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Fueled by a surge of innovative Proptech startups and companies as well as changing proptech trends, the real estate industry is evolving at an accelerated pace. These disruptive forces are injecting technology, streamlining processes, and redefining the way we buy, sell, rent, and manage property.

In fact, Barbara Corcoran, real estate investor and Shark Tank personality says, "Proptech is not just another buzzword. It's a tsunami that's going to reshape the entire real estate landscape."

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most groundbreaking Proptech players. So if you’re someone who wants to get into this industry and know what the current scenario is, read this blog till the end. You will have enough ideas to build your own innovative proptech startup by the time you reach the end of this blog.

15 Best Proptech Startups and Companies You Can Get Inspired From

If you are a CTO or a product manager who wants to know which feature will work for a property management platform and which won’t, we have the list ready for you. You can take inspiration from these proptech startups and create a unique solution that has the best of everything.


Homeday - Proptech Startups

Location: Germany

Founded in: 2015

Funding: Homeday has raised $68.17M over 5 rounds. Its latest funding round was “Acquired for” on June 1, 2023.

Homeday is a proptech startup that disrupts traditional property search with its groundbreaking virtual tours. Prospective buyers and renters no longer have to endure grainy photos and rushed in-person viewings. Instead, Homeday's interactive 3D experiences propel them directly into the heart of each property, allowing them to explore every nook and cranny at their own pace.

Stepping virtually through sun-drenched living rooms, testing the plushness of sofas, or gazing out from private balconies becomes a reality. Hence, it transforms the search from a tedious chore into an engaging and informative journey. This innovative approach redefines the landscape of property discovery, empowering individuals to find their perfect match – all from the comfort of their own devices.


Roofr - Proptech startups

Location: San Francisco, USA

Founded in: 2015

Funding: Roofr has raised $43.8M over 4 rounds.

Roofr takes the pain out of rooftop repairs and maintenance. Their AI-powered inspection system provides a precise diagnosis of your roof's health, eliminating uncertainties and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Transparent pricing eliminates surprise bills, and their network of pre-vetted, qualified roofers ensures the job is done right the first time. Roofr elevates roof care from a stressful hassle to a streamlined, worry-free experience, turning even the most weather-worn roof into a source of peace of mind.

Apart from the AI-powered inspections, Roofr connects homeowners with pre-vetted, qualified roofers. In fact, there are many real estate APIs that can make that kind of data easily available. Hence, that ensures quality workmanship and avoids the hassle of finding reputable contractors on their own.

Roofr also handles the entire process of scheduling inspections, booking repairs, and managing warranties. Therefore, it provides a stress-free and convenient experience for homeowners.


Pandaloc - Proptech startups

Location: Paris, France

Founded in: 2020

Funding: As of November 2023, the funding details of Pandaloc are undisclosed.

Pandaloc positions itself as the digital facilitator, bridging the gap between tenants and landlords in the traditional rental market. It offers a streamlined and efficient experience akin to Airbnb but tailored for long-term leases.

Landlords can benefit from this one-stop platform to:

  • Showcase their rental properties with engaging visuals and detailed descriptions.
  • Vet prospective tenants through application reviews and tenant filtering tools.
  • Manage leases and facilitate rent collection seamlessly.

Pandaloc empowers landlords to scale their portfolios efficiently, offering free property management for one unit and a transparent, fixed-fee structure for additional units.

Tenants, on the other hand, gain access to a curated selection of verified rentals and enjoy:

  • Convenient browsing and search tools to find their perfect match.
  • Streamlined application processes with secure online forms.
  • Simplified rent payments through integrated payment gateways.


Homeviews - Proptech startups

Location: London, UK

Founded in: 2017

Funding: As of November 2023, the funding details of HomeViews are undisclosed.

HomeViews is a proptech company that injects invaluable transparency into the often opaque world of real estate decisions. By aggregating authentic, verified reviews from residents, they empower buyers and renters to move beyond glossy brochures and staged viewings. Imagine having access to the unfiltered truth about noise levels, amenities, community vibes, and the little details that define everyday life on a property.

