March 24, 2022

Mrunali Gaikwad


Restaurant culture and food delivery have evolved a lot over time. New technologies in the market are encouraging customers to look for convenience in all services they pay for. Do you think your restaurant business can continue to grow without online food delivery services

It’s high time to recognize all growth potentials and leverage technology to achieve goals. Offline customer loyalty programs are great. But while they help you to retain many of your customers, food delivery apps prove to be better executors for any loyalty channels. 

You must already know how the Internet becomes your doorway to the world. But here, we want you to understand how an application can take your business strategies to the next level. 

Food Delivery App Development to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Here are a few ways to use food delivery app solutions to support your restaurant’s loyalty programs and improve customer retention. 

1. Get a Well-Designed Application 

Your customers are likely to use various channels to order their favorite food. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a well-designed application with an optimized menu. You should directly integrate this app with your POS. 

The online menu on the app should be well designed, sorted, and easy to read. Make sure it has all the necessary details like price, quantity, special offers, etc. The app should make food ordering easy for the users. 

When designing an application, you should mention the necessary instructions in the right place. Meanwhile, guide them towards the next step of food ordering with CTAs (Call to Actions) like “Order Now.”  

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2. Maintain Transparency by Showing Order Status 

Transparency is key to establishing long-lasting relationships with customers and winning their trust. Therefore, maintaining a good communication flow is imperative. A smart food delivery app developer can help you do that well. 

All customers are eager to know how their restaurant handles the food order and delivery. Making them a part of this process virtually is a great way to convince them that your services are up to the mark. Hence, make sure to provide them with all the details regarding food preparation and delivery status at all stages. 

Most customers are concerned about the time taken for order delivery. Providing information that includes estimated delivery time and GPS tracking for delivery is integral. It will make deliveries better along fulfilling customers’ expectations.

3. Go Out-of-the-box to Leverage Social Media 

Despite all extreme benefits, customized food delivery app development may not be enough to get through the competition. Keeping your customers hooked to your app and restaurant may require some more effort. 

Social media is the best solution to spreading brand awareness and attracting customers to your restaurant. Promoting your food delivery app and services across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would be effective. Moreover, these channels are also the best to pull customers through exciting offers and app updates. 

Bring your creativity to the table for setting strategies and campaigns that potential and existing customers cannot dodge. You can explicitly promote your online ordering system on social media. And so, make sure you use it in the best way possible.  

4. Keep Customers Connected Through Push-Notifications  

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All this time, we have seen Swiggy, Zomato, and Ubereats getting really creative with push notifications. Those are the ones a customer can hardly resist clicking on. Getting tempted to order something just because we saw a delicious notification from the food delivery app is a personal experience.  

You can leverage push notifications to convince users to order their favorite food based on different factors. It can be according to special occasions, time of the day, or new offers. You can use push notifications as a tool to not only communicate updates but to keep bringing back customers to the app. 

5. Optimize Online Order Management 

Most carts get abandoned because of delays and longer delivery times. To improve customer retention, it’s one of the major problems you need to solve. Thus optimizing your online ordering system accordingly is crucial. 

Customers use food delivery apps to get their favorite food more conveniently. If you are not able to accomplish this goal, your investment in food delivery app development will be a waste. Therefore, make sure you bring new ideas to the table and optimize your app from time to time. 

The applications should be quick enough to assign orders immediately to delivery agents and track them once they pick up the orders. Keep the necessary data and optimize routes to help all parties involved. All these efforts will collectively help in increasing overall orders and making timely deliveries.  

6. Make it Seamless 

With customized food delivery app development, you can maintain a smooth workflow. An application offers a centralized dashboard to manage orders and transactions from different channels. It collects essential customer data, manages order requests, and monitors received orders. 

It results in streamlined marketing efforts, which bring in better results in the form of more, long-lasting customers. Whether your restaurant is new or old, it’s crucial to integrate all online and offline touchpoints for seamless operations. All of this sums up to better user experience.  

Managing multiple orders at a time is only possible with a seamless online ordering system. Make sure you pick app development services wisely.  

7. Referrals, Rewards, and App Downloads 

Introducing referral programs is not only a great way to keep customers engaged on the app but also helps in getting new ones. You can encourage customers to share their experiences and invite more friends to the community. 

Setting rewards for orders based on specific criteria is also a popular way to entice customers to order using the app. Give enough time to design offers that benefit you and the customers. Make updates to your app accordingly.  

While informing customers about new offers and referral programs, you can encourage them to download your food delivery app. Tell them how it makes food ordering more convenient for them.   


Summing Up 

You have already waited a lot to get reliable food delivery app development services. It’s time that you decide and makes an effort in the right direction. We hope the above discussion helps you understand how a food delivery app ensures customer loyalty and retention. 

Since we live in the mobile-first era, it’s vital to improve your offline strategies and integrate them with the online sphere. At Narola Infotech, we understand the needs of your business and develop food delivery app solutions that make things convenient for all. 

Feel free to explore and get reliable services according to your goals for your thriving restaurant business.

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