January 22, 2021

Leena Sanap


We are fortunate to see several life changing innovation in the technology in the recent decade. The technology has really transformed our lives, and have made it so easy that we cannot imagine a single day without the same. From mobile phones to smartphones, from space to mars and from real world to virtual reality, we can see how vibrant the technology has been in changing the key things.

The best thing about the technology is when we think – we have received the best, it comes up with something wonderful again. This time technology has touched a new dimension, it has gone touchless, and the same is ready to overtake the current technical reforms.

No touch technology has been into planning since last five years but research for the same has been started a decade ago. Many of the devices have already been designed based on no-touch technology. Mobile devices can now be operated with the help of hand gesture and the movement of eye ball.

Further, several devices have been developed that display and allow access to several applications on air. Yes, it is right – you can see the rays forming the structure of the app and it is accessible with the gesture of hand. Here, you are not touching any device to use the applications, but you are all doing it in air. It reduce the friction, multiplies the speed and takes less effort in completing the given command.

Just not the mobile devices, but no-touch technology is successfully helping the agriculture industry – by inspecting the nature of soil, the weed in the crops and the availability of water down the earth. Further, it is helping out the doctors in diagnosing the disease of the patient. The no touch technology developed to determine the type of cancer in a human body is doing extremely well. The scientist are using the no-touch technology in their space missions and guess what – they are able to do better than before.

The no-touch technology is getting in the real aspects of our lives and soon we will find ourselves surrounded by it. Life is easier ahead with no-touch technology stepping in. However, the effect of the radiation will be there and can affect life up to an extent. But then, we all know – nothing is free, everything comes with a price tag and sometimes, price is not money!

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