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So, you’ve finally decided to have your own eCommerce store. We’re assuming that’s what brings you here. There are a lot of things to know and decide before you can actually start with eCommerce store development for your business. We have witnessed clients who often question us regarding the reliability of Ruby on Rails development for their upcoming eCommerce stores.

Therefore, in this blog, we will tell you why Ruby on Rails is a perfect choice for creating robust eCommerce platforms

Top eCommerce Platforms That Use Ruby on Rails

The above data not only highlights how much Shopify has grown over the years but more importantly, the positive effects of the framework they chose.  

Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for eCommerce Development

The RoR framework is known for faster development and lets you validate ideas in comparatively less time. Moreover, there are various other benefits of choosing Ruby development for your upcoming eCommerce store. 

Ruby on Rails Good For eCommerce Development

Let’s take a closer look and understand these even better. 

Greater Flexibility

Development activities are often complex, and there are chances that you may require to make some changes to the end product. Ruby on Rails makes it possible to build eCommerce apps through various modules. You can simply combine and then make the required changes later. 

With the help of the plugins, you can also add more functionalities to your eCommerce platform. To sum up, you can continue making changes and updates to the application without having to dismantle everything. All you need is a dedicated RoR developer who can leverage these tools in the best way. 

Rapid MVP Development

One of the most important benefits of getting Ruby on Rails development services is its speed and ability to create MVPs (Minimum Viable Product). This framework follows the concept of “convention over configuration”. Therefore, unlike Django, there is no need for excessive configuration. When you have the right development partner to collaborate with, this framework can speed up the process and improve efficiency. 

Ease of Development

Ruby on Rails comes with some valuable features. For example, test automation simplifies the overall development process, and the DRY principle ensures a glitch-free debugging process. The framework guide helps developers with the best practices so they do not find themselves stuck. It’s easier to seek solutions that give the best results. 

Quality Standards

Ruby on Rails development is based on a standardized set of policies. These policies eliminate various challenges that may occur during the development process. Besides, these standards make sure that the code is clean and more efficient. Thus, it will have a positive effect on the application’s performance. 

There’s no need for reconfigurations or long and cumbersome procedures to make a change. Therefore, creating eCommerce platforms gets a lot easier and more straightforward with the RoR framework.  


Security is a major concern when creating any kind of website or application. Thus, when building your online shopping platform, you must emphasize it even more. There will be many transactions and payment details to deal with. It’s important that all the data is safe and customers can trust you with it.  

Ruby on Rails comes with various gems that work for making an application more secure. Some security-focused gems include Safer Pay gem that protects payment details, Brakeman for security vulnerabilities, and Bundler-audit for patch level verification among many others. 

Cost Effectiveness

Developing applications and websites, whether e-commerce or not, is a notable investment for any enterprise. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that means you don’t have to pay extra for licensing. With a simple download and installation, this framework is ready to use. 

Thus, it can be a cost-saving option to develop your eCommerce store. However, you need to make sure that you choose the best and most reliable Ruby on Rails development company. Only then will you be able to leverage all benefits this framework has to offer.

 eCommerce store with Ruby on Rails

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how to find and hire RoR web developers that suit your business requirements. To know more, 

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Growing Community and Resources

Ruby on Rails has a growing community of developers and resources for almost anything. In this blog above, we have only named a few of them. You can probably find a gem for every requirement you have. These exclusive gems and ready-to-use plugins can help you make an eCommerce store more functional and error-free. 

Moreover, the growing community of developers becomes a great aid when your developing team is stuck on some issue. It’s much easier to seek assistance and sort out any challenges that may occur. 

Summing Up

There will be a lot to decide and manage for your eCommerce store to function smoothly. However, at every step of the eCommerce application development, Ruby on Rails will have an effective resource to offer an even better solution. Since this must be slightly clear by the above-mentioned points, RoR is a great framework choice for eCommerce development. 

But truth be told, only when you get reliable support will you be able to execute what you want. Therefore, seeking suitable Ruby on Rails development services is vital to developing successful applications. Our entire team of proficient and experienced developers at Narola Infotech would be pleased to serve you with the best of our skills. Feel free to reach out to us for your respective services or queries. 

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