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Have you ever wondered why almost every Android mobile application development has Java at its foundation? Moreover, Java is the first language that developers prefer while making an Android application. But why is that?

Why is Java the Best for Android App Development?

You see, Android app development has its own set of Java libraries and APIs, making Java the best choice for creating mobile applications based on Android. Therefore, when writing code for Android applications, developers can use both Java and Android APIs. This ease of use and cross-platform flexibility is the primary reason why Java is such a highly sought-after language for Android app development.

What are the Benefits of Java in Android App Development?

Java app development offers a lot of advantages which makes it a good choice for making an app. Currently, the main benefits of using Java for mobile app development include native mobile development tools, cross-platform compatibility, regular updates, and open-source. Let's examine the advantages of creating Java mobile applications below.

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Ease of Use

The main advantage of using Java for android development is that it offers an OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) approach. That is more effective because it is extensible, scalable, and adaptable.

It includes a comprehensive library of standard design styles and other best practices. Since it is open-source, it is more suitable for any Java web application development company in New York to scale mobile apps by creating customizable elements and reusable code. Web and app developers can also use the source codes to tweak the application in order to meet their requirements.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could use only one programming language for multiple platforms and operating systems? It will not only reduce the cost but will also reduce the time it takes to make an app.

And that is exactly what Java offers!

Java is a platform-independent programming language for multiple operating systems. That is why Java is responsible for creating ideal android apps. This is one feature that is responsible for the widespread popularity of Java. It enables businesses to build Java android apps and target their potential audience on multiple platforms with ease and increase their market share.



Another reason for choosing Java app development for your Android app is the fact that libraries, tools, and code are readily available for free. It saves time by not having to procure these items separately. That also effectively lowers the overall cost of application development and accelerates the process. Since Java is a high-level programming language, it is very similar to human language.

Unlike low-level languages that imitate machine code, high-level languages require translation using assemblers or translators. This makes it much simpler to write, read, and sustain a language while also streamlining the creation of Java Android applications.

Various Powerful Development Tools

The list of why Java is the best choice to develop Android applications doesn’t stop at it being just open-source and platform-independent. If a language is around for decades and is showing no signs of slowing down, it must have some very powerful weapons up its arsenal.

Java app development has a variety of top-notch programming tools. That makes it much simpler for app developers to use Java application development services to create an application that ticks all the checkboxes for being the greatest in the market.

A number of other popular development tools are available for Java app development that we are going to discuss here.

  • Eclipse

A tool like Eclipse is used in mobile application development to develop robust and feature-rich applications. An alternative to Eclipse is Netbeans, another open-source IDE that is available to every Java mobile app development agency in Rhode Island.

  • AngularJS and Spring MVC

Developers can use these two frameworks for mobile application development and it just so happens that they are the best pairing to the Java programming language.

  • MySQL

Java can use MySQL and SQLite, both are free database management systems that can be used to connect to databases. A paid alternative to MySQL and SQLite is Oracle DB.

The powerful tool sets not only help developers code but also gives them the power to control debugging, which is essential for developing mobile applications that can solve real-world problems.

High ROI for Relatively Low Investment

The cost of developing a Java mobile app is relatively low compared to the return on interest that is possible if your app succeeds. When navigating how to go about developing an app with high features and high success chances, you can outsource mobile app development services.

When you do that, you are assured your money is well spent and you get the Android app you want at a reasonable price. Also, their in-house Java developers can share their thoughts on how to best achieve your app goals.

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High Security and Robustness

Security and robustness are the two cornerstones of a successful app. Therefore, any mobile app's design must include security as a key component. Security has been a priority in the development of the Java programming language and its interpreter, compiler, and runtime environment. If you hire Java developers who are experts, they will make sure there are no security vulnerabilities in your app.

Robust equates to consistency and dependability. Java compilers identify several problems that could arise during the first execution of the app. Therefore, it places a lot of emphasis on testing for early potential errors. Because of this, Java app development is now the industry standard for delivering online services.

Support from the Developer Community

It is easy to undermine the importance of an active developer community but it can prove to be a game-changer for your project. This proactive group is always on the lookout to help fellow developers. This ensures that your project is always on the move and doesn’t slow down due to technical problems.

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In Conclusion

If your company needs to develop a top-notch mobile app from the ground up, Java is your best bet. Narola Infotech, a Java development company, can help you build a reliable app at a significantly lower cost that will outperform your competitors. We have completed over 3000 projects with the help of 350+ IT experts. If you want to make your presence felt in the digital world, contact us today.

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