January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


In the recent era, the outsourcing has been gradually increased which is a result of better quality available at lower cost. The overseas businesses look towards outsourcing their IT projects, so that they can save cost along with with smooth functioning software, app or web portal. When, we see towards outsourcing industry, it seem to be all good except a fact that Outsourced App Project Gets Delayed.

We took a dig into the same to find the reasons behind it and how to overcome those drawbacks. Let’s have a look:

Lack of Communication

In most of the cases, it has been witnessed that communication between both the parties is not as smooth as it needs to be. This results in keeping both the parties at the different stages and hence, the projects gets delayed.

What to do

Both the parties should choose a communication medium that is convenient and available round the clock hours. During the meeting, all the concerned.members from both the sides should be available. Also, both the parties should check the availability of their resources well before the meeting to avoid last minute rush.

Different Time Zones

This is one among the major hurdles in outsource app projects development. Being in different time zone often keep both the parties away from effective communication. Most of the time they waste in looking for each other’s availability and hence suffer delay in project.

What to do

During the initial stage of the project when the things are decided between both the parties, date and time of the meeting should be fixed and must be made mandatory for both the parties to be available at the given day & time. To make it more strict, fine can be charged to the party not available for the meetings or getting delay in the same. This will keep everything on the right track and time would not be the issue again.

Input and Feedback

Generally the business individuals delay in providing the necessary data and input to the outsource development company. As a result, they need to sit back and wait for the input. In other case, when development company is done with a module of the project and they send the same to the client to check its functioning, then client delay in providing the feedback. This holds the development company to make the further move and eventually, project gets delayed.

What to do

The client must have a dedicated team or person to look after the requirements of the development company and to offer them timely feedback. This will solve the delaying issues and the project will be delivered on time.

These are some key problems and their respective solution that you can check while getting a project developed through offshore companies.

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