Involve in the messages of Gen Z to catch their attention. Additionally, highlight real people in a promising approach to engage as an audience.

Increase in Ad spending

Pais ads are filling the gap, as organic search reach spiraling. It is estimated that advertisers spend more on internet ads than TV ads in 2018 – as digital ads are likely to deliver positive results for their company.

Paid advertising is not just limited to banner ads or sponsored content – but influencer marketing makes up the large chunk of paid ads. In a study, it was found that more than 39% of marketers are planning to focus on influencers across the web. This boost in influencer spending will have the most impact on Instagram and Facebook.


Chatbots are dominating social platforms and have become more powerful than ever before. Although the idea of using chatbots seems strange, one should look for ways to embrace it. One of the best examples of the bot is Tacobot that allows users to order Taco Bell directly from Slack.

Many social platforms are working on this to make it easier to perform multiple tasks without leaving the messaging app. This trend has been a leading frontier between brands and consumers for a long time now.


It is crucial for companies to keep up with the changing social media trends. It’s time to adapt the above social media trends and implement to take your business to new heights.

Try something new to create a change – rather than tucking to traditional marketing methods.

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