January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


Well, in the present scenario, the competition is getting fierce and business needs to find ways with which they can find success. Yes, one needs to remain a step ahead of their rival and for that companies are taking the route of SEO and social media marketing services. Yes, the demand for SEO and social media agencies is growing at a good pace as each and every business wants to make an impact digitally. But the best way one can reach out to its target audience is through social media channels.

Well, if one has a good know-how of the different social media tools, then making the right use of it will surely give businesses a great chance to capture the market. From creating unique content to engaging with your customers, there are a number of social media tools used by popular digital marketing agencies in India to help businesses grow and succeed.

Here we are going to discuss the popular tools which can consider for their needs of better results. So, let’s unveil a few of the best social media tools, which can make a difference to your business growth.


If you are looking for a tool with which you will be able to publish and also monitor your posts on social media platforms, then Hubspot is the answer you are looking for. With the help of this tool, you will be able to monitor and post without any sort of fuss and give your business an edge over the others.


If you are using multiple accounts or if you are a company with more than hundreds of accounts, then HootSuite is just the right tool you are looking for. Not only you can easily add accounts but also schedule your post on different social media platforms with ease. How good is that!


Well, there are a number of tools to help you schedule and post on different social media platforms but there is a tool that goes a step ahead and helps you with a system that re-shares the best posts again. Yes, the name of the tool MeetEdgar with which you will surely be able to make an impact and enhance your website traffic.


If you want to be associated with Twitter marketing, then TweetDeck is the best tool to help you. Yes, it has already served thousands of businesses and the biggest reason for its success is its reasonable pricing. Yes, you will be able to communicate with many at once and schedule your posts with ease.


To help you save a lot of time while managing your social media platform, websites, and applications, IFTTT is the best tool for your recognition. All the services related to social media presence can be linked together. You will be able to create all your requirements and schedule accordingly. It will work on it as specified. Isn’t that great!


From helping you schedule your social media post to assisting you to manage all the posts, Buffer is surely the best of the lot. You can easily personalize each post as per your needs for different platforms. Your content will be posted at the best possible time and you will be able to check which post is getting more clicks.

Sprout Social

If you want to manage your client’s social media engagement, then there is nothing better than the Sprout Social tool. Yes, you will be able to schedule your posts in advance also make future planning with the help of the reporting applications.

So, these are the best social media tools that are used by the most reliable social media agencies in India to help your businesses attain the best possible results without any sort of stress.

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