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Embedded systems can be defined as a computer or electronic system that is specifically designed and configured to control & access the data in electronic-based systems. We can find these Embedded Systems application Examples in our daily life appliances and devices such as a printer, etc. ARM, Cortex, FPGAs, microprocessors, ASICs and DSPs are examples of a single chip microcontroller that comprises an embedded system. Embedded based projects are capable of multi-tasking and can interact with several other networks and devices.

So before moving ahead, let's have a brief introduction about embedded systems.

What is an embedded system?

An Embedded system has computer hardware and software embedded in it.

This device has a programmable computer, but not for the general purpose.

Rather than any external controllers, an embedded system is controlled by the microcontroller.

It can be an independent system or can be connected by some other devices.

Real-Time Application examples of Embedded Systems software

The Embedded system has a variety of application domains. It ranges from low cost to high, entertainment devices to industrial equipment.

Embedded system in Digital Camera

The camera which we use today is a perfect example of embedded system design, and it has a lot of smart features. We can store and process lots of images in the form of digital data in bits, which was not possible in the early stage. Also, we don't require now to have filmed for storing images. The latest technology has increased the storage capacity and made it easy to transfer.

Application of Embedded System to control street light

The primary purpose of this system is to capture and sync the movement of any vehicle and switch the lights accordingly. The project of a PIC controller has been programmed in this project by using embedded C or assembly language.

It captures all the vehicle movementChange the color of light and switch off and on, according to the movement

Application of embedded system for Washing machine

Washing clothes has become an easy task with embedded system software. Just put the clothes on the machine, the machine itself will do the rest of the operations. Microcontroller Sensors and actuators, level controllers, motor, valve do their work and display the related information. The entire washing cycle gets controlled by the machine's Embedded Systems Software itself, and a person needs to press start, end, hot and warn buttons. The whole procedure and timing get controlled by a microcontroller program.

For adding the water, the Closing and opening of valves which we check through a level sensor controlled by a microcontroller such as PIC controller.

During the spinning cycle, the drum automatically rotates for a set time

The timing for every period can be changed by keypad.

Embedded System for Auto Intensity Control

Auto Intensity Control project is designed to control the LED street lights by utilizing the photovoltaic panel's solar power. Here photovoltaic panels are used to charge the battery using solar light and convert that energy into electrical energy. A solar charge controller circuit controls the changing limitation.

Embedded System for Industrial Robots

Today, when every process is being taken by automation, an embedded system has a lot of applications in several industries. An industrial robot Embedded Systems Software comes with a variety of functions, and each form performs a different number of tasks as it can be used to move materials, heavy parts, manufacturing and tools. Industrial robots generally use to perform those tasks which are difficult for a human to complete, and also they perform it more accurately than humans and increase productivity.

In many industries, robots are replacing humans as they take less time and ensure the best results.

All parts they collected and assembled in the correct sequence to form the final product.

Embedded System for Industrial Temperature Control

This embedded system software is designed in such a way to control the temperature of any particular device according to the necessity. It has a LED display for temperature in the range of –55°C to +125°C. The embedded system software has a microcontroller to control all its functionalities.

Embedded System for a calculator

The calculator is an excellent example of real-life embedded appliances. Also, it is one of the prime examples of embedded system software. In this, the function takes command from the keypad to perform the required operation and display the result on the screen. Calculator's embedded system design has a high-performance processor in both scientific calculator and standard calculator.

Calculators can perform complex mathematical calculations.

Scientific calculators are much more advanced than standard calculators because of their highly integrated embedded systems.

Embedded system software is utilized in numerous devices. Embedded software development services, embedded products with the data-driven ecosystem to capitalize on automation, IoT (internet of things), and machine learning (ML). The embedded technology uses different electronic components with the computer network system for controlling several types of equipment.

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