November 29, 2021


Ifrah Khan


Microsoft every time comes with an integration of new features to its .Net framework. Currently, Microsoft has added thousands of additional features in its .Net framework, which makes it extremely heavy as a result of these apps. Thus, there's less chance to do new experiments with the .Net platform and its Framework.

In addition, .Net Core has lately been introduced. It focused on being a Mac and Linux alternative to the .Net framework. By offering a bridge to  .Net Framework 6, .Net Core 3 will empower Entity Framework 6, Windows Forms, and WPF.

Moreover, both .Net Framework and .Net Core are. Net's new versions.

According to an announcement made by Microsoft, Net5 is .Net's next version. Microsoft highlighted that Windows 10 can use .Net5 Framework that has the benefits of cross-platform, open-source rather than Xamarin Suites, .Net Core, and .Net Framework.

What is .Net5?

A Dotnet developer can effortlessly build cross-platform apps using .Net5, which is the successor to .Net Framework 4.8 and .Net Core 3.1.

Moreover, the fragmentation in Net development has been effectively brought under excellent control with the addition of some new features.

So, now have a look at some top reasons as to why to migrate to .Net5 and how it's worth it.

We will first start with what's new in .Net5 and some of its essential features

In addition to new desktop apps, new APIs, language support, runtime capabilities, and more. .Net 5 will also fix all the bugs.

Efficient Desktop Development with .Net5

Microsoft is working on getting Windows Desktop Packs for supporting desktop apps. Also, a number of key desktop development tools will be incorporated in .Net5.

The four primary desktop platforms include Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms, WPF, and Xamarin.

You can port Windows desktop apps to .Net Core as they add some benefits like advanced API performance and easy deployments.

Entity Framework and ADO.Net are some of the essential sub-frameworks in .Net 5 for desktop development.

Mobile Development with .Net

Xamarin continues to support iOS, Android, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS platforms in addition to .Net5. Xamarin functions on Mono runtime plus provides a set of libraries, developer tools, and programming languages.

Additionally, C# refers to the backend programming language that Xamarin efficiently uses. Also, the main UI programming language is XAML for Xamarin.

Cloud Development With .Net5

.Net5 will offer the potential to develop Azure apps. Moreover, developers can easily create software on the platform of Azure with the .Net 4. release. Also, as a part of Azure cloud development, users can take advantage of various technology tools and frameworks like Serverless, Docker containers, DevOps, microservices, Web API, ASP.Net, and Azure Databases.

Game Development with .Net

For Xbox, mobile, and other gaming platforms, Visual Studio 2019 and .Net 5 will sport unity, a major component of .Net gaming.

Language and Runtime with .Net 5

Mono and CoreCLR will be the key runtime choices for .Net developers with .Net5. 

For Cloud apps, machine learning, IoT, and Windows Desktop, CoreCLR is the runtime utilized by .Net Core.

On the other hand, Mono refers to an open-source framework of .Net that excellently implements cross-platform .Net.

Also, there are many similarities between CoreCLR and Mono, plus some useful differences.

Additionally, .Net 5 will be having JIT (Just-in-Time) compilation modes and AOT (Ahead-of-Time) features. The advanced performance of JIT is demonstrated on desktops and servers along with demonstration in developing surroundings.

Furthermore, AoT is faster to start, smaller, and uses less memory than traditional computing methods.

Is The Migration Tedious and Complex?

The migration to .Net5 is subjective and completely relies on the individual case.

Moreover, the question that you should ask is how many properties and features are dependent on will hamper the process of migration?

Another decision you need to make when migrating or upgrading is what .Net platform you plan to use.

Furthermore, the migration process from the Framework of .Net to .Net 5 will be quite easy compared to migration from .Net Core.

Nonetheless, the migration is all cost-free to use (from a Framework or runtime perspective).

The only cost you need to pay will be effort and time that again depends upon the version of .Net that your app uses.

Moreover, you can upgrade Windows Server 2007 and 2008 versions. Paying attention to your existing server is the one thing that you must know. Because migrating from an old server w3ill make things more difficult than ever.

Migration Benefits:

Migration comes with the following benefits:

Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

It was considered that .Net libraries could be centralized in the GAC.

Also, various versions of libraries can be stored, contrary to COMs or Component Object Models. Additionally, Windows Vista needs an activation code and provides additional security.


Java Remoting and a set of IIS components contributed to the Remoting development of .Net.

In this, one app could easily handle real objects running within other apps with the object's help.

Code Access Security

The APIs of .Net Core were duplicated from the Framework of .Net technology of Code Access Security.

Also, the server of Single Internet Information was used for various apps during the era of the .Net Framework.

Moreover, CAS was introduced for restricting the potential damage.

Thread Abort

For aborting a thread in .Net Core, it was nearly an impossible task.

The adoption of Cancellation Token was taken as an option to Thread at the time of the creation of ASP.Net. Terminate.

The potentialities of .Net Core have been extended. Thus, application frameworks besides Thread are not needed. Even after the abort, PlatformNotSupportedException was used.

Alterations to Public Contract

Several modifications to public contracts are disallowed. Why? As they violate backward compatibility made using older API. So, it doesn't need to be redrafted for performing its functions.

In the case of types executed by the base types, various symbols are used for removing and adding interfaces from a type.

Single File Applications

With the help of .Net 5, an output technique was introduced for displaying an app. Linux is supported for this feature. Mac or Windows executable files require an additional file to function.

Also, there's an alternative for adding additional files to the single distributable file. However, they should be individually extracted when the app is launched.

Performance Improvements in .Net5

By avoiding performing distinct optimizations for each technique on the initial compilation, the tiered one approach made for quicker initial compilation. By adding new customization, methods are recompiled with superior quality.

What's The Future?

.Net 6 version is the future of .Net 5, and its popular feature is .Net MAUI. You can use the UI framework for building UI on platforms including desktop and mobile.

.Net extends its support to Macs with Apply Silicon Support. .Net 5 platforms will bring cross-platform developers a set o9f new features. Also, .Net will have an advantage from unification considering its utilities and expandable capabilities.

Organizations coming from the .Net Framework will have opportunities for cross-platform development, easy project files, better team-based development support, quicker startup, performance improvements, and reduced memory footprints.

Moreover, if Mono were an alternative and not a need for Xamarin and WebAssembly development, then we would not have to worry regarding the legacy of .Net Framework.

.Net core has improved its performance with each release, and Microsoft is ready to continue the trend. Net5 would see CoreCLR taking advantage of monokey technologies that can reduce startup time for some apps, like embedded devices, and games.


.Net 5 isn't a Long Term Support release such as .Net Core 3.1, we still recommend you upgrade the existing projects of .Net Core 3.1. This will allow access to new features and bring many improvements, primarily in terms of performance.

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