January 24, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


React is a very important technology that finds many uses in businesses even in institutions. Whether you require a web application or a basic application, React applications tend to be very useful.  What also makes React ideal for software development is the React libraries included in this framework. Each library suits a specific requirement and works well to sustain that particular need. React Libraries For Every Purpose Your Business Needs In 2022

React UI Components Libraries

Perhaps the most important part of your React application will be the design and interface. Poor planning and development of your app’s visual elements will be unappealing to users. Choose the right React UI components libraries to make a visual appeal to people who visit the app. 

React Bootstrap

Using its simple and familiar user interface, you can use and integrate UI components better than any UI components interface. It comes with ready-to-use UI components that make development and user interfaces more visually appealing. Having a great UI design also makes navigation that much easier for users to navigate the application. 

Fabric React

Also known as the Office UI Fabric, it allows the implementation of Fluent UI components into React applications. It contains and allows access to a range of UI apparatus such as typography, layouts, themes, and colors. 

Code Formatting Libraries

A React developer will do their personal best to write code that is correct and free from bugs. But, there are always those few errors that make it past the gauntlet! This is exactly why code formatting is mandatory in the React ecosystem. 


The ES-Lint in one particular code formatting library you can put to good use. This JavaScript linter tool surveys code and picks out any fragments that do not abide by the rules governing React code. 


Another code formatter that paves the way in accordance with the rules is Prettier. It is supported by various languages and auto-reformats code to match the rules of spacing, indentation, and quotation. One unfortunate feature is that code will be auto-formatted with the risk of losing the original code. 

Animation Libraries

React needed a better way of presenting animation in ReactJS web applications as the CSS approach is rather outdated. Besides, CSS animations tend to lag when compared to the requirements these days. 

React Motion

This React animation library simplifies the development cycle of animations all that is required are values for stiffness and damping. This is definitely worthwhile and you should hire ReactJS developers who are familiar with this library. That is if you know that your application is going to make good use of React Motion.  

React Spinner

Particularly helpful for representing loading states, React spinner helps to create Grow spinners and Border spinners. Each one can be customized to display a different color and a different animation, though their purpose remains one. 

Forms Libraries

Nobody likes to create a form from scratch when there is a library to help you do so. Well, the same goes for React. Besides this ready-made library lets, you put input, buttons, and selects which render new form components. Luckily there is a library that helps you do so. 

React Hook Form

The React hook form acts in combination with the React Hook API (application programming interface) to integrate forms into an application. The fact that it supports integration with React UI components libraries makes it very flexible. It works to bring uncontrolled components and native HTML data.  Being built with typescript, it defines form data types and values, ensuring the form remains error-free. 

Payments Libraries

Planning to use React to make an eCommerce website or point of sale? If so you require a payment solution. The best way to implement an in-app payment option is to use a payment SDK (software development kit). These pre-made SDKs are readily available in the React ecosystem, making them very popular and easy to integrate. 


The PayPal SDK is perhaps one of the most commonly used methods of payment in applications (web and mobile). This payment solution is sourced from native JavaScript code and employing it requires a gateway like REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs But on a whole, PayPal is safer and faster and hence is trusted by several organizations worldwide. 


The Stripe API is not only faster but safer with its enhanced priority to privacy by using proper authorization methods. Using Stripe provides a better way for users to pay using a robust functioning API. 

Router and Navigation Libraries

Suppose you want to develop a single-page application (SPA). The application will constantly need to communicate with the web browser to facilitate smooth access by the user. Having each page reload on access is just not feasible. The SPA must find a way to render only the areas of the app that are being accessed by the user.  To make this possible, routers act as a translator and render each browser address into an individual page. This makes the accessing of pages faster and poses no threat to the speed and performance of a React application. 

React Router

As the name suggests, React Router makes it possible to synchronize UI components with the web browser. Thus making it faster to access pages of the React application with relative ease.

Testing Libraries

Testing is essential to assess and analyze the functionality and efficiency of software. It answers the question of whether or not software suits the exact requirements specified by the client. 


The Enzyme testing library enables progressing, mimicking, and manipulation of React components to reveal the route to the desired results. For testing React applications, Enzyme is preferred for its simple and rather straightforward work as opposed to other testing libraries.  

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR) Libraries

Virtual and augmented technologies deal with the ability to overlay real scenarios with digital or simulated versions. So far, this technology has been applied in social media apps and games such as Snapchat and Pokemon Go. 

React 360

React 360 applies itself to the development and application of realistic 3D and VR interfaces to software. React 360 is the successor of React VR and makes just as riveting and believable enhanced applications. 


React comes with a long list of libraries. Each library can be put to use to make appealing UIs, error-free code, safe payment, loading animations, or testing. In case you find your developer lacking, you can hire a ReactJS development company and leverage their knowledge and experience.

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