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If Node.JS projects are an important part of your business, it is crucial that you hire the best Node JS developer, even if it means hiring a whole team instead of an individual. When you are investing money in a project, quality of work is the most important factor to consider.

Node.JS development agencies are popular and it shows in the vast number of international companies and individual investors who choose to bridge the divide an hire Node developers from around the world.

Should You Hire A Node.JS Offshore Development Team?

Outsourcing has become an openly visible partnership, money is offered for the highest skilled Node JS developers who effectively know their way around this technology. Investors looking for soundly experienced Node.JS experts usually have to pay much higher prices for professional services in their hometown or even neighboring countries.

This is when outsourcing to cheaper countries is the most ideal step you can possibly take to grow your business. Outsourcing has several advantages:

Invest in Node.JS Development Services

When considering the option to outsource or not, you also can hire an entire Node.JS team. This is an added advantage because, the more people on board, the faster the project can be completed!

Hiring a whole team guarantees the presence of every level of Node development skills and experience, thus, giving them the ability to work with very complex application development projects.

Dedicated Delivery On Deadlines

Outsourcing your project can ensure it is completed on time and according to the exact requirements you had specified. Instead of having to make time to communicate with the team, they will find a time when you are free to communicate and update you on the project’s status.

Low Development Costs

With what you would pay to hire a Node developer in your city, you are able to hire an entire Node team elsewhere in the world! Why have one mind at work when you can have a group of minds working simultaneously to complete the project to the best of its potential?

The advantages of outsourcing are evident, but how would you choose the best team for Node.js for web development? Well, there are a few ways to go about this task, the first one is to know what skills a Node JS developer should hold and the questions to ask them before making the final decision.

Skills of Node.JS Developer Teams

In any software development company, there will be people with different levels of expertise with the technology in question.

Junior Node.JS Developer

Junior Node.JS developers don’t have much experience but should have the foundation concepts of Node. They could even be fresh out of university but this does not matter as long as they are willing to learn from a senior or intermediate Node JS developer.

Skills Required

  • Core concepts of the Agile methodology
  • Coding using Node.JS
  • Node.js framework and programming knowledge
  • A clear understanding of database schemes and front-end applications

Intermediate Node.JS Developer

The word intermediate speaks volumes about the skill level of this group of Node professionals. They are much more experienced than junior developers but still not as proficient as senior-level node developers to independently handle an entire project.

Skills Required

  • Knowledge about RESTful APIs
  • On hands ability to work with another programming language apart from JavaScript
  • Proficiency with development and deployment tools (AWS, Docker, MySQL, etc.)

Senior Node.JS Developer

Senior Node developers are the backbone of a team and the ones responsible for managing the project. They hold the maximum knowledge and experience about what will and will not work in the node development process.

Skills Required

  • Extremely experienced and skilled in Node app development
  • Deep understanding of functioning and creation of RESTful APIs
  • Experience in performance optimization and workflow automation
  • Ability to lead the project and, provide feedback and ensure feedback is acted upon

Seniority is not a reference to years of experience but rather to the knowledge a Node JS developer may have. This makes it very important for senior developers to keep their skills up to date and gain knowledge about modern technological approaches.

Questions to Analyze Technical-Skills Of A Node.js Team

Before committing to and giving your project over to a company, ensure to ask each developer on the team a few questions. Technical skills they possess can help give you an idea of how the project is likely to be executed.

  • What is a cluster?
  • How can you avoid call-back errors?
  • What is a test pyramid? State an example?
  • What is a stub? Given an example of when it is used?

Questions to Analyze Soft Skills Of A Node.js Team

Times have changed and developers require more than just sound technical capabilities. Ask them a few non-technical questions as well. This can provide insight into the skillset of the team and their ability to work together.

  • What will you bring to the Node development team?
  • Are you a team player? Do you adjust well to working in a team or prefer working alone?
  • Is there any project that you found very challenging?
  • Are you open to working overtime or prefer fixed timings?

Desired Qualities Of A Node JS Developer


Experience is everything! No point in having a Ph.D. but not having the know-how of practically applying this knowledge. This makes experience the most important factor associated with onboarding the right developer for your team.

Ample Knowledge

A Node Developer should have adequate knowledge about Node, even if this knowledge has not been practically used, it is required.


Adhering to deadlines is a quality every professional developer requires. Lack of punctuality can affect projects and decrease clients’ tendency to work with you in the future. Time management is an essential skill to have when working in a team.


An important element that assists outsourcing is the developer’s ability to fluidly communicate with the clients. Only then does a client get exactly what he wants from the Node.JS development team.


You can usually assess how effective Node.js development services will be by understanding the skill set of each individual member. Picking the right developers and software augments Node.JS team development thereby serving as an advantage to your business.

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