Last Updated: July 24, 2023


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Not too long ago, ordering food online was a thought that barely existed in our minds. Today, not only is it one of the most lucrative industries, restaurants and hotels depend on it for earning revenue. There are many factors that have contributed to the success of food ordering and delivery services. For example, increased usage of mobile phones, working from home due to the pandemic, etc.

Statistics Of Online Food Ordering System

The growth of online food ordering systems has increased tremendously in recent times. According to statistics from “Statista”, over 1 billion people utilized online food ordering systems in 2019. In 2020, the number rose to 1.5 billion people. This is approximately one-seventh of the entire world's population.

There are many advantages for restaurants when they use the services of on-demand food delivery app development services. With lucrative offers, they can attract new customers and retain the regulars. From an internal perspective, they can effectively manage payrolls, tips, and inventory. This way, one can optimize the restaurant's operating costs. 

Businesses do not need to develop a food ordering app from scratch. Instead, they can save on additional expenses by using white label clones. Many popular food ordering apps such as UberEats and Zomato are built using these and are very successful.

How Does An Online Food Ordering System Work?

Online food ordering system functions according to these steps:

  • The customer downloads the mobile app and registers on it.
  • They find a restaurant, view the menu, and choose the food they desire to order.
  • Once they place the order and confirm it, they pay via digital payment gateways or through cash on delivery.
  • The restaurant receives the order through push notifications and prepares the order.
  • Once the food is ready, a delivery request goes out to near delivery personnel.
  • The delivery agent picks up the order and is guided to the customer's location using GPS-based navigation systems integrated through food delivery application development.
  • They deliver the order, and the cycle is complete.

How to Generate Revenue With an Online Food Ordering System?


Every business needs to make a profit to survive. There are various avenues for food delivery apps to generate income. Through a food delivery app, one can partner up with many restaurants in the locality.

The mobile app development company can charge them for a listing plus a commission for every delivery that goes through them. The company can also charge a delivery fee from the customer. The app can also display third-party advertisements from other companies like Google for extra revenue. 

How Do We Build a Food Ordering and Delivery Services App?

There are a few important questions that must be answered before you ask your food delivery app developer to build your app. They are:

  • What are your objectives for food delivery app development?
  • What functionalities do you require in your app? Does it align with the objectives you have set?
  • What is the budget in mind? The budget must include all the expenses that will incur from the app's development, testing, and marketing.
  • Choose the appropriate development solution and also the most expensive part of building a food delivery app.

Diving Deeper Into Food Delivery Application Development

A mobile app development company can consider using white label solutions for food delivery app development. They are white-label clones of popular food delivery companies. These clones are very customizable and comparatively affordable as the food delivery app developer will not have to develop the app from scratch.

Final Words

Businesses looking to get into the retail space can get in touch with a food delivery app development company like Narola Infotech. It will be beneficial if the food ordering app development can be done with white label clones to keep costs affordable. 

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