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Know what a payment gateway is and how to integrate it into your on-demand Instacart clone? If the answer is no, we thought as much which is why we have compiled this guide on things you should know about regarding payment gateway integration. 

Why A Payment Gateway Is Important?

Why is a payment gateway even required in your Instacart clone application? Well, imagine that you have hundreds of people paying you every month. This would require a lot of maintenance and security from your app. 

But what if someone else could take care of the complexity of payments? That’s the sole job of a payment gateway, managing payments. It all starts with creating a payment gateway account. When creating your PG account, you have two main options available to you.

  1. Merchant Account- In this account type you can only receive payments. But if you want the payments to be split and sent to your service providers at the same time as you, a merchant account or marketplace account is suitable enough. 
  2. Marketplace account- A marketplace account allows you to make payments as well as receive payments. If you have business distribution partners and delivery services to pay, a marketplace account will be most appropriate.  

Integrating A Payment Solution Into Your Instacart Clone

Payment gateway solutions come with a Software Development Kit (mobile SDK) accompanied by native mobile libraries for iOS and Android that can be integrated into the app during the development phase. 

Payment gateways are quite popular these days, especially for mobile applications that sell products. For your upcoming mobile app, there are three main payment solutions that you can consider if you want the best reliable payment gateway solutions.  


Everyone knows PayPal and rightfully so since it is the most popular payment gateway adopted by businesses. Its services work throughout the world and this is an added advantage meaning if you wish to expand your Instacart clone app to another country, payment will not be an issue!  

PayPal’s popularity is factored around the reliability of its services and its global presence! Features of this particular platform are that it allows your users to make payments by cash or even check!  


If by chance PayPal does not seem fit as a Payment gateway for your Instacart like app, Stripe is another good option. Stripe does have a few advantages over its competing payment gateway service providers. For one, the Stripe payment gateway API is super easy to use and developers will find it easy to work with during your Instacart clone app development.  

Stripe is unique since it is a major payment solution provider that even supports payment made through the virtual currency bitcoin! 


Besides Stripe and PayPal you can always circle back to Braintree. When it comes to picking a payment gateway for mobile applications, Braintree leads the pack. 

Since it supports six programming languages and developers have a relatively easy time integrating this payment gateway into your Instacart clone app. Plus this process will not take too long given the ease of integration. 

Braintree offers rapid payment processing (2 days) compared to the 7-day processing speed of Stripe. Making and receiving payments will be fast with a process that only entails a few clicks! 

Other payment gateways to try out are:

  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • Amazon Pay
  • DigiPay
  • SecurePay

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Which Payment Gateway Service Provider Should You Choose?

Choosing a payment gateway solution for your business is important since it can affect your Instacart clone app as a whole. For an on-demand meal delivery application, faulty payment gateways and time-outs are all it takes to tip users over the edge and in the direction of competitors! 

This decision on which payment gateway service provider to choose is an important one that can determine your app’s destiny. Here are some factors that can influence your decision of which one to select. 

Location of Your Users

It is no secret that users situated in a specific geographical location will have a preference in terms of payment gateway solutions. Users in the USA and users in Italy will probably not use the exact same payment system and you should be aware of the local payment solution options in every country. 

By assessing the local market, you can identify which payment option is more in-demand in the area your app will operate. This should influence your final decision of which payment gateway to select. 

Your App’s User Interface

Before thinking about the payment gateway to integrate into your app, take a look at your Instacart clone app and think about which payment solution would look most natural and in-sync with your app’s user interface and theme. 

Payment Gateway Customization

Provide your users with something different, a reason why users should choose to deal with your app over others! This could be anything from personalized messages to the ability to process virtual currencies. Offering payment support is bound to go a long way in the eyes of your users. 

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Factors Affecting Payment Gateway API Selection for Your Instacart Clone App

Choosing a payment solution partner randomly will not do your app any good. You must have valid reasons for your choice. Here are some points that investors consider before selecting a payment gateway. 

Which Device are Users Accessing Your App From?

Are your users predominately mobile-based or desktop-based? This will play a role in designing and integrating a payment gateway into your Instacart clone app.  

Payment Security

Users will not attempt making a payment on your app if there is even a small chance of their data being compromised! If you want your app like Instacart to be a hit among users, payment security must be guaranteed. 

Speed and Efficiency

For users who have liked an item, put it in their checkout cart, and tried to buy it, but ended up buying it somewhere else, something happened along the way. The most probable reasons are payment gateway failure or the transaction took too long and timed out. 

This is unfortunate and will imminently lead to a steep decrease in sales and users!  


Integrating a payment gateway for your Instacart clone is an important thing as it takes care of payment issues and this is especially necessary for investors whose businesses are online-based.

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