June 27, 2022

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Last year was Java’s 25th birthday, and it is always changing to keep up with the latest technological developments. It’s astonishing to know that over three billion gadgets have been developed using Java. It has a fantastic architecture that allows it to operate on virtually any computer. It has played a key role in the creation of a wide range of applications as well as the progress of key technologies.

Java has some remarkable capabilities, because of which it is one of the most popular languages. This includes the ability to run on any platform, fast performance, object orientation, support for autonomous garbage collection, and a lot more. That naturally makes it the go-to language of many businesses.

If you are wondering whether Java would be the best language for your project or not, then read this article till the end. Here, we will discuss the major real-life applications of the Java language with examples.

    Real-Life Applications of Java Development

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    This section will cover the applications of Java that people use widely with examples of well-known applications that Java built.

    Mobile App Development

    Java is one of the most popular programming languages for making apps for mobile devices, and Android apps can’t be made without it. J2ME, which stands for Java Micro Edition, is a popular programming language for making apps that work the same way on all smartphones.

    Also, it offers a very robust framework for development. The Dalvik Virtual Computer is a customized virtual machine for developing Android apps.

    When the Google Maps app originally came out, it was written in Java. Java was used to create this app because it can run on a wide range of devices. Also, Java allows developers to create an application without having to rewrite any code for multiple operating systems.

    Web Applications

    Web applications are the most common real-world use of Java. It includes several features for web development, like frameworks, tools, and libraries to help developers create dynamic web applications. Spotify, Opera Mini, Twitter, Nasa Worldwind, and many others are among the leading firms that use Java for their online apps. It includes frameworks like Spring and Hibernate, two technologies that make developing online programs easier.

    One of the most popular web apps developed using Java is Netflix. It is well-known for its video streaming service, which lets users watch movies and TV episodes on their computers, tablet, or smartphone.

    Java is a programming language that can run on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows OS. Therefore, developers used Java to create the Netflix website. This means that the programmers did not have to rewrite the app for each platform.

    Gaming Apps

    Using the Dalvik Virtual Machine and jMonkeyEngine, Java developers can make games that are both dynamic and interactive. In terms of game production, the programming language provides great capabilities— for both 2-D and 3-D games. The technology has a lot of potential for adding game elements and bringing new worlds to life. You can hire Java developers if you have an idea for a gaming app.

    The three most popular games made with the Java programming language are Mission Impossible III, Asphalt 6, and Minecraft. 

    Desktop GUI

    APIs like Swing, AWT, and JavaFX make it easier to make GUI applications and desktop interfaces. Therefore, it is straightforward to construct desktop GUI apps since Java provides visual feedback.

    The Netbeans IDE is one of the most important parts of building a desktop GUI. Developers can employ complex tree models and 3D graphical models to create such apps. You can use Java software development services to build a desktop GUI.

    One of the best desktop GUIs made with Java is HexGL. Also, it is a free and powerful tool for producing high-quality graphics. The Java programmers created it in Java so that they could access their code across all systems without redoing any parts of it.

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    Scientific Applications

    This is one of the best applications of the Java programming language. It has a lot of great mathematical features that make it a great choice for scientific computing. So, it gives programmers a safe and portable place to work with the latest scientific solutions.

    Even if the platforms are different, Java will provide the same results from mathematical computations. MATLAB, commonly known as the Mathematical Library, is one of the most widely used software packages for developing scientific computing front-end and back-end components.

    MitoMonkey is one of the most popular apps developed in Java. It is a program that biologists use to investigate and create Mitochondrial DNA. The software was also created in Java, which allows for data structures that need a lot of processing, like graphs and networks. Since it uses a parallel programming module, it can be scaled to handle a large quantity of data.

    Financial Server Apps

    Java developers can now easily make trading systems, digital solutions, settlement and confirmation systems, data processing systems, and a wide range of other applications. This language is often used in finance-related server applications. Java application development services come in handy when creating secure and efficient financial applications.

    Because of Java, there is a quick exchange of data between the client and the server. Cash App is a wallet system for quick money transfers and is one of the top FinTech solutions made with Java.

    ATM is a bank transaction-processing server app. This application was built in Java because it has excellent performance and scalability. Therefore, that makes it more trustworthy when dealing with massive volumes of data from all over the world. That is why every Java web application development company uses it to create similar apps.

    Embedded Systems

    Java’s creators made it with the intention of creating embedded systems. It brought together a number of disparate technologies to form an interconnected one. It’s a robust programming language that can easily deal with exceptions.

    Java programmers often use the language to make embedded systems that can interact with each other. This has led to Java being used in the Internet of Things (IoT). A Java website development company can help you make and manage a similar system.

    Nest thermostats are devices that control a building’s temperature. This gadget was built in Java, and users can manage it remotely via an app or a web browser. That allows homeowners to keep track of their energy usage at any time.

    Trading Applications

    Trading apps are also written in Java. These applications are designed to give traders a platform that they can access from anywhere and that includes all the tools they need to trade stocks, commodities, and other financial instruments. Make sure that your Java website development services include support in case there are any technical problems.

    CQG is a trading platform that has been in use for over two decades. It allows traders to trade stocks in real-time while also providing them with every piece of information, like current price levels, news feeds, and so on. The developers used Java to develop their software since it is a multi-tasking language that helps with execution speed.

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    In Conclusion

    It is clear how significant Java is for creating the most important and popular web apps and mobile apps of today. That is also the reason why many major companies use Java. This article may prompt you to use Java for your next project, but you need to use it properly to make full use of it.

    Narola Infotech is a Java development company that specializes in Java-related solutions. Our developers have many years of experience and have worked on multiple Java projects. If you want to discuss your idea and requirements, feel free to contact us at any time.

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