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It's impossible to overlook the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology on practically every industry today. Real estate is no exception.

As someone actively engaged in the real estate business, you undoubtedly recognize the significance of maintaining competitiveness in a continually evolving market through digital transformation. Success in this field demands adept problem-solving skills, the ability to make swift decisions, and a commitment to discovering innovative ways to engage creatively with potential clients.

"I'm not worried about AI replacing real estate agents. I'm worried about agents who don't embrace AI being replaced by agents who do."

- Ryan Serhant, American Top-selling Real Estate Agent.

So, we put together a blog, real simple, about the AI tools you'd want in your real estate toolbox. No jargon, just the good stuff.

Check out our top picks of 13 real estate AI tools for agents and brokers that should be used for lead generation, market analysis, contracts, and more to work smarter.

13 Real Estate AI Tools Every Realtor Needs

Epique AI 

Purpose: Best for Real Estate Insights

Epique - Real Estate AI Tools

Epique Cloud is not just a real estate AI tool, it's a complete suite of solutions designed to empower agents like you. Simply put, it's a cloud-based ecosystem built for real estate professionals. But it's so much more than just a platform. It's a command center, a communication hub, a marketing force, and a training ground all rolled into one.

Key Features that Make Epique Cloud Stand Out:

Mobility: Access your business from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Epique Cloud is your pocket-sized real estate powerhouse.

Customizable: Tailor the platform to your specific needs and preferences. No one-size-fits-all approach here, just an experience that's uniquely yours.

User-Friendly: Forget the tech headache. Epique Cloud is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for the tech-phobic.

Secure: Your data is safe and sound with top-notch security measures and encryption. Peace of mind guaranteed.

House Canary

Purpose: Drive Smarter & Data-Driven Decisions

House Canary - Real Estate AI Tools

House Canary is a real estate AI tool that uses AI to provide insights and valuations for residential properties. Founded in 2014, House Canary has quickly become a leading provider of AI-powered real estate data and analytics, helping investors, lenders, and homeowners make informed decisions about their properties.

Key Features that Make House Canary Stand Out:

Advanced Property Appraisals: This tool employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct precise and comprehensive property appraisals. By analyzing a wide array of factors, it ensures accurate valuations for residential real estate, including rental properties.

Real-Time Market Indicators: The platform provides real-time, leading indicators for housing markets. This functionality aids users in staying ahead of market trends, much like the canary used in coal mines to detect potential dangers early.

Granular Block-by-Block Valuation Models: The tool utilizes a meticulous approach, creating highly detailed, block-by-block home valuation models. This level of granularity contributes to a nuanced understanding of local market variations, enhancing the accuracy of property valuations.

Future Price Trend Projections: As an early warning system, the tool likely offers projections of future home price trends. This feature is beneficial for real estate professionals, investors, and individuals seeking to make informed decisions based on anticipated market changes.


Purpose: Streamlining Property Management Solutions

Homebyte - Real Estate AI Tools

Homebyte emerges as a robust real estate management platform designed to optimize property operations and elevate decision-making processes for industry professionals using artificial intelligence. With its user-friendly interface and a suite of powerful features, Homebyte streamlines various aspects of property management.

Key Features that Make HomeByte Stand Out:

Intuitive Property Management: Homebyte boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless property management. Its design simplifies the complex tasks associated with overseeing properties, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

Automated Financial Tracking: The platform incorporates automated financial tracking mechanisms, reducing manual efforts and minimizing the risk of errors in financial transactions. This feature enhances the overall financial management of properties, promoting accuracy and reliability.

Dynamic Reporting Tools: It offers dynamic reporting tools that provide comprehensive insights into property performance and market trends. Users can access detailed reports, making informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics.

Integration Capabilities: This real estate AI tool stands out with its seamless integration capabilities, allowing users to connect the platform with other essential tools and systems. This interoperability optimizes workflows, enhances overall operational efficiency, and ensures a cohesive experience for real estate professionals.

