June 28, 2022


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JavaScript is undoubtedly the leader among all the programming languages in the world. Subsequently, NodeJS has become the lone wolf and stand-alone run-time environment in the programming industry. A survey report from 2018 states that NodeJS has approximately 36 crore downloads on the store and 800 new contributors. 

In fact, NodeJS is the preferred server-side programming run-time environment of several software developers and programmers. When you use NodeJS for server-side programming, you get all the advantages that come with full-stack JavaScript development, including:

  1. Enhanced efficiency
  2. Enhanced developer productivity
  3. Easy code sharing
  4. Easy code reuse
  5. Excellent speed and performance
  6. Easy knowledge transfer within teams
  7. Accessibility to a large number of free tools

NodeJS development services are widely preferred today as several industries depend on websites and web applications to run their businesses. 

First Things First - Basics

The term ‘server’ in ‘server-side programming’ may come across as new to several people. It is because the word ‘server’ has broadly defined meanings with the most apparent usages in the hardware type of servers and the software type of servers.

The hardware server refers to computers storing large files and databases, generally a collective of several systems. But the scope of this article is limited to defining and using the ‘software server'.

Further, Node provides asynchronous and event-driven APIs.

To understand the software side of a server, we first need to understand what a URL is and what its components are. 

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator.

It consists of three parts:

  • The protocol
  • The server
  • The requested file

The protocol defines all the possible methods the browser can utilize to request the server perform a cluster of actions. So, when we refer to the software side of the server, we refer to the aforementioned servers.

Why Choose NodeJS For Server-Side Programming

NodeJS developers utilize it for enterprise apps

There are several frameworks in the industry that can enable server-side programming. But there are two primary reasons why NodeJS is the preferred choice despite several options.

Use of Javascript as the Programming Language

JavaScript is the widely used programming language that web applications use for client-side development.  On the other hand, when the same JavaScript is used on the server-side, it means that the developer can also use the same knowledge and data to code on the client as well as the server-side. Hire NodeJS developer to help you aid in the technicalities of the client as well as server-side programming modules. 

Asynchronous Events

Several frameworks operating on the server-side use synchronous architecture. However, NodeJS uses asynchronous architecture. JavaScript can handle asynchronous architecture effortlessly. Therefore,  it implies that the server is functioning to react to events and then send messages to the database. An asynchronous style of IO can scale smoothly based on the need.

Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node Package Manager (NPM) and its large assortment of libraries are why Node is so popular. For this reason, Node.js developers can find all the code they need to make an effective Node.js application.

The Architecture

When you outsource NodeJS projects, you receive a customized solution for the problem statement. In fact, one of the most important factors of the solution is the architecture.

A Node.JS development company is very particular about the NodeJS architecture. The architecture that Node adapts to is designed to allow seamless communication of components through asynchronous messages. Furthermore, the components in this type of architecture are loosely coupled.

Hence, the following event-based trigger means that a change in the events will subsequently bring in changes in the components. Several modes of communication exist. However, the two main types of communication include:

  1. Point-to-point
  2. Publish-Subscribe

How Does NodeJS Work?

The V8 JavaScript Engine is an engine that specializes in compiling as well as executing JavaScript source code. NodeJS is built on this engine. Thus, when developers execute a JS script via the NodeJS, they actually pass it onto the V8 JavaScript engine. Once the V8 JavaScript engine has received the script, it begins compiling it as well as passes on the result of the compilation process back to NodeJS. Here on, the NodeJS app can be used.

In fact, developers with basic knowledge of JavaScript can pick up NodeJS really quickly!

Hire Our Proficient NodeJS Developers for World-Class Solutions

How is NodeJS Unique?

JavaScript is a client-side language. Hence, you have the ability to click one single button to submit relevant information that you have entered into a form. But what happens after you have clicked that tiny button?

The answer is simple! You need another language that owns the responsibility to store that information in a database and make it accessible later on. It is where NodeJS app development comes into the picture. Using NodeJS, developers can utilize the tools required to draw a connection between the file as well as the database and the data collected from the form that the user has stored. 

What makes it much easier is if the developer is fully-fledged with JavaScript. If he is, then the NodeJS app becomes a piece of cake. Knowing some additional backend programming languages, including Python and Java, would also help.

The Main Advantages of Using NodeJS

In this section of the article, we will briefly discuss some pointers that make NodeJS the stand-alone choice of all developers.

1. Firstly, Node provides you the opportunity to develop an MVP. Since it has been utilized to create several packages with multiple functions, you do not have to spend additional time developing the functionalities from scratch.
You only need to pay attention to your end goal, which includes driving business or self-development as a developer. Additionally, as a developer, you will also have the freedom to choose from several approaches and build architecture.

2. Secondly, Node closely resembles JavaScript. The approaches in terms of architecture and syntax are nearly identical. However, only the bindings of the browser and server differ. If you understand this fact and are comfortable working in such an environment, you will be a full-stack developer.

Common Areas To Use NodeJS

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Hire an Expert!

For all your JavaScript needs, hire NodeJS developers from Narola Infotech. Our Node.JS web development services offer end-to-end services and provide technical advisory from skilled NodeJS developers. 

A NodeJS developer possesses knowledge of JavaScript and backend programming, including Python and Java. Such a developer is called a full-stack developer. However, in today’s world, a full-stack developer can choose to learn only JavaScript and still be able to develop NodeJS apps and websites.


Hire Our Proficient NodeJS Developers for World-Class Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions About NodeJS

1. How is NodeJS Useful in Your Next Project?

NodeJS can be used for developing single-page ads, dashboards, enabling chats, classic web apps, developing APIs, etc. 

2. What are The Benefits Of NodeJS for Web App Development?

There are several pros of using NodeJS for web app development, such as faster loading, enhanced overall performance, mobile-friendly, appealing UI, highly secure, and so on.

3. When Shouldn't you use NodeJS?

NodeJS does not work well with CPU-intensive tasks, like editing images, graphics or audio and scientific apps. It becomes sluggish and unresponsive, blocking incoming requests when it is utilized for graphic operations and long calculations.

4. How To Hire NodeJS Developers for Your Project?

There are several ways to hire NodeJS developers for your next web app project, like searching on LinkedIn, Google, Clutch, etc. But, the most useful way is by contacting a web development company like Narola Infotech.


By now, it must be clear that NodeJS is the perfect technology for modern-day web development. Some of the industries where NodeJS app is extensively used include:

Industries Where NodeJS App is Extensively Used

Since Node offers scalability, you can start quickly, then go faster in terms of scaling, which is also quite inexpensive and is a method of horizontal scaling.

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