January 22, 2021


Leena Sanap


The online industry consists of Web and mobile development and application. They are the only two strong pillar of the online industry. When I say web it is more related to the web applications, desktop apps and the usage of the devices, like – laptops, desktops, and notebooks.The term mobile is here used for smartphones, its various operating systems, and apps designed for them. Now let us come to the key part of the blog i.e. the acceptability of both, web and mobile, in the online market.

The key part is the intermingling of web industry and the mobile industry. It is a trend since the inception of mobile phones. The only medium to walk in the online world during the initial days changed into the main one. It started slowly in getting the recognition but soon it gathered the speed. Very soon, the whole world was using the same for one or the other reason. It then dominated all other similar technologies. It became the crucial part of people’s everyday personal & professional life. A large part of the business came on the web and it becomes a crucial part of the world economy. In the present-day world – it is hard to think a day without the web.

Why online industry banks on mobiles

It was first never intended to make much of the impact in the online industry. The cell phones were important but their significance was more related to verbal or written communication. In short, it was not considered anything major. But with the rise of smartphones in the market the metrics have changed. The things have taken a completely new turn. No other major revolutionary technology which gained popularity quicker than Smartphones. They were pretty quick on the success ratio. It was so fast that what took more than two decades for the web to achieve they achieved in less than the time span of 5 years. The number of smartphone users is way ahead than desktop, laptop and notebooks users put together.

Online industry -Conclusion

The main question is – does mobile is overtaking the online industry. Well, nobody can deny the big involvement of mobile apps in the online industry. That means that the role of a developer of mobiles in the online industry has increased. Also, the way people are appreciating it – confirms its long run. Well, but the web is in the roots of the online industry and thus, its impact is more. However, it does not mean that mobile has less significance. There are a hundred things in the online industry which have got mobile-centric completely, but there are a few things which we can do better than mobile and those come under the most important part of the web.

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