January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


There are millions of website over the internet. And on those millions website, there are a billion pages filled with different type of content. Now, we will discuss content in a survey report. This has put the web industry in shock. In the first place, it says – around 92.7% of the website on the internet does not have the upgrading content. In addition, it is a surprise that most of the sites with upgraded content are the blogs. Now, it clearly indicates that even the professional website fall short. The websites that claim to be the best in the industry do not upgrade or update their content on a regular basis.

Here, the most obvious question is –

What is the need to upgrade content? What difference does it mark on the business? So, let’s have a look at the below-given pointers:

Not upgrading content will make you Loose audience:

Suppose, I am a company that deals in mobile and web application development. On my website, there are certain pages dedicated to technology. They come under the said category. Now IT development is a category where the new update in the technology comes very frequently. So, if I have not changed my content on the website with the same frequency, I may lose the audience that is looking for those versions. Also, search engine bots will push me back when they will not find my website loaded with the trending keywords pertaining to the technology. This way my business will suffer a great loss.

Attract potential customers:

As a matter of fact, your online presence can suffer. No matter from whatever Industry you come from, it is quite compulsory to upgrade content. This helps you to enjoy the perks that online sector offers. Having the updated text, videos, images etc on the website will also keep the interest of your potential customers towards your brand and you will have a greater customer retention ratio. Even, it will be easier for you to catch the prospects with up-to-date content.

Stand in growing competition:

Online business is expanding at the unmeasurable rate each day. On the other hand, it also signifies the growing competition in the market. In other words, fresh, unique, original and updated content is a key factor. It helps me up in the ever growing and challenging marketing condition, Take any trending website as your case study., you will find that particular website rich in all the mentioned key points. To be in the same category, you must follow the same but in a unique way.

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