December 2, 2021

Dhruti Randeria


Node is a technology whose name is commonly spoken but very few people know its full potential. This necessitates clarification about what exactly Node app development does and how it will help your business. While every technology is best at developing a particular field, Node has several areas in which it is effective.  This helps in making development much faster and less difficult for developers to complete a project in the required time. Let us take a look at what Node actually is and how it benefits you.

What Is Node?

Firstly, Is Node a programming language? This question tends to circulate a lot and some answers are misleading. Node isn’t really a programming language on its own. Instead, it is a JavaScript runtime environment that is open-source and functions with cross-platform support.  The defining feature of Node development is, it is usable for front-end and back-end;  making it a full-stack development technology. This multi-purpose property of Node contributes to its popularity and high adoption. Node technology uses a ‘microservice pattern’. This means the application is broken down into small parts called nodes. Doing this allows an application to be developed better, with fewer errors, and with higher functionality.  

Advantages of Node Development For Web Applications

Node was not granted fame and a large community of developers for nothing! In fact, it has many advantages that make it so widespread. Utilizing all of Node’s benefits is what will make your project that much better.  Here are some of the perks you and your business can get from using Node.   

Scalable To Adapt To Future Growth

You never know when your business may start taking off! This is why you need technology that’s easy to expand when you need a more robust application. Tasks are developed separately into what are called “nodes”.  At the time of scaling, you can add more nodes to scale up vertically. Alternatively, you can add and increase functionality to scale up horizontally. This gives any business two options when it comes time to step up their app to match business operations.   When you opt for web app development that guarantees future scalability, you are saving yourself time and money!  

Rapid Performance

Node runs on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine to assure that a Node app’s performance is up to the mark. With the ability to execute asynchronous processes simultaneously, Node reads, edits, and modifies a database in a shorter time. That is why it is much faster than other programming languages!  The non-blocking, event-driven I/O model is what Node supports, which is why code execution is so fast. In turn, these applications are bound to outperform applications made from languages that use slower code execution models.  For your web application to be fast and perform to the expectation of your users, use Node development. Poor application performance is a big mistake and your business will suffer for it! 

Code That’s Easy To Learn

JavaScript was brought into the coding world a long time ago and by now, many developers are aware of its capabilities.  Many have even taken a liking to the code!  Being based on JavaScript, Node inherits an easy-to-write code. Any developer who has prior experience with JavaScript will settle in well with Node. The process to hire Node developer will not be a tiring and difficult one. That’s because the widespread popularity and use of Javascript greatly contribute to Node.  This is not the only advantage JavaScript passes on to Node! Some of JavaScript’s nodes can be used in Node development as an aid or tool for faster and smoother web app development.  

Flexible For Various Needs

Imagine you need to make a change to your code because there is an error. Most other programming languages and frameworks would require editing from the core of the program. But, with Node this is not the case. All your Node developer has to do is find that particular node and modify the code.  This makes node a rather flexible offering for investors who can foresee their business changing and need an app that can change with it. This technology facilitates flexibility and scalability and is a great option for investors of startup businesses.   The syntax can be modified to fit your requirements making it an extensible technology that anyone can benefit from using. On the basis of your idea, you can customize the development of your business’s web application. 

Fast Time-To-Market

Developing Node web apps is simple and fast with the help of the Node package manager (NPM). The NPM holds several thousand modules that can be effectively used during Node development.  These packages help to develop consistent and high-quality projects. The biggest advantage of the NPM is it helps to speed up development and reduce the time spent per project. Investors and businesses that require software within deadlines may like to try out Node to benefit from the NPM.  Plus, Node is a full-stack technology with the capacity to handle both ends of the application. This means that developers do not have to waste time using different technologies for front-end and back-end development. 

Large Community

Node shares a large community that overlaps with the JavaScript community as they are connected in a way. A developer can’t be involved in Node development without knowing JavaScript. In fact, the more specialized a developer is in JavaScript, the better their coding skills will be in Node.  With such a large community, there will never be a question that has not been answered before. Each Node.JS developer can submit their code to better the Node language, making the whole language efficient and modern.   The benefit of this high contribution is that a new developer can use code already written by experienced developers. Thereby reducing the time spent on writing code from complete scratch. From an investor’s perspective, this saves time and money. 

Enhanced Productivity

You will not need to have a team of different developers handling the front-end and back-end development separately. With Node, you can handle them simultaneously. That makes the whole development process much faster.  Your developer will finish projects faster and output will increase. Thus, using Node at the right time can very well save your resources. 

Effective For Streaming Applications

Node is capable of handling both input and output requests simultaneously. This property deems this technology perfect for streaming applications. This is a leading reason why Node makes for the best technology for data streaming.  Be it music or video, Node can handle each one perfectly well. If you have a data streaming web app requirement, look no further than Node. It is capable of reliable streaming without casting doubts about whether it can keep up with the demands or not. 


Node development is an appealing option for an investor that wants to get an application developed rapidly without performance compromises. Whether your application needs fast performance, reliable data streaming, or the ability to be easily scaled, there is always an option.  Choosing the next technology for your business is tough! But when Node is involved, the choice to make is evident. Use node as this JavaScript runtime environment can make all the difference for your next project.

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