January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


Rise of KPO Industry in India is mainly due to globalizations. As the globalization is widely brought to the commercial arena especially in the recent decade, the businesses, from small organizations to big enterprises, have turned towards the KPO (Knowledge Processing Outsourcing) industry in huge numbers. KPOs have played a vital role in the website application development in India.

Over the years of its existence, the KPO industry has promisingly played a vital part in research, analysis, working as a financial consultant, advisory board, managing funds and processing of the crucial information. This has led to the foundation of trusted data in the business environment which is earning on-source firms a good money in several direct and indirect ways.

The rise of KPO Industry in India because India is the hub of IT outsourcing

Also known as the hub of KPO services, the industry has flourished to a mark of 14 billion. Back in the year 2010 – figures were merely 08 billion which means – the growth has been doubled in a short time span of six years. It shows the faith of overseas companies in Indian KPO industry and in return, the latter has always kept the level of work high and wide.

According to the trade experts, the KPO industry will hit the Golden Target of 50 billion by the year 2025. In a report stated by NASSCOM – ‘Indian KPO industry will capture 70% of the total work in the near future’. However, it also mentioned that India will face a huge competition from China and the Czech Republic. As per the market specialists in India – the nation is trying to secure its base in KPO functioning and is developing a system smooth enough to give a cake walk to the overseas companies to outsource the work in India.

‘In the last two and half years, it has become really easy as well as secure to get the work done in India. Also, the Indian KPO industry has gained experience over the years and are delivering better services in comparison to its closest competitors’ – says one of the panelists having a close look at the outsource trade. Thre are a number of onshore and offshore mobile application development company in India also depend on KPOs for their mobile app knowledge.

In past, the companies related to the financial sector especially the equity firms mainly look out for the KPO services. These companies remained in search of the variety of data that cannot be retrieved without having the stronghold over the international or target market. In the given scenario – Indian KPO industry emerge as a winner because it has the keen eye and hold over the global economy and has plenty of methodological ways to retrieve the required data in the purest and undamaged form.

The success of the financial sector has given the required boost to the other key sectors to look out for KPO services in India, and as a result, the country is effectively handling almost all the major areas of the businesses and their technical data processing, information research & analysis, funds management, financial assessment related work in India. It is no wonder that they save a huge amount of bucks by getting their crucial knowledge base work done here.

In India, there are a large number of KPO firms but only a handful of companies are managing more than 72% of the work. One, among the most trusted KPO firms, is TresVista. The company has an unmatched capability to work parallel to the key requirements of the clients and to bring them the better than the best solution every time they look out for quality KPO work.

So next time we hope that you hire a mobile application developer in India or a game developer or website app developer from a KPO in India.

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