Last Updated: September 25, 2023


Ifrah Khan


Technology and innovations have changed the way most operations are done across the world. We all have witnessed the world going from traditional ways of getting things done to their digital alternatives. Amid the pandemic, this transformation proved to be of great support. 

With everything taking a turn, cab bookings and payments also evolved with Uber like app development. Apart from industry leaders, more brands are coming forward with services hidden within QR codes. 

QR code has enabled the scan-and-go culture for everyone with an updated smartphone. For both drivers and passengers, QR codes have made things a lot easier. Let's understand why there's a surge in the use of QR codes in taxi services and how it benefits the users from different perspectives.

What Are QR Codes?

Certainly, most of us already know about QR codes. But if you don't, better not skip this section. Maybe you realize how QRs can make your life easier? QR codes or Quick-Response codes were first designed in 1994. 

It is a type of matrix barcode which was supposed to work for Japan's automotive industry. QR codes are a little different from the barcodes that are often used in supermarkets. It's already been more than a decade with them in various industries around the world. 

However, the increasing dependencies on smartphones brought them to mainstream functioning. They have information stored within them. When scanned with a smartphone, these codes perform the required action—for example, redirecting the user to a website. 

Mostly they are being used for making payments or to access specific information about something


Use of QR Codes in Taxi App Services

It's understood that QR codes can prove to be good enough for users who are on the move. These codes are the easiest to implement tech pieces that can be used to improve safety and services for customers. We have mentioned some of the major reasons for QR codes being more pervasive in cabs and taxis.

Simplified Payments On The Go

Taxi booking apps like Uber integrate with digital payment apps and allow online payments through QR Codes. While this may have seemed unnecessary a few years back, it makes life a lot more sophisticated when everyone's rushing towards their destinations. 

The users just have to open the app, scan the QR code, insert PIN and confirm the amount to be paid. A few taps on your phone screen are better than wasting precious minutes finding change or exchanging cash payments. 

Since the industries recognize the worth of Uber clone app development, more and more similar apps are surfacing with identical or better services. Since QR codes remain an important element for them. A surge in its use is quite certain.

Allows Clarity With Driver Licensing

Passenger safety and licensing rules are also crucial when managing cabs and other passenger transport. Various Uber clone apps have come up with features that make it easier to track driver licenses.

  • Only by scanning the driver's badge or QR code on their private cabs, the licensing officers can know whether the driver's license is valid or not. This makes it easier to take the required actions immediately.
  • Passengers can also use this feature to make sure that a driver has a valid license and is legally compliant to travel with. 
  • It declutters unlicensed drivers from the community so that passenger safety and rules can be kept up. 

All countries can make optimum use of this.

Supports Public Health

The world is still fighting the lethal pandemic. Throughout this time, it was seen that apps, digital payments, and technologies proved to be a great help for social distancing. No contact payments and cab bookings are so much needed in prevailing times. 

Certainly, the integration of QR codes is one of the best moves in the industry to ensure public safety even when they travel. 

With Instacart like apps, QR codes are turning out to be the better alternatives for information exchange and payments. Cab drivers using more QRs in their cabs is just a sign of this. 

All industries can come up with suitable ways to make the most of all benefits these tech updates have to offer.


It is clear that QR codes are here to stay. The QR code technology is being highly adopted at an accelerated rate worldwide due to its several benefits. Making payments via QR codes is quick as compared to other forms of payment. It will be great to see how this technology adapts to the ever-evolving world of technology.

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