January 10, 2022

Ifrah Khan


Is Ruby on Rails development an ideal framework for building a SaaS product? Yes, absolutely. Over the years, RoR has established itself as the best framework for building SaaS products. Let's know why. Any programming language can be used for the development of SaaS products, but Ruby on rails is an ideal choice for SaaS development. It is recognized as the most suitable structure owing to its huge community and extensive library. For the best use of a SaaS, 4 key traits are a must for flawless functioning. These are performance, security, flexibility, and scalability. What-is-Saas

Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails Development For SaaS Products


Security is one of the major aspects that is laying most concerns while developing SaaS products. There are tons of frameworks present, but none can offer the right level of protection. But, the SaaS ruby on rails framework offers numerous ways to protect your data within your SaaS app. Some of the best ways are:
  • Filtering makeup tags
  • Excluding invalidated user's requests
  • Using a database backend for store sessions
  • Strong parameters usage
  • Rendering paths regulation
  • Tons of in-built encryption libraries
  • Skipping forgery requests
Thus, many Ruby on Rails development companies considers it as an ideal framework for developing Saas Products.


Though ruby on rails is not the fastest framework out there, some of its paradigms like convention over configuration, don't repeat yourself, make it the right choice for SaaS products. With the help of its default ORM system, any RoR developer can put the app data and logic together to develop a SaaS application using RoR 6 frameworks and further add additional features to it in the following years. With the help of exceptional Ruby on Rails development services, you can achieve the desired result. There are many open-course libraries like gems that are accessible that can assist RoR projects to perform quickly. Thus, the expressive and concise Ruby language is the right match for the SaaS project.


Scalability assists you to meet the user's demand and also lets you fulfill surges in new orders so you can start earning profits. High scalability is the major reason behind the rising popularity of cloud computing. 

What Is The Importance Of Scalability In SaaS Product Development?

It is the ability to function flawlessly when processing increased request loads. In simple words, if your audience grows bigger, a scalable app can quickly adjust to it without making any changes in the architecture.


With the use of the ruby on rails framework, developers need not revamp the wheel as they can utilize proven feature implementation. Commenting, authentication systems, payments, and other services were implemented many times.  Developing apps with ruby on rails is fast, and this lowers the development cost and shortens the launch of your product in the market. Also, you get quicker feedback, regular app updates, and so on. Following are some examples of awesome apps based on the framework.


Shopify is one of the biggest RoR projects in today's time. It uses RoR in its technology stack. It is the best SaaS example for rails app development. Shopify claims to have more than 10 million users. The platform is scalable, all thanks to ruby on rails.


Project managers must have heard of Basecamp; it is one of the leading SaaS organizations for enterprises. It is a project management software that implements ruby on rails at the backend. There are more than 3 million accounts on Basecamp.


Github is referred to as the mecca of developers. It is the result of RoR technology. Github is one of the popular SaaS solutions companies for web development. Developers can easily collaborate with other developers on different projects, enabling innovative web development.  There are more than 80 million repositories. This makes it the largest hub for tech specialists who wish structured code. RoR offers huge scalability and collaborative dynamics to Github.

Bottom Line

Ruby on rails is the best choice for SaaS products, as the above examples have shown. Ruby on rails framework has turned out to be scalable, reliable, secure, and efficient in managing the needs of SaaS products and will continue to hold its mark in the SaaS world. Get free ruby on rails consultancy before hiring any development company for your project. If you are looking for a reliable company to develop a SaaS product, get in touch with Narola infotech’s RoR development services today.  

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