Wise Agent

Purpose: Your Trusty Assistant for Lead Follow-up

Wise Agent - Real Estate AI Tools

Wise Agent emerges as a sophisticated real estate CRM system, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals. At its core, Wise Agent focuses on facilitating seamless contact management, marketing automation, and transaction coordination, providing a holistic solution for real estate agents and agencies.

Key Features that Make Wise Agent Stand Out:

Contact Management Hub: Wise Agent serves as a dynamic hub for contact management, providing a centralized repository for crucial client information. This feature ensures that real estate professionals can efficiently organize and access client details, fostering stronger relationships and personalized interactions.

Marketing Automation Tools: The platform goes beyond conventional CRM capabilities by incorporating robust marketing automation tools. Real estate agents can streamline their marketing efforts, from email campaigns to social media outreach, ensuring consistent and targeted communication with leads and clients.

Transaction Coordination: Wise Agent recognizes the importance of smooth transaction coordination in the real estate process. The platform's dedicated tools empower users to manage transactions efficiently, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays. This feature contributes to a more organized and transparent workflow.

Task Automation and Reminders: Wise Agent enhances productivity with automated task management and timely reminders. This ensures that real estate professionals stay on top of critical tasks, deadlines, and client interactions, promoting efficiency and preventing oversights in the fast-paced real estate market.


Purpose: Elevating Customer Relationship Management

Compass - Real Estate AI Tools

Combining cutting-edge technology with personalized service, Compass revolutionizes real estate. Bringing AI to customer relationship management, Compass acts as a personal assistant, strategically reaching out to clients based on their activity on real estate websites or other house-hunting signals. It even expedites client outreach with automated email drafting.

Key Features that Make Compass Stand Out:

Advanced Technology Integration: Compass integrates state-of-the-art technology, providing agents and clients with powerful tools for efficient and data-driven real estate transactions.

Personalized Client Experiences: Improve customer service, Compass focuses on delivering personalized experiences, tailoring its services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client.

Market Insights and Analytics: Compass offers robust market insights and analytics, empowering users with in-depth data to make informed decisions regarding property transactions and investments.

Collaborative Platform: A collaborative platform, Compass fosters communication and teamwork between agents and clients, creating a seamless and transparent real estate experience for all parties involved.


Purpose: Elevating Email Marketing

Mailchimp - Real Estate AI Tools

Mailchimp stands as a powerful tool for email marketing, offering a straightforward and accessible platform. It empowers users with easy-to-use design tools, allowing effective communication through customized campaigns and simplified retargeting across emails and social media.

Key Features that Make Mailchimp Stand Out:

User-Friendly Design Tools: Mailchimp eliminates the need for design expertise, providing user-friendly tools for creating visually appealing and effective email campaigns effortlessly.

Segmented Communication: Tailor your messages with ease using Mailchimp's segmentation capabilities, allowing for customized communication to specific groups, and ensuring a personalized touch in your campaigns.

Retargeting Tools: Keep leads engaged with Mailchimp's retargeting tools, seamlessly extending your reach through both emails and strategically placed social media ads.

Effortless Campaign Management: From newsletters to comprehensive campaigns, Mailchimp simplifies the entire process of email marketing, empowering users to manage campaigns efficiently and achieve maximum impact.

Omni Calculator

Purpose: Real Estate Calculations Simplified

Omni-calculator - Real Estate AI Tools

Real estate AI tool Omni Calculator proves invaluable in real estate by providing specialized tools for property-related calculations. From mortgage affordability and loan repayment estimates to property valuation and return on investment analyses, Omni Calculator also streamlines complex real estate calculations, offering quick and accurate solutions for professionals and individuals in the real estate domain.

Key Features that Make Omni Calculator Stand Out:

Mortgage Affordability Calculator: Determine your mortgage affordability with precision, considering factors such as income, expenses, and interest rates, aiding in informed property investment decisions.

Loan Repayment Estimator: Plan loan repayments effectively by utilizing Omni Calculator's tools to calculate as well as visualize different repayment scenarios, optimizing financial strategies for real estate ventures.