The platform doesn't just showcase polished facades; it unlocks the lived experience. It allows individuals to make informed choices based on the voices of those who've been there.

Whether seeking a vibrant neighborhood or a peaceful haven, HomeViews empowers them to step into the shoes of residents, painting a realistic picture of the life that awaits beyond the front door. This democratization of knowledge fosters trust and confidence, enabling informed decisions and, ultimately, happier long-term living experiences.


Casavo - Proptech startups

Location: Milan, Italy

Founded in: 2017

Funding: Casavo has raised 400 million euros till date.

Casavo is one of the top proptech startups that put an end to the days of endless open houses and agonizing wait times. Their streamlined approach offers speed, certainty, and convenience while minimizing the stress often associated with home sales. Casavo dispels the doubt with instant valuation offers, guaranteeing a buyer within 30 days and taking complete ownership of the paperwork jungle.

No more haggling, negotiating, or second-guessing!

It is a trusted platform that navigates the entire process with expertise and clarity. This swift and stress-free experience liberates sellers to focus on the next chapter, secure in the knowledge they've achieved a favorable transaction and a seamless transition. Casavo doesn't just sell homes; it redefines the entire experience, fostering peace of mind and confidence every step of the way.


Knock - Proptech startups

Location: San Mateo, California 

Founded in: 2015

Funding: Knock has raised $652.5 million over 9 rounds.

The synchronicity of buying and selling a home can be challenging, often involving contingent offers and financial strain. Knock eliminates this stress by offering homeowners a unique bridge loan solution. This readily available funding bridges the gap between the down payment of your new home and the sale of your current one. Therefore, it allows you to confidently move forward with your purchase without the burden of double financing.

By removing the pressure of tight timelines and contingent offers, Knock facilitates a seamless transition, enabling homeowners to step into their new space with ease.


Roofstock- Proptech startups

Location: Oakland, USA

Founded in: 2015

Funding: Roofstock has raised a total funding of $373M over 8 rounds.

This proptech company in the USA empowers investors with fractional ownership, allowing them to enter the lucrative market. Roofstock diversifies users’ portfolio across multiple locations, mitigating risk and amplifying potential returns. Their professional management team handles everything from finding tenants to collecting rent, letting you reap the rewards without the sweat.

The Roofstock marketplace facilitates seamless trading of your shares, providing an exit strategy whenever you choose. Transparency reigns supreme, with detailed data, due diligence reports, and virtual tours ensuring informed investment decisions. Roofstock opens the door to a world of real estate opportunities, ushering in a new era of accessible and lucrative investments.

eXp Realty

eXp-realty - Proptech startups

Location: Bellingham, Washington

Founded in: 2009

Funding: eXp Realty has not raised any funding rounds yet.

eXp Realty stands out as a disruptor in the traditional real estate landscape. It embraces a progressive, agent-centric model built upon technology and cloud-based infrastructure.

eXp prioritizes agent success, offering a commission structure that emphasizes high splits and residual income. This allows agents to retain a greater share of their hard-earned commissions. Additionally, they provide extensive training and support, including cutting-edge technology platforms and marketing resources, empowering agents to deliver exceptional service and grow their businesses.

Traditional real estate offices often come with hefty overhead costs. eXp embraces a virtual model, eliminating the need for brick-and-mortar offices and associated expenses. Agents operate from anywhere with a stable internet connection, maximizing their flexibility and minimizing overhead costs. This translates into competitive commission structures and a leaner, more efficient business model.

Mynd Property Management

Mynd-Property-Management - Proptech startups

Location: Oakland

Founded in: 2016

Funding: Mynd Management has raised total funding of $210M over 8 rounds.

Mynd stands out as a beacon of tech-enabled efficiency and investor empowerment. Mynd's innovative model transcends the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, offering two distinct paths for both individual and institutional investors

This proptech startup elevates the resident experience through its "white glove" property management services. Their AI-powered tools streamline tenant screening, rent collection, and communication, while a dedicated resident app grants residents unparalleled control over their living environment. This meticulous focus on resident satisfaction translates to longer retention rates and higher returns for investors.

