Last Updated: November 6, 2023


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The presence of grocery delivery services has helped many people be in ‘two places at once!’ Busy individuals can place an order from their office, people who have difficulty in mobility can order their monthly groceries from the comfort of their homes. The fact remains that Instacart like app has changed lives for the better. 

From an investor’s standpoint, the grocery delivery industry is only getting started. Getting in the race now can put you in an admirable place later!

Process To Create An Instacart Clone App

Instacart Clone App Development Cycle

The development of a completely functional Instacart clone app is a process that contains many steps. It starts with investors recognizing user requirements and highlighting their main idea for the grocery delivery app. It then moves on to development and when ready, the launch is the final stage. 

Step 1: Study Your Competitors

Your competitors could be using a mobile app, a website, or even a retail business! So, studying all of these avenues is important if you want to fight for a part in the market. Since you will be developing an on-demand grocery delivery app, all competitor grocery delivery apps must be your focus.

Read reviews and even download and use the apps if you must. Only by doing this will you understand the working of the apps and their faults. It is by perfecting these faults in your own app that will lead to more engagement and success for your business.     

But, this alone would not work! To make an application that pleases the public, you have to listen to what the public wants. Achieving this will require thorough market research and observance of audience buying trends.

Step 2: Select Suitable Monetization Methods and Features

For your Instacart clone app to survive and thrive, it must find ways to earn money. Most delivery apps these days choose to implement delivery fees as well as special subscription packages. 

But when developing your app, you have the choice of implementing a different monetization model or using the common models. 

A few options available for Instacart clone app monetization are:

  • Delivery fees
  • Advertising (selling space on the app for advertising)  
  • Subscriptions packages
  • Service fee (a small percentage of the order total)

In most cases, a combination of all the monetization methods is what provides an app with good earnings. But you can start with just two techniques and increase them later on after you have garnered a sizable audience. 

When it comes to features, you need to select features for three different panels:

  • User panel
  • Admin panel
  • Delivery agent panel

Step 3: Find The Right Software Development Teams

Developing an Instacart clone is not a walk-in-the-park if you don’t have the right team. Hiring an entire in-house team to undertake your project could be very time-consuming, stressful, and expensive! 

So, why not outsource it to a company equipped to handle such projects? 

There are several advantages to doing so. The most common benefits are saving time and getting expert development services at affordable project costs. Your app will be developed by experienced developers and will be made exactly to your requirements without disappointments.  

Step 4: Clarify Your Requirements (Design, Development, Testing)

Once a software development team has been selected, it is time to start development and its associated tasks. 

This mainly deals with three steps that the development team will have to undertake:

  1. Design involves the appearance of the application and how it will look to users
  2. Development is concerned with developing the backend of the application 
  3. Testing the app deals with quality assurance and making sure their users can complete a task without any hassles 

This step will actually take the longest out of the entire process. 

Step 5: Final Fixes and Publishing

Once the developers have finished developing the Instacart like app, it is handed over to you, the app owner. You have to assess the app design, functioning, and performance to see if you are happy with the app. If you are not satisfied, you may have to send it back to the development team. 

Last-minute fixes are better than not identifying them and launching the app knowing that it is problematic. After changes are made, your app is ready to launch on the appropriate platform (Google play store or Apple App store). 

Of course, your app must comply with various regulations and rules of the play stores. Approval to be available through the play store takes a few days (usually seven days).  

Step 6: Test Your Product On The Market

Now that you have a functional Instacart-like app, you have to do a bit more to gain your first customers. You have to prepare the market for the launch of your grocery delivery app, this means spreading awareness of your application to prospective customers (target audience). 

You know your app is better than most others on the market, you just have to make the public see it. An effective marketing scheme will help to accomplish your goal of reaching your target audience. Introductory offers will help your cause.

Step 7: Collect Feedback and Improve Your Instacart Clone

After collecting your first few customers, ask them to take a survey or more to the point, provide feedback. This helps to identify flaws in your app and will show a clear path as to how to correct or improve app performance.


The process of developing an Instacart clone app is quite long. But with the right team, you can deliver the best grocery delivery services. It all starts with carrying out research to see what you are going up against. 

Once you have put your ideas together and you have selected a software development company, the development phase begins. Checking the app after development allows you to assess if all your requirements are met by the developer teams. 

If your app works perfectly, you can launch your application on the desired platform if adherence to platform regulations is met. All this can be done faster and better, with the right partnership!

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