Property Valuation Tool: Accurately assess property values using Omni Calculator's specialized tools, incorporating relevant factors such as location, market trends, and property features for informed buying or selling decisions.

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis: Evaluate the potential returns on real estate investments by performing ROI analyses, factoring in purchase costs, rental income, and also property appreciation, empowering users to make data-driven investment choices.


Purpose: Generate Property Descriptions & More

ChatGPT - Real Estate AI Tools

ChatGPT, a versatile conversational assistant, excels in crafting property descriptions, responding to client queries, and aiding in strategic tasks like business plans and market research. Advanced versions, such as ChatGPT-4, offer enhanced functionality through plugins, optimizing real estate workflows.

Key Features that Make ChatGPT Stand Out:

Data-Driven Decisions: Gain deeper insights into client preferences as well as market trends with ChatGPT's data analysis capabilities, driving smarter business strategies.

Personalized Property Tours: Lead interactive virtual tours with ChatGPT, narrating the story of each home, highlighting unique features, and answering questions in real-time.

24/7 Virtual Assistant: Provide your clients with instant, accurate answers to their questions about listings, neighborhoods, as well as market trends, even after hours.

Content Creator: Compose captivating property descriptions that highlight key features, evoke emotions, as well as stand out from the crowd. No more generic copy!


Purpose: Harness the Power of Property Data for Success

Reonomy - Real Estate AI Tools

Reonomy is one of the most powerful AI tools for real estate revolutionizing real estate data and analytics. Designed for commercial real estate professionals, it provides comprehensive property insights, enabling users to make informed decisions, discover opportunities, as well as streamline their workflows.

Key Features that Make Reonomy Stand Out:

Property Intelligence: Reonomy offers extensive property intelligence, providing in-depth data on commercial properties. Users can access details such as ownership history, sales records, and property characteristics, enhancing due diligence processes.

Search and Discovery Tools: The platform's advanced search and discovery tools empower real estate professionals to find properties that match specific criteria. As a result, this streamlines property sourcing and helps identify potential investment opportunities.

Market Trends and Analysis:  Reonomy enables users to stay ahead of market trends through robust analytics as well as trend analysis. Real-time insights into market dynamics aid in making strategic decisions and also adapting to changing conditions.

Workflow Integration: With seamless integration into existing workflows, Reonomy enhances operational efficiency. Besides, the platform's compatibility with other tools and systems ensures a cohesive and streamlined experience for commercial real estate professionals.


Purpose: Effortless Scheduling for Efficiency

Calendly - Real Estate AI Tools

Calendly, tailored for real estate professionals, serves as an efficient scheduling tool. Additionally, It simplifies appointment setting, allowing seamless coordination for property viewings, client meetings, and consultations.

With the ability to share availability and automatically update calendars, Calendly enhances the scheduling process. It ensures real estate professionals can focus more on their clients and less on logistical details.

Key Features that Make Calendly Stand Out:

Automated Appointment Scheduling: Calendly automates the scheduling process, allowing real estate professionals to share their availability. This allow clients to book appointments at their convenience.

Customizable Meeting Types: Tailor your scheduling options with customizable meeting types, accommodating various real estate activities such as property viewings, consultations, or team meetings.

Calendar Integration:  Seamlessly integrate Calendly with your calendar, ensuring real-time updates and preventing double-bookings, providing a synchronized as well as organized scheduling experience.

Reminder and Notification System:  Calendly includes a reminder and notification system, keeping real estate professionals and clients informed about upcoming appointments, reducing the likelihood of missed meetings, and enhancing overall communication.

GetFloor Plan

Purpose: Showcase Properties with Detailed Floor Plans

Getfloorplan - Real Estate AI Tools

Getfloorplan is an AI-powered tool that helps real estate agents and potential buyers visualize the layout of a property using just a few photos. In fact, with GetFloorplan, you can quickly generate accurate floor plans of any property, saving you time and money.

Key Features that Make GetFloor Plan Stand Out:

Automatic Floor Plan Generation: Simply upload a few photos of the property, GetFloorplan will automatically generate a detailed floor plan.

