Last Updated: November 20, 2023


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Every Tinder clone app tries to make it big by attracting users and retaining them. However, almost 50% of users uninstall an app within 30 days of installing it in the United States.

That is the reason why many apps fail to make a mark and fail. But the question that arises is why this happens and how to overcome it.

The main reason for such a high uninstall rate is a lack of app maintenance. Bugs and technical errors ruin the user experience, and if they persist, users leave the app and switch to their competitors.

So how can you prevent this from happening when you develop an app like Tinder?

That is what this article is all about.

Why Tinder Clone App Maintenance is Important

Protection Against Sudden Technical Breakdown

The worst nightmare of any owner of an app like Tinder is the sudden breakdown of the app or any feature of the app. That can happen because of any unprecedented reason. But you can overcome this by preparing adequately for it.

And how do you do it?

By keeping a dedicated team of developers on call all the time who will take care of any issues that arise. This team will also oversee and implement all the updates to make sure they don’t compromise the app’s functionality and security.

Maintaining an app is the best insurance you can get for your business.

Updates and Adding New Features

If you want your app to stay relevant, you must adopt the latest trends. Also, you must listen to your users and make regular changes to your app to suit their needs. This calls for regular updates, which increase the probability of something going wrong if they aren't done properly.

This way, you will stay ahead of your competition, and users won’t have any reason to uninstall the app. Therefore, the benefits fully compensate for the cost to maintain an app

High Standard of Security

Although regular updates are a necessity, they do make the app vulnerable to security threats. Since users will make online payments for subscriptions or digital products, their financial information might be in jeopardy.

It is critical that your application adheres to all security protocols. If there are any changes to those protocols, make sure you update them accordingly. Also, you must offer secure payment gateways to users of your app.

App maintenance makes it possible for you to carry out these critical changes. A dedicated team of developers will make sure that they leave no stone unturned to make your app fully secure. 

Upgrading UI/UX

Just like features, new trends arise in the user interface too. You can keep a close eye on the UI/UX elements that have become irrelevant and the ones that are in vogue. In fact, removing unwanted elements will reduce the storage your app consumes.

Users will appreciate this very much, as we ourselves are very particular about utilizing our phone storage.

It is up to your developers to identify the trends and “what’s in” to improve your user interface and experience. With all of these updates and changes, it's important to think about how much it costs to maintain a mobile app.

Maintaining User Trust

All the steps listed above about updates, security, etc., are important to keep your users satisfied. However, if your app keeps falling prey to cyberattacks and technical breakdowns, your users will soon lose trust.

For your business to sustain itself, it is important to maintain long-term goodwill and improve user retention. That requires your user to have faith in your app, that it will not betray their trust in terms of security and experience.

That alone is sufficient to make up your mind about app maintenance and hiring a dedicated team for it. 


What Impacts the Cost of Tinder Clone App Maintenance

Monitoring Performance

This is one of the most important aspects of app maintenance that you need to focus on post-launch. The most important part of app maintenance is to look at metrics and make changes based on what you find. That is something that you shouldn’t compromise on. 

You can use tools like Google Analytics to monitor the performance of the app. If you want a deeper analysis, you can always go for paid tools too. That will increase the cost of maintenance but provide you with more meaningful insights.

In the end, this cost will depend on the tools you need and the kind of analysis you want. 

Fixing Bugs

Bugs are annoying because they pop up out of nowhere and stop things from going smoothly. If these bugs are not dealt with immediately, they can make users lose trust in your Tinder clone app. And that would be really hard to bounce back from.

The reason could be anything like server updates, device modifications, hosting upgrades, etc. Depending on the type of issue and how long it will take to solve it, the cost of finding defects and fixing them might vary.

There are also a number of other things that affect how well Android and iOS apps are maintained, such as the level of coding complexity, security standards, the level of expertise of the team, etc. 

Hosting Services

Hosting is an ongoing expense and a must for your app development. As a result, you can allocate money for application maintenance and support in accordance with your budget, and that will provide you with temporary access to the server.

In addition to the hosting period, the nature of your app's data will also be important. You should also look at the server's media support, CPU RAM, extra features offered by the hosting company, etc. Hosting services are sold at a discount by top companies like Amazon Web Services, Hostgator, and others.

User Experience

Responding quickly to user complaints and feedback is critical to improving the user experience. Apart from that, the main challenge is implementing the changes according to user demands. You will need a team of developers to make sure that those changes don't cause any bugs in your app.

Although this may be costly, it will assist you in developing a healthy long-term relationship with your Tinder clone app users. In fact, every app maintenance activity that you indulge in and pay for, is meant to improve the user experience.


In Conclusion

Narola Infotech is a leading Tinder clone app development company. We offer affordable app maintenance services that facilitate user retention and business success. Our developers are experienced and have made similar apps before. You can contact us at any time to discuss your requirements for app maintenance.

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