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When someone speaks of Ruby on Rails development, "Startup Friendly" is spelled along. It's a flexible and fully-fledged technology to support robust applications for budding businesses. However, if you've been questioning its caliber to give a kickstart to your venture, we have something to tell you. 

Before you underestimate the capabilities of Ruby on Rails, know that various industry giants leverage it as a part of their growth strategies. The most popular ones include Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify, and Netflix. 

But why do startups use Ruby on Rails for their applications? 

There are not just one or two factors but many. Therefore, we decided to let you know all the ways RoR development gives a swing to new business endeavors.

Some Common Perks of Ruby on Rails Development

Here are some common benefits of using Ruby on Rails for business applications. 

Time Efficiency

As a development framework, Ruby on Rails offers time efficiency with some investment. It comes with a set of ready-made modules and plugins that can be used in the development process. This eliminates the need for bipolarate code, and developers can straight away begin development. 

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RoR follows several standards for programming conventions and file storage, which makes the code clean and readable. This ensures consistency and future updates take less time. 

Rails is based on the MVC design pattern that supports rapid project development. For instance, different developers can be assigned different segments to speed up development. Also, it provides a clean, readable codebase. 

A simplified codebase is especially important for instances when you need to switch RoR software development services.

Cost Efficiency

Most startups have tight budgets. However, Ruby on Rails makes it possible to save costs when it comes to a company’s development requirements. There are several ways in which it helps entrepreneurs cut down expenses.

  • Efficient Resources for All Tasks

The constantly growing Rails community creates gems to enhance development capabilities. These gems are third-party libraries that make tasks easier from start to end. There are more than 3000 gems that help developers in adding functionalities, authorization, authentication, and payment integration. 

Leveraging the gems saves the developers’ time and effort as they don’t require building a project from scratch. It eliminates many costs and leads to faster development. 

  • Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance are necessary to ensure the smooth performance of websites and apps even after years of release. When the source code of a development project lacks quality, it turns out to be difficult and expensive. 

Rails promote good coding practices and make testing and debugging easier. All of this leads to a superior quality end product that is easy to scale and maintain. 

Qualitative Development

Whether a client or service provider, everybody strives for quality. You don’t want the end-users to be disappointed by any bugs or issues. Ruby on Rails development focuses on coming up with bug-free products. 

It comes with a comprehensive test suite - Minitest, that makes quality tests the code with its excellent features. This includes test benchmarking, expectation syntax, and mocking. 

Moreover, RoR encourages test and behavior-driven development. Both TDD (Test-driven development) and BDD (Behavior-driven development) first write automated tests and then code. This ensures tested and well-structured software architecture with 100% code coverage. 

TDD not only improves the quality of software but also makes it possible to cut costs. It prevents bugs and notably reduces development time. 

Ruby on Rails follows some of the best development practices, which give it a competitive edge over other frameworks. RoR software development services result in applications that are consistent, maintainable, and easily testable. For startups, this is good news in the long run. 


Even if you’re a startup now, you will be required to revamp your services in the future as the business grows. Your applications will have to manage increased load (more requests per minute). Your major goal would be to attract more visitors. However, it’s also important to be prepared for the time when it becomes reality. 

There are various examples of popular brands leveraging Ruby on Rails for its scalable solutions. Shopify is probably the best one to consider. It’s an extensive e-commerce store powering innumerable online stores and POS systems. 

Shopify processes 4 million requests per second and is based on RoR. This is quite interesting news.  

Ruby on Rails for their application

Surely, it’s not just the framework but various other aspects that determine your application’s scalability. But Rails comes in with the great potential for scaling. It follows modularity that divides an application into modules and gems. 

If a database query has too many resources, it can be divided into functional blocks and the app can be scaled horizontally. This helps in processing requests faster and more efficiently. 

Extensive Support

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework. Moreover, it has a growing, vibrant, and active community of developers and businesses that leverage its capabilities. Therefore, when seeking Ruby on Rails development services, you don’t have to stress over getting appropriate support.  

You can ask questions and get answers from them. Many Rubyists have even written books to help their community. There is so much information to collect. 

It’s easier to know about new updates and find solutions to development issues. Experts at Narola Infotech have been offering full-fledged RoR application development services for more than a decade now. 

Have queries? Consult us now! 

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Application security is one of the major concerns when dealing with development requirements. RoR follows a secure development life cycle, assuring security throughout the different stages of development. 

Besides, when you hire RoR web developers, they must keep the application up-to-date and perform necessary security tests before release. This framework helps in creating truly awesome products with its efficient workflow and capabilities. 

Summing Up

When choosing technology stacks for your business applications, you should consider future prospects. Especially when you have a startup, using resources efficiently becomes necessary. 

Ruby on Rails development simplifies a lot of development intricacies and proves to be lucrative in the long run. The above-discussed characteristics should be enough to convince you. 

If you’re seeking reliable services or consultation for the same, we are always there. As an experienced Ruby on Rails development company, we will be more than happy to serve you. 

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