Mynd empowers investors with two customizable options. Individuals can access Mynd's comprehensive property management services, enjoying hands-free ownership with detailed property data and analytics at their fingertips.

Institutional investors, on the other hand, can leverage Mynd's technology platform and expertise to manage extensive portfolios, optimizing efficiency and maximizing returns. Additionally, Mynd offers financing and acquisition services, opening doors for investors seeking to expand their portfolios.


Briq - Proptech startups

Location: Santa Barbara, California 

Founded in: 2018

Funding: Briq has completed a Series B investment of $30 million, led by Tiger Global Management, LLC.

In the construction industry, navigating financial workflows can be a complex game of spreadsheets and siloed data. Briq steps in as a welcome change, empowering builders and contractors with a comprehensive financial automation platform.

Their platform's data-driven insights empower builders to accurately forecast budget variances, identify cost overruns early, as well as adjust strategies proactively. This predictability translates to improved profitability, minimized financial risks, and increased investor confidence.

Briq harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to extract actionable insights from financial data. Imagine proactive alerts highlighting potential problems, dynamic budget adjustments based on real-time performance, and automated reports presenting key financial metrics. It empowers builders to transform data into a competitive advantage, navigating the market with clarity and confidence.

The platform also understands the unique needs of the construction industry. Their platform is tailored to seamlessly integrate with existing software and work seamlessly with contractors' established workflows. For example, you can integrate it with a CRM software to make your operations more efficient. This user-friendly approach ensures quick adoption and maximizes the platform's impact, removing the friction often associated with new technology implementation.

Kin Insurance

Kin-Insurance - Proptech startups

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded in: 2016

Funding: Kin has now raised approximately $265 million in equity funding to date, having raised $63.9 million in a Series C funding round and $82 million in the first close of its Series D funding round.

Kin Insurance is a proptech startup that challenges the traditional home insurance model with its technology-driven, customer-centric approach. It leverages advanced data analytics and algorithms to tailor customized coverage packages to your specific needs.

Kin also cuts out the middleman, connecting homeowners directly with their insurance provider. This streamlined approach translates to lower overhead costs and more competitive premiums, putting more money back in your pocket. Additionally, their intuitive online platform facilitates easy policy management, claims filing, and customer service interactions.

What sets Kin apart is that it embraces technology to create a seamless and efficient experience. From instant online quotes and secure payment options to automated claims processing and proactive risk alerts, Kin streamlines every aspect of home insurance, removing frustration and saving valuable time.


Acaboom- Proptech startups

Location: London, UK

Founded in: 2014

Funding: As of November 27, 2023, Acaboom has $654.5 million in debt financing.

Acaboom goes beyond standard property valuations, delving deeper with data-driven insights on neighborhood trends, demographics, and buying/selling patterns. This enables agents to tailor their approach, present compelling justifications for their valuations, and stand out from the competition.

The platform also automates key tasks like property data retrieval, report generation, and follow-up reminders, freeing up valuable time for agents to focus on building relationships and securing instructions. This enhanced efficiency allows them to handle more clients while maintaining a high level of service.

Acaboom leverages intelligent technology to ensure agents stay ahead of the curve. Proactive notification features alert them when clients engage with their proposals or view property details, allowing them to strike while the iron is hot. This level of responsiveness fosters trust and engagement, ultimately maximizing their conversion rates.


Ohmyhome - Proptech startups

Location: Singapore

Founded in: 2016

Funding: Ohmyhome has become the first Singaporean firm to list on the Nasdaq in 2023.

The proptech company raised about US$11.2 million from the issue of 3.6 million ordinary shares (priced at US$4 per share).

Ohmyhome has emerged as a leading one-stop platform in South-East Asia that has entirely transformed the way people buy, sell, rent, and renovate their homes. It streamlines the entire real estate transaction management process, from initial search to closed deal, within a user-friendly app and website and hence, users don’t have to juggle multiple agents and platforms anymore. They can browse verified listings, schedule viewings, manage paperwork, and even access mortgage advisors – all at their fingertips.

