January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


Website development has seen several changes in its life span till now. But the most significant change it has seen is a single-page website success. 5-7 Years back nobody could have think of a single page website because all were happy with the multi-pages format. However, things changed completely in course of time and now, what we all can see is a single-page website everywhere and is clearly dominating the website design & development market. This gave us an opportunity to find out the secret behind its success and we found out these:

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It Captured the Human Habit

One among the big changes that smartphone brought in the habit of the people is to keep scrolling down up to eternity. The innovators captured this habit of the humans and brought them in website. What we all do nowadays is scroll down & down and we do not feel awkward about it. Five years back people hated to scroll and now, it has become their habit.

Everything at Single Page

We have become lazy to keep finding the tabs and the menu to search for any particular thing. Single page website comes as a savior in this scenario. It provides everything at single page. Thus, you do not have to think about finding a thing, just scroll down and find that thing easily.

Get Attention to Everything

In multi-page website, the main problem of the business individuals – they were not able to have attention of the people on everything available at the website as everything was stored at different places. Most of the users do not use to take the pain in checking a website completely. But, things changes with single page website as it is designed in such a way that users end up noticing everything on the site even though they do not wish to do so. This has led to better response of the people towards services and products offered on it.

It is More Systematic

Multi-pages were though designed systematically but you cannot guarantee that people will use it the way you wish them to explore the website. A systematic flow of the website helps in settling the mood of the visitor to purchase a product or a service. Single page website design allows you to make the visitors explore the website in the manner you want. Thus, more conversion has been witnessed in this approach.

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