Interactive Editing: Edit the generated floor plan to ensure it's accurate, add furniture as well as other elements. You can also create 3D models.

Real-time Measurements: Get accurate measurements of any room or feature in the property, right from the floor plan.

Sharing and Collaboration: Share floor plans with clients, colleagues, or contractors, and collaborate on real-time edits.


Purpose: Image-generating app for virtual interior re-design


REimagine Home is a cutting-edge AI tool tailored specifically for real estate professionals. It has changed the way properties are showcased and marketed. With its advanced features, REimagine Home transforms traditional property listings into engaging and interactive experiences, thus, attracting potential buyers and sellers alike.

Key Features that Make Reimagine Home Stands Out:

Virtual property tours with AI: Offers virtual tours powered by artificial intelligence, allowing potential buyers to explore properties remotely.

Personalized property recommendations: Utilizes machine learning algorithms to suggest properties based on individual preferences and search history, enhancing the user experience.

Stunning 3D visualizations: Provides visually appealing 3D representations of properties, including floor plans, to help buyers visualize the space effectively.

Real-time marketing analytics: Offers insights into property performance and buyer behavior in real-time, enabling better-informed marketing strategies and decision-making.

Purpose: Analyzes the data hidden within property photos is a powerful AI tool designed to simplify the image recognition process for real estate professionals. By using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, automates the analysis of property images, allowing for faster and more accurate property classification and tagging.

Key Features that Make Reimagine Home Stands Out:

Automated image tagging: Automatically analyzes property images and assigns relevant tags, streamlining the process of organizing and categorizing images.

Property feature recognition: Identifies specific features within property images, such as swimming pools or kitchens, aiding in accurate property description and highlighting key selling points.

Multilingual support: Supports multiple languages, ensuring property information is accessible and understandable to a diverse range of potential buyers.

Seamless platform integration: Integrates smoothly with existing real estate platforms and CRM systems, enabling users to incorporate AI-powered image recognition into their workflows.

In addition to exploring these powerful AI tools for real estate, if you're interested in building secure apps for your real estate business, don't forget to check out our blog on the best real estate APIs for agents and brokers.

A Roadmap for Selecting Real Estate AI Tools that Work

Selecting Real Estate AI Tools

1. Align with your needs: Don't let the latest AI buzzword overwhelm you. Clearly define your pain points and desired outcomes. Also, ask yourself: What tasks do you want to automate? What insights do you seek? Tools specializing in lead generation, market analysis, or property valuation will cater to different needs.

2. Accuracy and data sources: Verify the tool's underlying algorithms and data sources. Are they based on robust datasets and credible methodologies? Can the tool be customized for your specific market? Unreliable data leads to flawed decisions, so transparency and accuracy are crucial.

3. Integration and user experience: Ensure the tool seamlessly integrates with your existing software and workflow. On the other hand, a clunky interface or complex integration steps will add frustration, not efficiency. Look for user-friendly tools with intuitive dashboards and clear reporting features.

4. Cost and value proposition: Consider the pricing model and weigh it against the value you expect. Some tools offer subscriptions, while others charge per transaction. Analyze the return on investment potential before committing. Remember, expensive doesn't always equate to better.

5. Support and training: Choose a tool with responsive and accessible customer support. Look for providers offering training materials as well as ongoing guidance to help you optimize and address any technical challenges.

Bonus tip: Trial before you buy! Most reputable AI tools offer free trials or demos. Test-drive the tools before making a decision to ensure they meet your expectations and seamlessly fit into your workflow.

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As we have seen, there are many AI tools as well as solutions that can optimize real estate business operations. Implementing any new technology requires planning and optimization, but the long-term benefits of AI are too important to overlook.

Narola Infotech, with its proven expertise, can seamlessly integrate AI tools into your real estate business. We can help you build a custom one tailored to your exclusive needs. Our experience in this domain ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to harness the full potential of AI for enhanced efficiency and sustained success.

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