This is one of the proptech companies that leverages intelligent algorithms to personalize your search experience. The platform analyzes users’ preferences and recommends suitable properties, ensuring they find their dream home faster and more efficiently. Additionally, their proprietary Homer AI tool provides data-driven valuations, empowering users to make informed decisions about pricing and negotiations.

Ohmyhome champions transparency and competitive pricing. Their fixed-fee structure eliminates hidden costs and surprises, ensuring users know exactly what they're paying for upfront. Additionally, they offer exclusive deals and discounts through their partnerships with various service providers, helping users save money along the way.


Homelight - Proptech startups

Location: San Francisco, California

Founded in: 2011

Funding: HomeLight has raised a total funding of $294M over 14 rounds.

HomeLight is a technology-driven proptech startup that makes the process of buying or selling homes easier. It empowers both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Its core strength lies in its ability to match buyers with the perfect agents. It leverages a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes agent performance, local market expertise, and compatibility with the buyer's unique needs.

HomeLight arms its users with powerful online tools for a streamlined and informed experience. Their innovative property search platform curates listings based on your personalized preferences, allowing users to discover hidden gems and stay ahead of the market. Additionally, their financial calculators and market analytics provide valuable insights to aid in savvy decision-making.

This platform recognizes that the real estate journey extends beyond transactions. Their educational resources and blog articles offer expert advice on topics like mortgage options, home valuations, and market trends, empowering users to feel confident and prepared throughout the process.


Pacaso - Proptech startups

Location: San Francisco, California

Founded in: 2020

Funding: Pacaso has raised a total funding of $217M over 4 rounds.

Pacaso disrupts the traditional paradigm by introducing fractional ownership of multi-million dollar properties. This innovative approach unlocks the doors of luxury living for a broader audience, offering unique advantages.

By dividing luxury properties into shares, it allows individuals to invest in and enjoy iconic vacation homes that were previously out of reach. This democratization of luxury opens doors to new demographics and expands the horizons of affluent living.

Pacaso takes the hassle out of luxury ownership. They handle all aspects of property management, from maintenance and repairs to bookings and concierge services. Owners simply reap the benefits of their investment, enjoying curated experiences and hassle-free access to stunning properties without the burden of day-to-day upkeep.

By paving the way for a more inclusive and flexible approach to luxury ownership, Pacaso is rewriting the script, making the dream of owning a piece of paradise accessible to a wider audience and also reshaping the future of luxury real estate.

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Future Outlook of Proptech Startups

Proptech startups are undeniably transforming the real estate industry. Looking ahead, several trends are poised to accelerate in the coming years, further strengthening the role of technology in the industry:

AI-Powered Insights

Artificial intelligence will fuel the analysis of complex datasets. This will allow proptech platforms to offer predictive analytics, optimized pricing models, and hyper-personalized recommendations to benefit both buyers and sellers.

Enhanced Sustainability Focus

Proptech solutions will target building efficiency, waste reduction, and facilitate smart resource management for a greener real estate market.

Virtual Collaboration and Viewing

Expect even wider adoption of VR/AR tools for immersive property tours and virtual collaboration within the design and architectural phases of development.

Growth of Niche Solutions

While comprehensive platforms will continue improving, we'll also see best-in-class, focused proptech companies gaining momentum. These will specialize in areas like lease optimization, tenant management, or construction tech.

The proptech sector will continually evolve to meet changing market needs. Investors and real estate stakeholders who remain adaptable and invest strategically in innovative real estate startups are sure to gain a significant competitive edge in the years ahead.

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So there you go! We discussed some of the top proptech companies and startups from around the world, based in different countries and founded in different years. We are sure this might have ignited a compelling idea in your mind with the potential to disrupt the industry.

But translating that spark into a thriving startup requires more than just passion. You need a trusted partner, a tech-savvy accomplice well-versed in the intricacies of Proptech and the latest proptech trends, ready to fuel your vision with the right tools and expertise.

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So, let's turn your Proptech dream into reality. Get in touch today, and let's build the future of real estate together.

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