December 2, 2021


Leena Sanap


Smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Besides being our primary means of communication and a source of entertainment, they have shouldered many other roles to play.  Mobile app development is another thriving industry that has emerged with the extensive use of smartphones. Whether it is something as simple as ordering food, booking a cab, ordering medicine,  or consulting a doctor; there is a popular app for it on the play store. Speaking of which, online dating software has also been redefined all thanks to innovation and security in this domain. As society progresses, we are willing to shed a lot of inhibitions and embrace new, better ways of living life. There was a time when an online dating app was strongly looked down upon. But, now, there is a strong user base that is recipient and standing with open arms to welcome any technological advancements. 

What’s New for Investors of Dating Software?

While the names like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Grindr, OkCupid, Match, etc. are no more alien to the normal crowd, there is still scope for something new. It might be illuding for some that the dating app development market is saturated. But, as stated, it is a myth.  All the popular apps today have some USPs that have become their identity. Whether it is their audience, ambassadors, sponsors, stakeholders, etc. the idea behind why these investors make a dating app, in particular, is clear. So, The bottom line is: Do you have an idea that can Spark interest? If the answer is yes, it is undeniable that you shall be successful in your venture to create a dating app. While there are some features that make you stand out, there are others that make you inclusive. For example, it is impossible to imagine a dating software development without having the features of audio and video calls, chat options, finding matches near you, etc. Similarly, another big transformation that is leading the queue of new inclusions is “Integration with Social Media”.

Social Media + Dating App = Found the Perfect Match!

Every business, every industry today is seeking the support of various social networking platforms to grow. And, why not? It is the only place where a brand can interact first-hand with its customers. The internet is a place that gives a verdict within minutes or a few hours which is not possible through any other medium in such a short span of time. So, it is only logical that investors should be making strides in the direction of merging their dating software with various social media platforms. Social media brings along a big share of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and investors to showcase their dating apps to a wide audience. Not only this but there are many reasons why this merger can yield profits and is worth the investment.

Hitch your Dating App with Social Networking Apps

  • Increase the Popularity of your Dating Software:

The popularity of social networking platforms can be maneuvered towards making a dating app well-known. One of the biggest challenges that any investor faces in the online dating software industry is reaching a large target audience within a limited time constraint. A very clear and easy solution to this problem is making the most of social media. Simply create an official page/account; whichever is applicable and make it a SPOC for your dating app on that platform. All the activities pertaining to it, whether it is new feature launches, offers, recruitment, accolades, etc. must be done via this account.
  • Endow functionality:

The dating app development market has moved beyond just matching up two people. It is all about giving participants an overall engaging dating experience. This includes collaborating with businesses that can partner for sponsored ads, giveaways, and other engagements. When you work on a new idea for your dating software, one of the many aspects to consider is making it a platform that is scalable for more. Attributing functionalities that make seamless switching or simultaneous working on both is something enticing for the audience. Additionally, you can even allow your users that are willing to sign up via their social media accounts. This is an easy and quick way to invite your users to the platform. Also, it gives those account holders a sense of authenticity which motivates more audiences to use it. 
  • Boost revenue, devise a monetization model:

The agenda behind carrying out dating app development in partnership with social media is to boost your revenue massively. The more the number of downloads of your app, the more would be the earnings.  Social media, in its current state, thrives on the basis of influence. It does not necessarily mean seeking the help of “influencers” by definition. Be it friends, family, or anyone who is a part of the users’ connections, they are influencers. If they testify that an app works great, they unknowingly promote your app. So, you have to devise a plan, strategy that will allow people to promote your dating software on social media platforms.
  • Collaborations:

We observe that almost all brands today use social media in some form or the other. Be it food chains like KFC, Mc Donalds, Burger King, etc., or an industry that is unexpectedly present like detergents, eg. Tide, they all use social media.  We all have witnessed and enjoyed the Twitter banters between these giants in the industry making the most of cross-collaborations. Then, again we are entertained by the cold rivalry and wordplay of brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  Basically, these are all marketing strategies that come into the picture due to the software product leading its operations a certain way.

Made for Each Other: Dating Software & Social Media Apps:

It is undoubted that the synergy of dating apps and social networking apps will reap unparalleled success. The advantages of dating apps would be manyfolds due to this incredible combination. And, as an investor, the future looks pretty bright if you are giving it a shot in the direction. So, spend no more time in deliberation and quickly get in touch with our experts at Narola Infotech. We hope to provide you with complete insights into the development of your dating software turning it into a dream come true!

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