January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


The database management system has various focal points when contrasted with conventional PC record based preparing approach. The DBA must remember these advantages or capacities amid databases and observing the DBMS.

The Main focal points of DBMS are depicted beneath.

Controlling Data Redundancy

In non-database systems every application program has its own private records. For this situation, the copied duplicates of similar data is made in many spots. In DBMS, all data of an association is coordinated into a solitary database document. The data is recorded in just a single place in the database and it is not copied.

Sharing of Data

In DBMS, data can be shared by approved clients of the association. The database chairman manages the data and offers rights to clients to get to the data. Numerous clients can be approved to get to a similar snippet of data at the same time. The remote clients can likewise share same data. So also, the data of same database can be shared between various application programs.

Data Consistency

By controlling the data excess, the data consistency is gotten. In the event that a data thing seems just once, any refresh to its esteem must be performed just once and the refreshed esteem is promptly accessible to all clients. On the off chance that the DBMS has controlled repetition, the database system implements consistency.

Integration Constraints

Trustworthiness limitations or consistency principles can be connected to database so that the right data can be gone into database. The limitations might be connected to data thing inside a solitary record or the might be connected to connections between records.

Data Security

A shape is a critical object of DBMS. You can make frames effectively and rapidly in DBMS. Once a shape is made, it can be utilized commonly and it can be adjusted effectively. The made structures are additionally spared alongside database and carry on like a product segment. A frame gives a simple way (easy to understand) to enter data into the database, alter data and show data from the database. The non-technical clients can likewise perform different operations on the database through structures without going into technical subtle elements of a database.

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