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When it comes to building a mobile app for your business, the “difficult” choice between Android and iOS app development is likely. It’s natural to feel drawn to the already popular Android platform and the growing demand for iOS devices at the same time. However, your business decisions cannot be based simply on these instincts.  

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  • Why is iOS app development getting popular?
  • What are the benefits of having an iOS app for your business?
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There’s a constant tug-of-war between mobile operating systems trying to expand within the market. Over the last few years, we’ve seen these platforms evolve from head to toe, in different ways to satisfy their existing users and bag some more. For your business to grow, you might want to expand among more and more potential customers. But deciding between iPhone app development and an Android app could be complex and trickier. You can definitely opt for cross-platform development. But when you’re keen on building a native app, there’s no way to run away from decision-making. 

Anyways, some research and analysis always prove beneficial, and like always, we have done it for you. 

There are several facts about iOS that you may or may not know. These facts also state the few major differences between iOS and Android platforms. We have listed down some of these aspects that Android lacks and is the reason why developers and businesses prefer iOS mobile application development.  

Increasing Number of Apple’s Patents

As per reports, Apple possesses hundreds of patents related to the iPhone. It means each of these devices can perform a multitude of functions. Thus, when developing apps for their business, companies can think of a wide range of ideas to impress their audience. Powered by iOS, iPhones already have incalculable functional energy. Considering that Apple’s patents are likely to increase, applications powered by these devices have better growth opportunities. 

Continuous Upgrades and Innovation

The iOS platform is keen on upgrades and innovation. So, if you keep up with the latest technologies and functionalities, you are never going to regret choosing it as your app’s base. The iPhone series is considered to be one of the greatest discoveries in the industry, and companies take interest in creating apps that are both compatible and competent. As far as iOS is concerned, innovation will always be there on the cards.  

Growing Demand For Apple Devices

Growing Demand For Apple Devices

Although increasing demand for Apple devices is not a concern for an iOS app development company, it does indicate plenty of opportunities. One of the main reasons why developers and app owners prefer building for iOS is the effect it has on overall app value. 

Many of you may be planning to invest in native apps for both Android and iOS. Even then, you would have to decide which platform you will build for first. In one of our previous blogs, we shared information on the same. To make a better decision, 

Benefits of iOS App Development For Your Business

Yes, we know that the growing popularity of iOS may not be enough to make you believe it’s the right OS for your upcoming business app. There are many more perks of choosing iOS for your enterprise applications.

Benefits of iOS App Development For Your Business

More Paying Users/Customers

Despite the fact that Android has a larger share of users in the market, Apple always aces when it comes to the users’ paying capacity. Unlike Android users, Apple users are more willing to pay for the apps they use. This is also true because of the open-source heritage offered by Android. Additionally, the average cost of iPhone app development is less than creating Android apps.  

Better User Experience

iOS users are generally happy with their device performance and naturally the applications. With the perfect hardware, well-built applications would really impress the users. Apple has offered a premium brand to its users that is expanding in the market for a reason. Most app downloads are successful for the iOS platform. 

On the other hand, the number of successful downloads might be significantly less for Android. Definitely, when you don’t want to mess up the customer’s reaction to your app, iOS applications offer you the most reliable performance and user experience. 

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Leverage the Apple Interface

The reason you’re creating an application is to offer smooth services and a better customer experience to the users. The nicer your application performs, the better results it will bring to the table. 

Whether it’s the regulated environment or Apple’s excellent interface, the users remain appreciative of both. When your application offers desirable features and flawless performance, it helps your company to emerge as customers’ favorite and boost sales. 

Secure Apps

Besides implementing interesting features into your app, it is also important to make sure that the application is secure and safe to use. With iOS app development, you can ensure better security for customers' data and gain their trust. Apart from other security practices, the fact that iOS applications are preserved in a regulated environment indicates their security level.  

Tech-Savvy Target Audience

To make sure that your revenue and sales keep increasing, you need to see that your company is attracting new customers regularly. While iPhones continue to be popular among the tech-savvy and financially privileged audience, you can easily target similar customers through iPhone app development

Moreover, you must understand the importance of innovation and leverage the thriving interface to present your business outstandingly. Make sure you’re working well towards improving brand recognition.  

Penetration into Developed Countries’ Markets

In the present times, every company wants to expand their business globally; especially within developed countries. The fact that iPhones and other iOS devices are more popular in the UK and the USA clearly indicates the glorious opportunities for global expansion. All you need is a well-planned, smooth-performing iOS app for your business. 

Thoughtful efforts and reliable iOS mobile application development, would help your business make a firm place in these markets. It’s also one of the main reasons why companies choose iOS over Android for their business apps. However, this decision may vary based on who your target audience is. 

Developed Countries’ Markets

Easy Development Due to Low Fragmentation

The Android market witnesses high fragmentation because of different versions of the operating system being used by the devices. This makes the development process quite complex and time taking as developers need to test their applications on all of these devices. 

However, that’s not the case with the iOS platform. The Apple fraternity itself has only 20+ mobile devices. There are fewer varieties of both devices and the iOS versions. Thus, it becomes easier for an iOS app developer to test the application properly and finish a project in due time. 

Higher ROI

As we said earlier, iOS users are more willing to pay for an application as compared to Android users. As far as paid apps are concerned, Android applications generate 10% less revenue than what’s been spent. On the other hand iOS applications ensure a financially sound future for a business with suitable improvements in ROI. These applications are scalable and add value to your business. Therefore, they are worthy of investment. 

Secure Transactions

Although there are ways to secure online payments, iOS applications make it even safer. These applications prevent threats like hacking, phishing, etc., by encrypting online deals. All these quality standards have highlighted the positive image of the iOS platform and the Apple devices. 

IOS App developer in usa

Highest Quality Standards

Even an average iPhone user knows that getting an application accepted on the Apple App Store isn’t a piece of cake. Only the apps that are fully tested and follow the quality standards make it to the app store. Thus, the users get refined apps as their options which makes iOS apps more preferable even among users. They can easily trust you and your services.  

Hire Dedicated iOS Developer to Get Reliable Business Apps

Surely, there are many benefits of having an iOS app for your thriving business. However, the success of your app depends on how well it’s planned and developed. To make sure that you get returns on your investments, it’s vital to look for reliable iOS application development services.  

At Narola Infotech, we have a full-fledged team of iOS developers, designers, and QA executives who give their all to making your app a success. Over the last 16+ years, we have finished thousands of successful projects that reintegrate our expertise today. As a reliable iOS app development company, we would be pleased to serve you. To get similar services or queries, feel free to connect!

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